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Are you tired of getting caught in unexpected downpours, desperately searching for shelter, or resorting to flimsy umbrellas that barely survive a gust of wind? Trust me, I’ve been there too, struggling to find the perfect umbrella that combines durability, style, and reliability.

But fret not, I have done the hard part of research and come up with the top umbrella brands that can help you save your rainy day outfits. So, if you are looking for the best umbrella brands in India, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we are going to uncover the top 15 best umbrella brands available in the Indian market along with a buying guide that can help you choose the right umbrella brand for yourself.

Bid farewell to soggy clothes and hello to a fashionable and dry monsoon season, with these amazing umbrella brands. Because, when raincoat brands can’t save the day, a reliable umbrella will!

Top 10 Umbrella Brands In India:

  1. FabSeasons
  2. Sun Brand
  3. Destinio
  4. Fendo
  5. Sakar
  6. Skytone
  7. Rylan
  8. Inaaya
  9. EPIC Flower
  10. Soflin

You can not select just any umbrella brand if you are looking for performance and quality, right?

So, before starting with the actual list, let’s focus on the factors that can help you choose the best umbrella brand that can stand your expectations and suits your style.

Choosing the best umbrella brand in India requires a bit of consideration and research. So, here we listed some of the factors that can help you make an informed decision while choosing the best umbrella brand.

Choose the Best Umbrella Brand:

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when selecting an umbrella brand-

  1. Durability and Quality: Look for umbrellas made with high-quality materials such as sturdy frames and durable canopies. Brands known for their durability and long-lasting products are often a good choice.
  2. Wind Resistance: Windy monsoon days can be quite challenging for umbrellas. Opt for brands that offer wind-resistant umbrellas, designed with reinforced frames and vented canopies to withstand strong gusts.
  3. Size and Portability: Consider the size and weight of the umbrella. Compact and lightweight options are convenient to carry in your bag or backpack, ensuring you’re always prepared for sudden showers.
  4. Design and Style: Umbrellas can be both functional and fashionable. Explore brands that offer a variety of designs, colors, and patterns, allowing you to express your personal style while staying dry.
  5. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Read reviews and ratings of different umbrella brands from reliable sources or online platforms. Pay attention to feedback on durability, performance, and customer satisfaction to gauge the brand’s reliability.
  6. Warranty and After-Sales Service: Check if the brand offers warranties or guarantees on their umbrellas. A reputable brand typically provides good customer support and after-sales service.
  7. Price Range: Set a budget that suits your needs and explore umbrella brands that offer a good balance between quality and affordability. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee better quality.

By considering these factors it will be easy for you to select the perfect umbrella brand that will suit your preferences.

Now that you know about the factors you need to consider before buying, let’s get started with our list of the famous umbrella brands in India.

Famous Umbrella Brands In India:

1. FabSeasons Automatic Umbrella

FabSeasons Automatic Umbrella

FabSeasons is one of the best umbrella brands in India. It is a 3-fold umbrella that can easily fit into any handbag. You can protect yourself from the rain with this automatic umbrella. This umbrella has strong steel ribs for protection from heavy wind.

The umbrella features a push-button for easy opening and closing. It is designed to be wind-resistant and will open up to full size in just seconds. This FabSeason umbrella will protect you from both rain and sun.

2. Sun Protective Umbrella

Sun Protective Umbrella

The Sun brand umbrella is the perfect way to keep the sun off of you while you’re out and about. The Sun brand umbrella is made of high-quality fabric. The lightweight material provides the perfect shade and is easy to carry around. This umbrella is also water-resistant and will keep you dry while you’re on the go. The Sun brand umbrella can also protect you from harmful UV rays.

3. Destinio Umbrella for rain

Destinio Umbrella for rain

Destinio is one of the best umbrella brands in India. The umbrella comes with high coverage in which 2 people can fit easily. This is a pocket-friendly umbrella that you can carry in your handbag easily.

One can easily open and fold an umbrella automatically. Destinio umbrella can protect you from heavy rains and also gives you sun protection. This umbrella is also windproof and durable and can be suitable for men and women easily.

4. Fendo Big Umbrella

Fendo Big Umbrella

Fendo Big Umbrella is a large, high-quality umbrella with a very wide coverage area and with a long handle. The canopy of the umbrella is 23 inches in diameter, providing a safe haven for up to three people. The top of the umbrella is made of durable waterproof polyester material, so it will not tear or fray easily.

The Fendo umbrella consists of heavy-duty fiber frames which can protect you from heavy winds. This umbrella is also suitable for all seasons of use. The Fendo umbrella is easy to carry but you cannot easily put it into the bag because of the long handle.

5. Sakar Nylon Umbrella

Sakar Nylon Umbrella

Sakar Nylon umbrella is one of the best small-sized umbrellas. The Sakar nylon umbrella is light and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor activities. This umbrella comes in multiple colors and looks cute because of its small size.

