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Do you like to flaunt your hair? But is the hair fall putting you in worry? Nothing can stop your hair from grabbing the attention of everyone if you use a good quality hair conditioner! Read this complete article to know about every aspect of the best hair growth conditioners in India.

Taking good care of your hair is very essential. Nowadays, pollution and heat cause several hair issues. Many other factors cause hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, dry hair, etc. Because of the busy lifestyle, people often don’t get much time to go to the hair spa or take some hair treatment.

But, you can surely include in your hair care regime the products that will keep you away from these hair issues. For healthy, shiny, and stronger hair, you must always use the best hair oil and suitable shampoo. Especially if you face dandruff, then you should prefer a good antidandruff shampoo, as dandruff is the main cause of hair fall for many people. Along with this, a product that maintains your hair’s health and texture is the conditioner.

Without healthy hair, doing a great hairstyle is not possible. So conditioning the hair after every wash has become a necessity for those who make various hairstyles regularly. Also, there are many types of conditioners suitable for various users. So must always choose according to your concerns.

If you are in doubt, about which is the best conditioner for hair, then this article is going to satisfy you with all the necessary information along with the top 10 best hair growth conditioners. So let’s check out the list!

1. Biotique Bio Thyme Volume Conditioner For Fine And Thinning Hair

As the name defines, Biotique always provides the safest skin care and hair care products that are based on advanced Ayurveda. If you are looking for an all-natural solution for boosting your hair growth, then the Biotique Bio Thyme Volume Conditioner will work best for you. It is specially made for those who suffer from fine and thinning hair. This conditioner has the goodness of 100% botanical extracts. It is a pure blend of thyme, peppermint oil, olive oil, lavender, and sap of the bearberry tree.

This volumizing hair conditioner thickens the hair follicles while balancing the pH level. It has a mild fragrance of peppermint to give you an authentic feel while applying the conditioner. The conditioner hydrates your hair and leaves a sparkling shine after use. Unlike other hair conditioners, this special formula from Biotique makes your hair feel weightless. This hair conditioner is suitable for both men and women.

biotique-bio-thyme-volume -hair-conditioner

Quantity: 180 ml

Price: Rs.108

2. Mamaearth Onion Conditioner for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

Hair Oiling is essential, but not everyone gets the time to do it. If you too experience this situation, then Mamaearth has the perfect solution for you. Why not use a conditioner that has all the benefits of hair oils in them? Mamaearth has brought the Onion Conditioner for hair growth & hair fall control. It is infused with the benefits of nourishing coconut oil, onion oil, and almond oil. The conditioner is composed of all-natural ingredients and has no harmful chemicals like sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil & dyes.

This hair conditioner when applied from root to tip promotes blood circulation to the scalp and thus promotes hair growth. Also, it makes the hair soft and smooth and detangles it to ensure that your hair doesn’t break while washing or styling. This conditioner is suitable for all hair types, even chemically treated hair. So you don’t need to worry about conditioning your hair after a hair color session from the salon.


Quantity: 250ml

Price: Rs.279

3. WOW Skin Science Onion Conditioner

WOW Skin Science has always made you feel wow with all its safe and effective products. It has brought a wide range of hair care products for modern women who seek natural solutions for their personal care products. WOW Skin Science Onion Conditioner is a powerful blend of red onion seed oil extract, black seed oil & pro-vitamin B5. People of any hair type can use this conditioner after every shampoo wash, to get stronger and shinier hair.

This hair conditioner from Wow is one of the best conditioners for hair growth and the thickening of hair. It is infused with the goodness of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamin E that boosts healthy hair growth. It helps moisturize the hair and makes them soft and shiny. Even dull and lifeless hair looks healthy after applying this conditioner. It protects the weak, damaged, and brittle hair and reduces hair fall. The best part about this conditioner is that it is crafted without any parabens, mineral oil, silicones, or artificial color.


Quantity: 300ml

Price: Rs.334

4. Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Hair Fall Control Conditioner

Dry hair is also a major cause of hair fall. The frizz from the dry hair may cause hair breakage during the detangling or combing of hair. To avoid the hair-breakage, you must use a growth conditioner that both protects the hair from any damage, and gives an instant boost for hair growth. The Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Hair Fall Control Conditioner is specially made for dry & frizzy hair. This conditioner is composed of coffee, coconut, keratin, black seed, onion, fenugreek, sunflower, and shea butter.

It helps to reduce hair breakage & damage. It deals with the root cause of hair fall, which is dandruff, and makes hair soft, bouncy, and healthy. This hair conditioner adds volume to the hair and gives you a smooth feel and the desired luster. Bella Vita Organic is a brand based on Ayurveda, and thus it combines the ayurvedic recipes to suit the modern age. So you can stay worry-free about the quality and effectiveness of this conditioner.


