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Top 10 Hair Colour Brands In India:

No.Hair Color Brands
1.L’Oreal Paris
3.Godrej Expert Rich Crème
9.Indus Valley

Explore Top Hair Color Brands In India:

1. L’Oreal Paris: Embrace the Glamour

L'Oreal Paris: Embrace the Glamour

Long-lasting color brilliance that resists fading.Some users may find the scent slightly strong.
Ammonia-free options available for a gentler color experience.
A wide range of shades to explore, from classic to
trendy colors.

2. Garnier: Nature’s Goodness for Your Hair

Garnier: Nature's Goodness for Your Hair

Natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with your hair.Vibrant fashion shades may require pre-lightening for the best results.
Ammonia-free options for gentle coloring.
Reasonably priced, making it wallet-friendly.

3. Godrej Expert Rich Crème: The Trusted Classic

Godrej Expert Rich Crème: The Trusted Classic

Quick and easy application for time-conscious individuals.Limited color range compared to other brands.
Budget-friendly without compromising on quality.
Impressive gray coverage for a confident new look.

4. Streax: Style Your Way

Streax: Style Your Way

Ammonia-free options for a more gentle coloring experience.Some shades might require prior bleaching for optimal vibrancy.
Impressive color payoff for striking results.
Provides salon-like shine to your mane.

5. Revlon: Unleash Your Confidence

Revlon: Unleash Your Confidence

The formula is gentle on hair, minimizing damage.Some users may prefer a wider range of fashion colors.
Excellent gray coverage for a flawless finish.
Suitable for all hair types and textures.

6. Paradyes: Packed with Brilliance

Paradyes: Packed with Brilliance

Ammonia-free, making it gentle on your precious locks.Some bold shades may require bleaching for optimal results.
Offers an impressive array of fashion-forward shades.
Fade-resistant formula keeps your color fresh and fabulous.

7. Biotique: Nature’s Nurture

Biotique: Nature's Nurture

Colors blend naturally with your existing hair, creating a seamless look.Color intensity may vary depending on your natural hair color.
Chemical-free and gentle on your scalp and hair.
Budget-friendly, making it a great choice if you are a conscious consumer.

8. BBLUNT: Style and Substance

BBLUNT: Style and Substance

Easy-to-apply crème formula for a mess-free coloring experience.Some users may find the scent slightly strong.
Offers a wide range of shades to suit diverse preferences.
Fade-resistant, keeping your hair color vibrant for an extended period.

9. Indus Valley: The Natural Glow

Indus Valley- best hair color brands

Covers gray hair effectively, leaving you with a youthful look.Limited availability of fashion colors.
Gentle and safe for regular use.
Provides a natural and subtle color result.

10. Coloressence: Embrace Your True Colors

Coloressence- best hair color brands

Ammonia-free, promoting a less damaging coloring experience.Users with sensitive scalps may want to do a patch test first.
Affordable and perfect for experimenting with different colors.
Ideal for those seeking a fun and bold look.

11. Clairol: Reinvent Your Style

clairol- best hair color brands

Provides full gray coverage, keeping those pesky grays under control.Some users may find the need for more frequent touch-ups.
Fade-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your color for weeks.
Offers an extensive range of natural and fashion colors.

12. Matrix: Unleash Your Inner Diva

matrix- best hair color brands

A range of permanent and semi-permanent options available.May be on the higher end of the price scale.
You can get salon-quality results at home.
Great gray hair coverage.

13. Indica: Tradition Meets Style

Indica- best hair color brands

The herbal formula leaves your hair looking naturally beautiful.May not offer as many fashion colors compared to other brands.
Rich color payoff and coverage.
Specially formulated for Indian hair.

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