10 Best Lipstick Brands In India For Women

10 Best Lipstick Brands In India For Women

Lipstick is something from makeup that every woman love. Whether you are a college student, professional woman or doing anything else like attending parties or any occasion. A use of lipstick gives you a classy look which you miss from time to time. Buy buying lipstick is again a hectic task. I mean which lipstick brands are good, where to buy from, is it last longer one, which color is suitable for me, should I get a discount on my purchase and so on. Several questions like this attack on your mind when you think about purchasing it. 

What if I say I can help you to choose the best brand, trendy colors, and most important huge discount codes!  Yes, we are here with most loved lipstick brands by the women and coupon codes for saving while buying online. Let’s go through it!

List of Best Lipstick Brands As Follow

1. MAC


Mac is the most popular international brand for buying makeup products online worldwide. If you are looking for top branded products then this will be always the best choice. When MAC arrived in the market their first makeup product was Lipstick. You can find immense types of lipstick in MAC brand. They are highly safe and long-lasting one.

Some best choices for you of Mac Lipsticks-

a) MAC Retro Matte Lipstick
b) MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color
c) MAC Amplified Lipstick

2. Lakme


Having different shades in lipstick is the dream of every girl. Then why don’t you go with Lakme? It is one of the most demanded lipstick brands by an Indian woman. A well-known brand which gives satisfactory result after using it. Lakme lipstick is affordable for everyone and gives you a finished look. The shades are actually eye-catching and will surely steal your heart.

3. L’Oreal 


L’Oreal, the French cosmetics company is one of the largest brands in the world. The brand is famous for skincare, hair care and perfumes along with cosmetics. Do you know why L’Oreal lipstick stands best among all brands? Because they are of high quality, long-wearing, and color-rich lipsticks! 

4. Maybelline


If you want to go with the safe cosmetics, definitely Maybelline is the brand for you. It is recognized for its best quality and innovative cosmetic products all around the world. When it comes to Maybelline Lipsticks, they are very safe to use and gluten-free. 

5. Colorbar


Colorbar is one of the fastest growing online cosmetics brands in India. It offers high-quality products at affordable rates. Shop from exclusive range by Colorbar and best beauty and makeup products. Colorbar lipstick formulations are great and it is the brand that keeps innovating every time so they have something for everyone. Besides lipstick, they have an excellent collection of hairs, nails and eye products. 

6. NYX


NYX Cosmetics was founded in Los Angeles. It started with a small company and now it has become one of the leading brands in the world. NYX keeps its products innovating and provides all types of beauty and makeup products that will suit you and are very affordable. An extensive range of high-quality products to choose from. The lipstick collection is absolutely wonderful and is long-lasting. 

7. Revlon


Revlon a well-known brand nowadays was started using initially in some beauty salons in New York. The brand is specialized in skincare products, personal care products, and fragrances. You will found Revlon beauty products in almost women’s bags and in vanity tables. They have an iconic collection of lipstick and are very famous across the globe. They are enriched with lipstick technology and boost your lips moisture. 

Among the most popular lipsticks of Revlon, here are some for you to choose from,



Sugar Cosmetics is US-based brands that give you better choices to buy lipsticks online. A well-established company has high-quality beauty & makeup products for lips, eyes, face, nails at reasonable rates. Their lipstick collection is marvelous and you can shop it as per your type, shade and range from Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Lip Crayons, Velvet Lipsticks. Lipsticks are a highly cold payoff and long-lasting and give you excellent coverage. 

9. Avon


Avon – a world-famous company is the fifth-largest beauty company and second-largest direct selling company. The brand is most popular among women and provides a variety of lipsticks in your price range with quality products. Matte collection in Avon is superb, it never dries or cracks your lips. Also, the creamy gel lipsticks increase your lips moisture and last for many hours. 

Checkout some most bought Avon lipsticks

10. Lotus Herbal


Lotus Herbal is the natural cosmetics company started in 1993. It is one of the popular company in India with a combination of ancient and modern technology. The lipsticks provided by Lotus Herbal are preservative-free and made up of natural ingredients. 

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