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Curious about the secret to staying warm and stylish during the chilly Indian winters? It’s nothing but a winter jacket! And if you are looking for the best winter jackets for men, then you’re in the right place! Here is a list of the best winter jackets for men in India!

Our team, fueled by the passion to keep you snug in every season, has delved into the world of winter wear. From the frosty landscapes of the North to the mild, cool breezes in the South, India’s weather tapestry is as varied as its culture. In this climate mosaic, the importance of a good winter jacket cannot be overstated. It’s not just about staying warm; it’s about embracing the winter vibes with confidence.

Now, you might be thinking, “What should I look for in the best winter jacket for men in India?” Fear not! We’ve done the groundwork, sifted through options, and curated this guide to answer all your questions. So, let’s unravel the layers of warmth and explore the world of winter jackets tailored just for you.

First of all, let’s have a quick look at our list of the top 10 winter jackets for men in India.

List of Best Winter Jackets For Men In India:

Check out this list of the best men’s winter jackets along with their price and ratings on Amazon.

Top 10 Winter Jackets For MenRatingsPrice
1. The Souled Store Printed Puffer Jacket4.1/5Rs. 1,907
2. ADIDAS Men’s Hooded Jacket3.9/5Rs. 4,799
3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Puffer Jacket4.6/5Rs. 5,599
4. Woodland Mens Nylon Jacket3.1/5Rs. 4,197
5. Allen Solly Men’s Hooded Neck Sweatshirt3.9/5Rs. 949
6. Leather Retail Men’s Jacket3.6/5Rs. 1,444
7. PUMA Men Padded Jacket3.8/5Rs. 2,559
8. Forest Club Winter Jacket with Hood3.8/5Rs. 999
9. Campus Sutra Men’s Solid Jacket3.6/5Rs. 749
10. Hiver Winter Jacket with Hood4.0/5Rs. 8,990

Your Winter Jacket Guide: From Parkas to Bombers

Now that we’ve started our journey into winter warmth, let’s explore the exciting world of different jacket styles. Each one is like a special shield against the cold, designed to keep you warm and stylish. Ready to find your perfect winter buddy? Let’s check out the types:

1. Parkas:
Parkas are like winter superheroes. They’re long, have cozy hoods, and keep you super warm. Perfect for the coldest days because they wrap you up in a cozy blanket of warmth.

2. Padded Jackets:
Imagine comfort and style in one. Padded jackets are like a warm hug but without the extra bulk. They’re lightweight and great for various winter days.

3. Bomber Jackets:
Bomber jackets are the cool ones. They’re shorter but full of style, often with ribbed hems and cuffs. Great for city outings, keeping you warm and stylish.

4. Insulated Jackets:
These jackets are like all-in-one wonders. They use special materials to keep you warm without feeling heavy. Perfect for different temperatures and versatile for any adventure.

5. Fleece Jackets:
Light, soft, and cozy – fleece jackets are like a warm embrace. They’re not too heavy and work well for milder winters. Breathable and comfy for when you need some extra warmth.

Picking the right one depends on your style and the kind of winter day you’re facing.

Decoding Warmth: Essential Features for Your Winter Jacket

Now that we’ve explored winter jacket styles, let’s uncover the essentials that turn a jacket into your winter ally. Choosing the right features is like unlocking a treasure chest of warmth. Let’s dive in:

1. Insulation, Water Resistance, and Windproofing:

Staying warm is all about insulation, your trusty sidekick that traps heat, creating a cozy barrier. Water resistance acts like an invisible shield against rain or snow, keeping you dry. Now, add windproofing – your windbreaker blocks chilly gusts, creating a trifecta of winter armor.

2. Material Matters:

Delving into materials, we have three main contenders – down, synthetic insulation, and waterproof fabrics.

  • Down: Nature’s warmth in a fluffy package. It’s lightweight but loses power when wet.
  • Synthetic Insulation: The modern superhero. It mimics the down’s power but retains warmth when damp.
  • Waterproof Fabrics: Your jacket’s raincoat, keeps you dry but might compromise breathability.

3. Style and Fit:

Finding the perfect fit and style is crucial. Your jacket should reflect your preferences and body type. Consider a style that resonates with your fashion sense while keeping in mind practicality.

A proper fit is crucial for comfort and functionality, ensuring cold air stays out and you have the freedom to move. It’s like customizing your warmth experience, tailored just for you.

Best winter jackets for men in India:

For men, it is not an easy task to search for and get the best winter jackets easily. There are so many brands and types of cold coats/jackets in the market. We are here in this article with the collection of the best winter jacket for men in India.

