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Being a woman and no craze of a bunch of bags and accessories? Then you might be kidding. Handbags are one of those things we can’t get enough of them. Well, it depends on everyone’s style and what kind of handbag they prefer.

However, you should at least know what types of handbags are available in the market so it would be easy to buy! Did you get time for so long for surfing the latest trends? Probably no because of busy schedules. Nothing to worry! We have picked the best collection for you to go through. Have a quick look at it and grab yours!

List of Handbags You Can Choose From

1. Shoulder Bag



A shoulder bag is the most common bag which we can say an everyday bag. You can find a large variety of shoulder bags in a different brand. There are several colors and patterns available in the market. They are big and fit for everyday use. You can carry all your necessities in a single bag. So it is very useful for everyone. Just have some classy and stylish one. 

2. Satchel


Satchel is the perfect bag for a working woman. This bag is a combination of a shoulder bag and a laptop bag. By using this bag, one may not need to carry two bags. You can have your daily needs and gadgets in the same bag. Just go with the bag that is sturdy and of good quality. So they will last longer. 

3. Sling Bag



The sling bag is very essential bag nowadays. Because the Sling bag/crossbody bag is very functional and comfortable one, it is just perfect while shopping, traveling or you are with kids. You can find it in variant sizes like functional, chic and everyday essential. You can gift this bag from teen girl to lady. Above all, it is useful for everyone. 

4. Quilted Bag



The Quilted bag is one of the iconic bags and many women dream to have it. If you are ready to invest your money and want a classy & stylish look then go for it. The Quilted bags by Chanel, Prada, and Herman will give you some best collection. And these bags will definitely give a classy look at your lifestyle and will go a long way. 

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5. Clutch



Are you looking for the handbags collection that will go with your party dress? Clutch is an excellent option then! It is classy, stylish, and elegant at the same time. Just you can’t carry a lot more things in it because it is a small clutch. But if you are getting more trouble with it, there are some brand that provides Clutch with more compartments so you can carry your needs. You can buy either but you should have one! 

6. Minaudiere



Minaudiere is also a clutch modified with colored stones, gems, pearls, etc. If you are attending any special event, an evening party, or a wedding, you must carry Minaudiere instead of a clutch. It is perfect with your special outfits. It looks stylish and adds a look to your dressing.

7. Hobo Bag



If you are bored with your everyday bag, you can have a Hobo bag then! It seems more like a shoulder bag, just not as wide and can be a better replacement for it. The crescent shape of it gives both a formal and casual looks to these handbags. And of course, we women always love to keep changing with style. 

8. Wristlet



As of it name Wristlet you can carry it on your wrist and let palm free. Wristlet looks like wallets but it is more functional and comfortable. It has more space so you can hold your cash, cards, and phone in it. There are many fancy varieties available in wristlets from different brands. 

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9. Beach Bag



What bag you are carrying for vacation? As all of us know, women need to carry so many things everywhere. So buy jute or a straw basket bag for vacation, it is stylish and waterproof. You will able to carry all your stuff in it. Get it today! 

10. Wallet



The wallet is the main part of a woman’s handbag and every woman has one. Some of us call it a purse. It is carried by every female from school girl to the working woman. It is found in large options to buy from. 

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Since there are too many options for you. You can make a great choice. Buy your handbag today and grab great deals online. Many online retailers are there in the market that brings trending women’s handbags at the best price.

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So is this basic information is enough or not? Which is the favorite handbag style of yours? And which brand do you prefer? Let us know!