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From being a luxury thing Refrigerator has become an essential item in kitchen appliances. With plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying a refrigerator to your house it often becomes a difficult task. I meant which brand, type, design and obviously we need it to work fine for the long term. 

Nowadays the refrigerator is part of every home. We just can’t think our day without it. However, it is a necessary appliance in order to preserve or store many food items.

The Refrigerator helps in cooling water in heavy summer. it keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. We can store medicine and use it in making and storing dessert and ice creams. 

So, if you are thinking to buy a refrigerator online you must go through the details of each brand. Not because they are not good quality but if you are investing your money then it should be worth it.

Before choosing a Refrigerator you should consider some things and those are, 

  • the storage capacity of the refrigerator
  • type of refrigerator
  • your family size (how many members are there in your family) 
  • your budget
  • eating habits of family members
  • space in your home, etc. 

Never been an easy task but here providing you the details of best refrigerator brands in India so that it will be helpful to you to choose a perfect refrigerator to your house. Below listed down are 10 popular refrigerator brands in India like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and so on.

Types of Refrigerator

1. Single Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators are the most basic types. They have a freezer within the refrigerator and don’t have a separate section for it. Also, they don’t have a feature of automatic defrosting. Still, this kind of single door refrigerator is more common and popular among people due to its affordable price. 

2. Double Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator has a separate section for the freezer and so they are bigger in size than a single door fridge. These refrigerators include compartments to hold different shaped bottles.

3. Triple Door Refrigerator

It is a refrigerator with extra benefits. It has 3 compartments 1 for refrigerator, 1 for vegetables and 1 for the freezer. Because of these compartments, you don’t have to worry about odor mixing. 

4. Side by Side Refrigerator

They more look like a cupboard and sone of them has an automatic water dispensing system in the front. 

5. Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

All of us use the refrigerator section more than a freezer. So this type of refrigerator is smartly designed considering this fact of everyday life. The fridge has a freezer section at the bottom so you need not to bent down every time for vegetables. 

Before taking a decision of buying, consider these option listed down for top 10 Popular Refrigerator Brands in India:

1. Bosch

Bosch is the leading German company that offers advanced technologies in home appliances. The brand presents products such as Washing Machine & Dryers, Microwave, Dishwashers, Mixer Grinders, Coffee Makers & Toasters, Food Processors, Kitchen Appliances and of course Refrigerators. It is one of the reputed brands in the world. Bosch products always have received a top rating for their design, efficiency, and quietness.




  • French Doors- French door refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom
  • LED Lighting- For easier view and greater energy efficiency
  • Water Dispenser
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Door Bins
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • Door Open Alarm
  • Crisper Drawer
  • Deli Drawer
  • Holiday Mode
  • Glass Shelves with Metal Trim

2. Godrej

Godrej is one of the trusted brands in India. When people started buying refrigerator got their home in the country, it is the brand people used to own. One can find various types of fridge available at Godrej such as single door, double door, bottom freezer, side by side door or French door refrigerators. 



Refrigerator Features:

  • Cool Shower Technology
  • Poly Bag Suspenders in the Freezer
  • Anti-B Technology
  • 5 Star energy rating
  • ZOP Technology
  • 100℅ CFC Free Refrigerator
  • Has 3 toughest glass shelves provide all-round cooling

3. Samsung

Samsung gives you a lot more options to choose the best refrigerator for your house. Buying at Samsung provides a large range of fridges including Single door, top mount freezer, side by side refrigerator, French door to choose from. Samsung has something for everyone. One can select as per their budget, space for it and need. It is the most trusted brand in India for a long time for all the appliances. 




To make your buying easier, we are here with some key features in Samsung Refrigerators. Know them and make your choice.

  • Cool packs to keep food chilled during a power cut 
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Multi storage box
  • Big box to keep vegetables separate
  • Digital display panel
  • Smart DongleConnect solar
  • Multi shelves for extra space
  • Twin fresh max that optimizes space

4. LG

If you are looking for the best refrigerators, LG is always the best choice. It is more resourceful and power saving. This brand is preferred more because it offers more features at low prices. They have all types of the refrigerator, you can filter among family size, fridge type, start, defrosting type, capacity to make your shopping experience easy. The customer gets completely satisfied with the performance of a machine and refrigerator from LG brand last long and never has too many issues while using. 




A different LG model has different features. But there are so many features which you must know before buying. Have a look at them. 

  • Smart inverter compressor
  • Inverter linear compressor
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • 1-year product warranty and 10 years compressor warranty
  • It has vents on the back that ensure cooling evenly in every corner

5. Haier

Haier is one of the popular brands across the globe because of bringing the best technology. It keeps innovating all the products and has a wide range of dealer network all over the country. They provide strong service. When it comes to buying Haier refrigerator, they are available in various styles such as French door, side by side, bottom-mounted, top mount frost, direct cool and minibar. While choosing it to make sure you are selecting the right capacity. There are different fridges present as per your needs. 




Before buying it, everyone should check the features that Haier refrigerators provide. It helps in selecting the best for your house that meets your needs and preferences. 

  • Reciprocal, normal or non-inverter compressor
  • Wired shelves
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • Some have 1Hour icing technology & automatic turbo sterilization

6. Whirlpool

Whirlpool refrigerators have different types of model and each model has premium features that are distinct. They have freezers with the different temperature that keeps food fresh. Whirlpool brings a single door, double door, side by side door, French door at the best price. Check out the models under the Whirlpool brand and buy the one depends on your family number, space, and budget. 