Quantity: 225ml

Price: Rs.87

5. Just Herbs Castor Conditioner with Onion Black Seed Oil & Bhringraj

Just Herbs Castor Conditioner with Onion Black Seed Oil & Bhringraj is a super blend for promoting hair growth. It reduces hair fall and protects the hair from any further damage. Along with all the hair types, this conditioner is suitable even for highlighted or color-treated hair.

The key ingredients of this hair conditioner are castor seed oil, onion seed oil, and bhringaraj, which are known for their hair health benefits for ages. This hair conditioner feels very lightweight on the hair, and lets you flaunt your styles. It is free of silicone, sulfates, and paraben. This conditioner is an intense moisturizer for your hair. Both men and women can include this hair conditioner in their hair care regimen.


Quantity: 100ml

Price: Rs.189

6. Khadi Natural Herbal Aloevera Conditioner For Hair Growth

Khadi Natural Herbal Aloe vera Conditioner jam packs the goodness of amla, bhrungraj, Brahmi, Tulsi, jatamasi, Karanja, shikakai, sariva, aloe vera, and coconut. The ingredients infused in the conditioner restore hair’s moisture barrier, smoothen rough cuticles and work as the best solution for damaged hair. Its natural ingredient makes your hair smooth & silky, adds volume, strengthens, and protects you from irritation.

Khadi natural herbal aloe vera conditioner is known for its toxin-free products. Also, it is the best conditioner for hair growth & hair fall control. It is suitable for both men and women. It has no side effects on any type of hair and is thus suitable for all.


Quantity: 200ml

Price: Rs.270

7. WishCare Fermented Rice Water Conditioner

Rice is the staple diet for most regions in India. But do you know that the rice that we eat has many benefits for our hair and skin? WishCare has brought innovation to the hair conditioner range by infusing fermented rice water with it. The key ingredients of this hair conditioner are fermented rice water, soy protein, almond oil, and coconut oil.

It is a perfect strength and growth booster for your hair. This conditioner is rich in natural proteins, antioxidants, vitamin B, and vitamin E. It is completely free from mineral oil, silicones, sulfates, and parabens. For better results, you need to combine the WishCare shampoo and hair oil, to complete your haircare routine.


Quantity: 300ml

Price: Rs.465

8. Mamaearth Almond Conditioner For Healthy Hair Growth

Mamaearth Almond Conditioner is also one of the most recommended products for hair care. It provides you with deep nourishment to make your hair healthy and shiny. The goodness of almonds, vitamin E, and coconut oil reduces hair breakage and makes the hair healthy. This special formula promotes hair growth and makes hair soft and smooth.

This hair conditioner is made up of natural ingredients and is free from silicon, sulfates, parabens, SLS, petroleum, artificial preservatives & colors. It is infused with cold-pressed almond oil, which gives this hair conditioner a unique characteristic. Mamaearth Almond Conditioner is the best when it comes to budget shopping. So you get good hair conditioning at an affordable price.

Quantity: 250 ml

Price: Rs.279

9. StBotanica Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner

Having dry hair is a painful struggle. But the StBotanica Biotin & Collagen hair conditioner helps you rise above it! It is enriched with the best protein-rich herbs, that feed your hair with much-needed nourishment. It results in thicker, fuller, smoother, and healthy hair. Together with silk protein and avocado oil, the formula promotes hair growth from the inside and smoothens its structure.

Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 work well to restore the lost shine of your hair. This product is suitable for all hair types as it is made without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and harmful chemicals. The natural conditioning ingredients give you complete bioactive hair care.


Quantity: 300ml

Price: Rs.384

10. Muuchstac Cocoalo Hair Cream with Actual Aloevera for Hair Growth

Some conditioners also come infused in the shampoo. If you are in search of such a shampoo with an inbuilt conditioner, then you must try the one from Mucchstac. Muuchstac Cocoalo Hair Cream with Actual Aloe vera is a good conditioning product for hair growth. It is a unique formulation, specially made for men. The herbal shampoo from this brand also comes with an inbuilt conditioner.

This pack of two products is a perfect hair care regime. So you don’t need to look out for separate shampoo and conditioner. Also, the hair conditioning creme is good for hair styling. The key ingredients of this conditioner combo are coconut, aloe vera, lemon extract, and shikakai. It is perfectly non-greasy and non-sticky.


Quantity: 300ml

Price: Rs.521

Finally, these were the top 10 best hair growth conditioners. We studied all their features with various aspects and compiled this information for you. So without any wait, choose the best conditioner for faster hair growth. If you choose to buy the conditioner from trusted online sites like Amazon, Wow, Mamaearth, Biotique, etc., then you can surely get them at affordable prices. Also, use the discount coupons to make your purchase more pocket-friendly.

Also, if you like to color your hair, you must remember that low-quality hair colors can cause severe damage to your hair. So choose one of the best hair color brands in India. Also, the appliances such as hair straighteners and hair dryers matter a lot, as they can cause hair breakage and frizzy hair.

So, along with good quality hair products, use the appliances that are safe for your hair. Never compromise the quality of your hair care products, as they are responsible for your hair health.

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