No matter what are you celebrating, Birthday, Anniversary, New Year Party, Christmas, Get-together or Farewell. Having some cakes is always a good idea. But what is your favorite cake flavor?

There are several options available for you in the market. But in today’s busy life we offer you a perfect solution to buy cakes online. Whether you are celebrating it at any corner of India at any time, here are some online retailers that provide you same-day delivery at your place. So what are you waiting for? Make the joy of eating cakes more special using free shipping and extra discount coupon code, offers.

Cakes are something that can be a part of any celebration. It can be your dessert after a meal.
Or you can just eat it randomly, any time, anywhere. They are available in many flavors. From chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, oreo to fruit cakes like pineapple, strawberry, and mix fruit cakes.

There are lots of cake flavors for people with different tastes. But you should try some basic flavors of cakes that are most loved by people.

Here are 10 popular cake flavors for you.

1. Chocolate Cake



From children to adults there are very few people who will deny eating Chocolate cake. The chocolate flavor is one of the most demanded flavors all the time. It brings many childhood memories from birthday parties and licking the batter.

You can buy simple rich chocolate flavor cakes or nowadays you can find many combinations with it. The online store like Fnp gives you varieties in the Chocolate cakes as Oreo Mousse Cake, Crunchy Choco Cake, Truffle Cake, etc. which will leave melt in mouth taste to you.

2. Vanilla Flavor



Along with Chocolate flavor, Vanilla Cake is a classic flavor. It is liked by cakes lovers because of its sweet flavor and fragrance. There are many varieties available in the market for vanilla cakes. Flourless vanilla, Eggless vanilla, Vanilla confetti, Vanilla lemon, Vanilla sponge, and much more. Buy Vanilla cakes online to celebrate a baby shower, birthday cakes for a kid, or any occasion. It is always a good choice.

3. Pineapple Cake



Among all cakes, Pineapple flavor cakes stand in a row with chocolate cake. For vegetarians, eggless pineapple cake is a special treat. Be it a birthday, valentine’s day, or some other day, Pineapple cake is there to add a little sweetness to your relation. The soft, dense, and moist cake is the best alternative for common cakes.

4. Red Velvet



As per its name, Its deep red color is the symbol of expressing love towards your dear ones. How can you miss the chance of making the special day more special with your loved one? Order Red velvet cakes through online cake delivery and enjoy the moment. Its reach red color sandwiched with white cream holds your heart over it! This is the trending cake chosen by many couples for a wedding, valentine’s day and loved one’s birthday. 

5. Strawberry



What? Are you thinking about the best flavor for your little angel’s birthday cake? Why don’t you go with Strawberry Barbie Cake? Yes! The strawberry flavor is very liked by kids due to its sweet taste and pink color. Add more joy to their day by ordering it now. You can find strawberry cakes served chilled, frozen, or partially frozen. Sometimes there are strawberries used as an ingredient in cake batter or chopped strawberries layered between it. They use chopped strawberries with cream to garnish the cake which will make your day.

6. Black Forest



Black forest cake is one of the most popular flavors. It is multi-layered chocolate spongy cake sandwiched with wiped cream and cherries. For decoration additional wiped cream, extra cherries on top and chocolate shaving are get used. For any occasion, it would be a great choice. The freshness and sponginess of this cake are heavenly and it will surely a finger-licking cake.

7. Butterscotch



Are you confused between cake flavors? Butterscotch has a lip-smacking taste all the time. The special ingredients like caramel drizzle, white chocolate, and butterscotch ganache make the cake more crunchy and it is the perfect one for any occasion.

8. Mango



You are always right with the decision of buying Mango flavored cake. The cakes made up of a rich combination of original Mangoes and Kesar is absolutely perfect for any celebration. Its sweet taste will keep a smile on the face. It is an excellent cake apart from the chocolate lover family. For any small to the major celebration, it is the best solution and can be loved by anyone.

9. Fresh Fruit Flavor



Once you taste the fresh fruit cake, you will definitely crave for more. The finely chopped fruits leave the blast flavors in the cakes. the multilayered cake of chocolate layer, vanilla sponge layer with heavily topped chopped fruits has an eye-catching look. For vegetarians, it is one of the best flavors. The sweet-sour taste of fruits makes it more delight.

10. Oreo Cake



Every Oreo lover dream to eat Oreo cakes once in a life. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other function, for oreo lover it is the best gift and choice. The crunchy and buttery oreo cakes can be the best dessert after any special occasion. A wide range of Oreo cakes and cupcakes include Oreo mousse cake, Oreo chocolate royal cake, Mickey mouse oreo cupcakes, etc. You can buy these cakes online on Fnp and taste the heavenly flavors.

Online Availability of These Cakes

Buying cakes from a local shop is not possible for everyone out there. But there are many online retailers which give you delivery of cakes to your home or wherever you want. Also, they bring cakes with a same-day delivery option. Online Stores like Fern N Petals, Indian Gifts Portal, Winni, Giftease, and many more like these are the best service provider. They add happiness to your celebrations whether it is Birthday, Anniversary, Thanks-Giving, Farewell, Party or Anything Else, they give you perfect cakes for every celebration and occasion.

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Also share with us which is a favorite flavor of you, your family, or kids.