Whirlpool refrigerators offer many advantages. The technologies make it worth and very needful. 

  • Reciprocatory or rotary compressor
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • 6th sense IntelliFresh, SenseDeepFreeze & SenseActiveFresh technology
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • 1-year warranty on product & 10 years warranty on compressor

7. Panasonic

Panasonic contains a massive range of double door, top freezer, bottom freezer refrigerator, frost-free and multi-door refrigerator, direct cool refrigerator. The company uses innovative technology and offers performance-oriented refrigerators. They are available in multiple colors, high gloss finishing, and styles. Filter the features you needed and buy the best one from several options. Panasonic refrigerators are with advanced technology still they are budget-friendly. 




  • Inverter, hermetic, normal or reciprocatory compressor
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Built-in stabilizer
  • Moisture retaining the fresh vegetable case
  • Removable icebox

8. Siemens

Siemens introduced the new generation refrigerators. Its innovative systems keep food fresh for the last longer. Siemens gives you the latest technology, timeless designs, and reliability. Siemens’s refrigerators price list helps you to compares the lowest price, capacity, specifications, and review to choose the best. With a wide range of single door, double door, convertible, side by side, frost-free double door refrigerators you have so many choices.




  • Hydrofresh box and multi-airflow system
  • Flexible easy lift door racks
  • Varioshelf to vary shelf height
  • Touch control with exterior temperature display
  • Supercooling with automatic switch-off

9. Electrolux

Electrolux, the Euro series comes with a premium finish, intelligent cooling, convenience, and saving. The worldwide brand has various types like single door, double door, triple door, frost-free refrigerators. They are all highly rated. You can choose by filtering color, price, capacity, and other specifications. 




  • Vents behind ice tray zone to freeze water faster
  • The unique fridge lighting system
  • Door open alarm
  • Deodorizer
  • Side cooling features

10. Videocon

Like Godrej, Videocon is the most trusted brand in India for the last many years. Videocon started its journey from providing small appliances and now it is offering several electronic products at the best prices. In the refrigerator segment, Videocon offers all types from the single door, double door, side-by-side, etc. You can find different colors and choose according to your home decor as Videocon designs its products preferring Indian customers.




  • Customized glass shelves
  • Air filter
  • LED light
  • Accessible settings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Extreme cooling

Best Refrigerators in India – Refrigerator Buying Guide

When you think about buying a refrigerator, it never stops with a single thought and its never been an easy task. So here is a ‘Refrigerator Buying Guide’ to help those who are willing to buy a fridge for their house from innumerable and popular refrigerators available in the market.

The home without a refrigerator is hard to find nowadays. It has become an integral part of our day to day life. Surely you get confused when you plan to buy a refrigerator as there is a wide range of popular brands available. Considering your requirements and budgets you can choose from a range of brands such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Bosch, Haier, Godrej and more. 

Refrigerator Buying Guide –

We are here with the ‘Best Refrigerator in India Buying Guide’ to decide a suitable Refrigerator for your kitchen needs. This guide will make your buying procedure easy and will help you to select the best refrigerator in India by clearing all your doubts. 

Evolution of Refrigerators:

Earlier when people started buying a refrigerator for home, a single door refrigerator was very popular. You can find them in some home till the date. It has a small freezer in the upper section and the fresh food compartment at the bottom. They are affordable for everyone and worth buying them. 

With a changing mindset, comfort and convenience nowadays, the refrigerator has undergone changes in designs, features, and specifications.

However, there are different fridge types available such as Smart Refrigerators, Double Door Refrigerator, Side-by-Side Refrigerator, French Door Refrigerators, and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators. You can select the best refrigerator for your kitchen considering your budget, needs, and requirements. 

Points to Keep in Mind:

# Size, Shape, and Design-

While buying a refrigerator you are investing a big pie of your money. So you must have the proper acknowledgment of whatever type you are buying. Modern refrigerators come at different sizes, shapes, and prices. 

Select wisely from single door, double door or triple door depending on your needs, choice, and requirements. You can get them in attractive patterns and different colors. As you are investing your hard-earned money you must take a bit of expert advice before shopping. Or just go through this ‘Best Refrigerator in India Buying Guide’. It will definitely help you and reduce your trouble.

# Energy Efficiency:

An energy star refrigerators are available in the market after testing the efficiency in power consumption. Energy rating ranges from 1 to 5. Higher the rating, lower the power consumption. So make sure you are buying a refrigerator that has a minimum 3-star rating. Don’t do the mistake of buying a refrigerator of lower rating as it leads to the higher electricity bill. You can save up to 30% of energy by purchasing star rated refrigerators.

# Size of Family:

Before investing the money on the best refrigerator you must keep in mind the number of family members. If you are living alone or with 1 roommate, a single door refrigerator with 165 litres to 250 liters storage capacity will be enough. If you have a family of 3-4 members you need a double door fridge with 250 litres to 350 litres storage capacity. For a joint family of more than 5-6 people, you should go with a side-by-side door refrigerator.

# Food Habits:

You must know the food habits of your family before buying a fridge. While choosing the fridge you should consider things like how much food you need to store, how much veggies you keep daily in the fridge, also is there enough space for bottles, eggs and ice trays. Think about all these things and buy them accordingly. 

# Interior of the Refrigerator:

Once you choose the fridge, do check the interior space of the fridge. As some fridge looks big in size from outside and they do not have space you needed inside.