If you are looking for the smart, stylish, and fashion-forward warmest men’s winter jackets, the list given below is for you. Our list of the best winter jackets will surely help you to choose the perfect match for your requirements. So get the idea here and buy a winter jacket online at the lowest price.

1. The Souled Store Men & Boys Puffer Jackets



Price: Rs.1,907

The Souled store is one of the leading casual wear brands in India for both men and women. The brand is also becoming popular for winter wear jackets for both men and women. Especially, when it comes to men’s winter jackets, The Souled Store brings to you a wide variety.

This printed puffer jacket from The Souled Store is one of the most popular winter jackets in the market. It is made up of 100% polyster, and is very light weight as compared to the cotton jackets from other brands. It is best suitable for both men and boys. If you are looking for a trendy winter jacket under Rs. 2000, then this is a good choice.

2. ADIDAS Men’s Hooded Jacket



Price: Rs. 4,799

If you are looking for a high quality hooded winter jacket for emn, then Adidas is a go-to brand. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a fashionista, you will love all the offerings from this brand. This jacket is made up of polyster blend, and comes with a hooded neck. This jacket is very comfortable to wear for a long duration. It provides enough warmth to keep yourself protected during the chilly evenings.

However, some users note that the same quality of jacket can be purchased from another brands at much lower prices. So if you are on a tight budget, we recommend you go for other brands like Campus Sutra or Allen Solly. Or if you wish to own an Adidas jacket but without going out of budget, then you can make use of the Adidas codes during the checkout.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Puffer Jacket



Price: Rs. 5,599

Tommy Hilfiger is an international designer lifestyle brand that offers twisty designs in all the fashion wear. Along with various other fashion clothing and accessories for men, it provides great variety of winter jackets for men. It is one of the top 10 winter jacket brands in India.

This winter jacket for men gives an essence of the American style. It is a puffer jacket made of polyester material, and provides a casual look. So you can wear it for any occassion in the cold evening. Especially, if you are looking for a winter jacket for very c old regions, then you should go for Tommy Hilfiger.

4. Woodland Mens Nylon Casual Regular Jacket



Price: Rs. 4,197

Woodland is a popular brand that provides fashion clothing, footwear, sports gear, and accessories. Their winter jacket collection is now much popular, because of the lightweight material and trendy designs. This jacket from Woodland is perfect for your everyday use. It is not only fashionable but also durable.

This jacket gives a cool look for evenings, as well as cold morning outings. The jacket has functional side pockets which will keep your hands warm and comfortable in winter. Layer it over a tee and put on a pair of casual chinos with sneakers to get an astounding look.

5. Allen Solly Men’s Cotton Hooded Neck Sweatshirt



Price: Rs. 949

Allen Solly is famous for its quality clothing at affordable rates. The jackets and sweatshirts from Allen Solly not only help you fight the winter blues but also give you a classy look. You can pair this sweatshirt with denim for a more casual and comfortable look.

The color of this sweatshirt may fade after frequent washings. Nevertheless, the fitting is up to the expectations. So if you wish to get a sweatshirt under Rs.1000, then you should go for Allen Solly.

The material of this sweatshirt is a cotton-polyester blend, which provides you ample amount of warmth. However, it is simply a sweatshirt that can give you protection from mild cold. If you are looking for winterwear for very cold regions, then you should prefer the puffer jackets from other top brands.

6. Leather Retail Men’s Wolverine Faux Leather Jacket


Price: Rs. 1,444

If you are looking for a Wolverine leather mens jacket for winter branded, then you can consider buying this jacket from Leather Retail. The Leather Retail Men’s Wolverine Faux Leather Jacket is a fashion choice you can wear on any occasion; Just make sure to take care while washing. You can only do the dry cleaning of this jacket.

This type of jacket never gets outdated. It is also popular as a rider’s jacket and is known for its perfect fitting. The inside of the jacket consists of small fur which keeps you warm during extreme cold. Some of the users have reported about the stitching quality of the jacket. Also, the zip closure of this jacket may be defective. So consider these factors before buying.

7. PUMA Men Padded Jacket



Price: Rs. 2,559

Puma is a brand that almost every fashion freak loves. It is the world’s leading and much-loved sports brand. The brand offers a wide range of fashion clothing and footwear along with sportswear and winterwear. They offer designs suitable for both sports and street style.

The Puma Men Padded jacket is made up of polyester and provides the utmost comfort. It is also very lightweight, and thus suitable to wear for any casual occasion. It stands among the best warm jackets for men.

The jacket may not last as long as compared to the price, and thus comes at a higher price point. Many users also report the fitting issue. So it’s better to follow the size chart given in the product description.