The umbrella features a closed design that won’t blow inside out in windy conditions. With an auto-open button, the umbrella is easy to use. It also has a compact design, making it easy to store in your bag.

6. SKYTONE Reverse Umbrella

SKYTONE Reverse Umbrella

SKYTONE Reverse Umbrella is the perfect accessory for a rainy day. The SKYTONE Reverse Umbrella is a new take on the traditional umbrella, offering a fashionable and practical solution to rainy days. This reverse umbrella can be opened and closed by simply flipping it over, which makes it a breeze to use. The Skytone umbrella also comes with a unique handle. This reverse umbrella also features a 100% nylon cover, a metal shaft, and an ergonomic grip.

7. RYLAN Automatic Open Umbrella

RYLAN Automatic Open Umbrella

With a quick flick of the wrist, this Rylan travel umbrella will be at your side, providing shade and protection from the rain. RYLON umbrella is a large, durable umbrella that can protect you from the rain.

It is made of strong, water-resistant fabric that is meant to withstand gusts of wind. The umbrella features a large, clear canopy and a metal shaft. The slim, compact design makes it easy to carry and store. The durable and sturdy fabric ensures that this umbrella will last for years to come.

8. INAAYA Big Size Umbrella

INAAYA Big Size Umbrella

Inaaya’s umbrellas are high quality and fashionable. They are also sturdy and durable. This is a large umbrella that is perfect for when you want to stay dry and it can protect you from the rain. The inaaya umbrella is large enough to cover two people, which makes it perfect for taking your children to school or walking your dog. It has a large enough canopy to cover you and your children and a strong handle to make it easy to carry.

9. Umbrella Mart 3 Fold Umbrella

Umbrella mart is one of the best umbrella brands in India. The Umbrella Mart 3 Fold printed umbrella is the perfect accessory for rainy days. This umbrella is digitally printed. And suitable to use in the monsoon and summer seasons also. The mart 3 Fold printed umbrella is available in many different colors. This umbrella is made of durable, water-resistant fabric.

10. EPIC Flower Print Umbrella

EPIC Flower Print Umbrella

EPIC Flower Print Umbrella -Elegant, fashionable, and functional. It has a unique design of flower print that will make you stand out in the rain. The extra-large canopy with wide coverage. This umbrella is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry.

It is also easy to open and close with a simple twist of the wrist. This EPic umbrella is easy to carry and use with a snap button for the wrist strap. Epic umbrellas are the perfect umbrella for any lady who loves flowers

11. Roohi Enterprise Bottle Shaped Umbrella

Roohi Enterprise Bottle Shaped Umbrella

The Roohi Bottle Shaped Umbrella is a simple, yet clever design that offers a perfect cover for your head when the weather is a little less than perfect. This Roohi Bottle Shaped Umbrella is the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure. You can easily store this umbrella in a backpack or purse because of its compact size. The high-quality material will protect you from rain, snow, and wind.

12. SOFLIN Double Layer Reversible Umbrella

SOFLIN Double Layer Reversible Umbrella

This high-quality, affordable umbrella is an excellent choice for all-weather protection. This umbrella features a large, reinforced canopy that can withstand strong winds and heavy rain. The inner layer of the canopy is made of polyester and is 100% waterproof.

The SOFLIN Double Layer Reversible Umbrella has a sleek, sturdy frame that makes it easy to open and close with one hand. The frame is made of steel and is rust-resistant. The SOFLIN reversible Umbrella comes in a variety of colors.

This is the list of the best umbrella brands in India that come under the affordable price range and latest designs. I hope, this list helped you find the best umbrella brands for yourself. Please let us know of any other umbrella brands that you know are suitable for use in the monsoon season in the comments section.

Our Recommendation:

As per our research, #Destinio Umbrella is the best umbrella brand in India as it is of good quality and suitable for heavy rainfalls. If you are looking for the best umbrella brands for men then #RYLAN Umbrella is suitable for you, as most men love using black color umbrellas this umbrella can be the perfect choice for men.

If you are looking for a cute-looking but strong umbrella then the #Sakar Nylon Umbrella is the best choice. These umbrellas are suitable for women as they are tiny and colorful. #INAAYA Umbrella is the best choice if you are looking for a large-size umbrella for working or any other reason.


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Enjoy Shopping!!


1. Which umbrella brand is the best in India?

Some of the best umbrella brands in India include Decathlon, Inaaya, Sakar, and Sun Umbrella.

2. Which material is best for an umbrella?

Polyester and nylon are commonly used and are considered good materials for umbrella canopies.

3. Which is the best quality umbrella?

Brands like FabSeasons, Sun Brand, and Destinio are known for their high-quality umbrellas.

4. How much does a good umbrella cost?

The cost of a good umbrella can range from around ₹500 to ₹2000, depending on the brand and features.

5. Do umbrella brands offer warranties or repair services?

Yes, many umbrella brands offer warranties and some may also provide repair services.

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