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A Report On Coupons Redemption Rate in Online Shopping In India 2024

Abstract This research report delves into the coupon redemption rate in online shopping in India, focusing on understanding the types of coupons and their importance in shaping consumer behavior, boosting sales, fostering brand loyalty, and providing a competitive advantage. The report further explores the methodology for calculating the coupon redemption rate, industry averages across various …

Nykaa Online Shopping Trends

A Report on Nykaa Online Shopping Trends In India 2024

1. Abstract: This case study report on Nykaa online shopping trends delves into the exciting world of Nykaa. It is a pioneering beauty and cosmetics e-commerce platform that has redefined the Indian beauty industry. Nykaa emerged as India’s premier online destination for beauty products and revolutionized the way consumers access and experience beauty. Its extensive …


A Report On Ajio Online Shopping Trends in India 2024

1. Abstract This case study delves into the intricate world of Ajio, a renowned online fashion retailer, to explore Ajio online shopping trends and consumer behavior. The research aims to provide comprehensive insights into the factors influencing Ajio’s shoppers, the most popular categories, and the impact of discounts and promotions. By examining these dynamics, we …