8. Forest Club Winter Jacket for Men with Hood



Price: Rs. 999

The Forest Club Winter regular jacket comes with a hooded neck and is made up of a nylon polyester blend. The fabric used in this jacket is tear-resistant. The hoodie can be rolled into the collar of the jacket when not in use.

The special feature of this jacket is that you can wear it in two ways, by reversing the sides. The main side is made of nylon to protect it from unusual rain splashes or snow. On the other hand, the inner side of the jacket has insulation to keep you warm during winter.

Thus, it can be used in both winter and rainy seasons. So if you are in search of a jacket that serves both purposes, then you should go for this Forest Club Winter Jacket for Men.

9. Campus Sutra Men’s Solid Vegan Leather Regular Fit Cotton Jacket



Price: Rs. 749

Campus Sutra is a brand that focuses on the fashion needs of the modern generation. Along with casual outfits, they also lead in providing the best winter wear for men and women. The Campus Sutra Men’s Solid Vegan Leather Jacket For Winter is truly value for money. It is a zipper casual western-style jacket for men.

The inner material of this jacket is cotton, while the outer is polyester. Thus it holds shape throughout the day. You can pair up this jacket with a pair of denim and sneakers, and you are good to go for any casual outings.

10. Hiver Winter Jacket with Hood For Men



Price: Rs. 8,990

The Hiver Men’s Nylon Jacket is completely waterproof and thus protects from both rain splashes and heavy snow. This full-sleeved winter jacket comes with a hood. It is also suitable to wear in situations with minus-degree temperatures. The jacket gives a premium feel, and is one of the top men jackets in India. The jacket is a bit heavy, but worth every penny.

This jacket is made of nylon from the outside and is woolen from the inside. I would recommend this jacket if you are looking for a jacket that sustains both cold and rainy weather. Although the price of this jacket is very high, you can grab it at much lesser price during the sales at Amazon.

11. Red Tape Men’s Solid Padded Jacket



Price: Rs. 2,751

Red Tape is another emerging fashion brand that provides top-notch quality men’s jacket for winter branded. This padded men’s winter jacket from Red Tape is one of its popular winter jackets. The jacket is padded so it provides you enough warmth to stay protected during the winters.

The jacket is made up of polyester and comes with 2 side pockets, and snap buttons over the main zip of the jacket. This ensures you stay protected from the cold winds entering inside the jacket. It is one of the best men’s winter jacket reviewed by customers on Amazon.

12. Qube By Fort Collins Men’s Jacket


Price: Rs. 892

Fort Collins is the leading name in the jacket industry. It is one of the best brands for men’s winter jackets. It offers a wide range of men’s jackets in various budget ranges. Also, you may find jackets for various sizes and in various colors.

Looking for a good quality jacket under Rs. 900? If yes, then check out this jacket from Fort Collins. This is a regular winter jacket made up of 100% nylon. The quality of this jacket might be average but is good at this price.

So this was our list of the top 12 best jackets for men in India. Which is your favorite winter jacket among these? Did you find any best option other than this? Let us know in the comment box.

Where To Buy?

All of the jackets mentioned in our list are available online at Amazon at the best prices. So you don’t need to roam through the stores to grab the suitable one.

Looking for discounts on your favorite winter jacket brands? Now you can save more money while shopping for the Amazon winter jackets men’s. Online shopping stores such as Amazon, Adidas, Woodland, Allen Solly, etc. provide free coupons and discount offers that can help you save money and you can get all your shopping done within budget.

Final Words:

As we wrap up our journey through the winter jacket wonderland, remember that finding the right one is like finding a cozy companion for the season.

Now, why trust CouponMoto’s reviews? Because we’re your friendly winter companions, committed to helping you make an informed decision based on your needs. Our team has done great research and personally tested all the products mentioned for about months. We aim to bring you the real and unbiased reviews.

So did you find the blog helpful? Share your thoughts, and let us know if you like the blog. Also tell in the comments, which winter jacket you think suits you the best. Thanks for reading! Happy Shopping!!!


1. What are the key features to consider when selecting a winter jacket?

Look for insulation, water resistance, and windproofing to stay warm and cozy in varying winter conditions.

2. Which materials are commonly used in winter jackets, and what are their benefits?

Common materials include down for lightweight warmth, synthetic insulation for versatility, and waterproof fabrics for protection against rain and snow.

3. How do I choose the right fit for a winter jacket?

Opt for a jacket that complements your body type, ensuring a proper fit for maximum comfort and functionality.

4. Are there stylish winter jackets that also provide warmth?

Bomber jackets strike a perfect balance between style and warmth, making them a trendy choice for urban outings.

5. Are there versatile jackets suitable for various winter activities?

Insulated jackets with adaptable features are perfect for various winter adventures, providing warmth without compromising mobility.