Are you planning to buy some laptop accessories? Wait, you need to add a good laptop bag too! Here in this blog, we have come up with a list of the best laptop bag brands in India.

A laptop is a necessity in every field, for almost every individual. But just having a good laptop is not enough. To keep your laptop in a good condition, you need to protect it from any harm. Just as you wear a helmet while traveling, you must own the best laptop bag for the durability of your laptop.

Mostly, during the train or bus travels, the bags may get an impact, which can harm your laptop in some or another way. This can take down your mood and can become an obstacle to your work. To avoid all these problems, you must choose the best laptop bag.

While buying a laptop bag, you need to consider many aspects. You must take a look at its features, style, comfort, durability, and safety. Also, the bag must be lightweight and water-resistant. The size can be a major factor, as many laptop bags are available in various sizes according to the size of your laptop.

Not a random bag can fulfill your requirements. Although there are numerous laptop bag brands in the Indian market, you need to choose one precisely. To help you make the perfect selection, we have researched the top brands and brought before you a list of the top 10 best laptop bag brands in India.

Go through the list and choose the one that you think will suit your laptop and your requirements. So let’s get started with the list!

1. Lenovo Laptop Backpack

Lenovo is a well-known brand for its high-quality electronics, gadgets, and computer accessories. It creates the perfect laptop bags for various types of laptops. These bags come in both backpack and sling bag styles. They are suitable for both men and women. The Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack is one of Lenovo’s largest-selling and most reviewed laptop bags. It is made up of durable, high-quality, and water-repellent fabric.

This laptop bag has a streamlined design. It has a padded interior that protects notebooks and other important items, along with your laptop and its accessories. There are separate compartments for laptops, notebooks, mobile devices, and the front zippered pocket for easy access. Whether you are a college student or a daily commuter, the bags from Lenovo are perfect for everyone.


2. Dell Pro Backpack

Dell brings a wide range of laptop bags for daily use. They manufacture bags that can fit any size of a laptop. The specialty of Dell laptop bags is that they are very comfortable and lightweight. Thus, most office-going men and women prefer Dell laptop bags. They are easy to carry while traveling. Also, these bags have impact-resistant protection.

The Dell Pro Backpack is one of the best laptop bags, that is preferred by both men and women. Its durable and waterproof coating keeps your laptop and essentials dry. It has a protective but soft back, which makes it comfortable to wear on the back. Also, the shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable. It has various sections to perfectly organize all your essentials separately. Investing in such a bag is worth it.


3. Wildcraft Laptop Bag

Are you on a budget shopping, but want a good quality bag? If yes, then you should go for Wildcraft laptop bags. They provide a variety of laptop bags that can be used for multiple purposes such as office, college, travel, casual, occasional, and regular use. They have a sturdy quality built and a comfortable feel in every bag. These bags are durable and lightweight. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Wildcraft Turnaround Polyester Laptop bag is a perfect suit for the one who needs to travel long distances by bus or train. It is made up of polyester and is highly water-resistant. The different compartments make it easy for you to keep your things sorted in this bag. It fits almost every size of a laptop.


4. Police Laptop backpack

Police are one of the best laptop bag brands in India. It provides the most stylish and sturdy laptop bags. All their bags are crafted by expert smiths, to assure you superior built and high quality. They have adjustable back straps for carrying comfort. These bags have various compartments with a padded interior to organize all things well. These bags are water-resistant and sweat-proof. this ensures that your laptop and accessories will be safe even when it gets under the splash of rain.

You can use the Police Laptop Backpack for casual as well as formal use. It fits most sizes of laptops. If we consider style and comfort both, then this laptop bag is a good choice for both men and women of all ages. These bags are spacious enough to hold not only a laptop but also other essentials like a notebook, mobile devices, accessories, etc.


5. Polestar Laptop backpack

Many people search for ergonomically designed laptop bags, that will not harm their back or spine. Polestar understands this and manufactures the most comfortable bags. The Polestar laptop backpacks are durable and lightweight. The sturdy build allows you to carry this bag anywhere. It is waterproof and can face rain splashes. You can use these bags for both casual or office purposes.

Whether you are out for a day or just for office time, the Polestar laptop Backpack has ample space to carry all your essentials along with the laptop. Most laptops can fit in this laptop bag. It has various compartments, which make it easy for you to keep things sorted.


6. HP Laptop Backpack

One of the best laptop bag brands is HP. HP is a brand that manufactures great-quality computers, laptops, and related accessories. Thus, they know how important is to protect their laptops. They provide great-quality laptop bags that are designed ergonomically to give you comfort along with protection for the laptops. These bags are classy in look. They are manufactured using durable and waterproof material.

When buying a laptop bag, you need to consider whether it is impact resistant and has enough space for the essentials. This is the plus point of HP backpacks they provide both, that too at reasonable prices. This backpack from HP has padded compartments for storing a laptop and other essentials. It is very lightweight. Both men and women can wear this bag for long hours.


7. American Tourister Laptop Bag

When it comes to shopping for bags, American Tourister is the first name that comes to our mind. Now the brand is not limited to luggage and travel bags. They have taken deep roots in the various types of backpacks and laptop bags. The brand manufactures both laptop backpacks as well as sling bags. American Tourister Laptop bags are perfect for office as well as college use.

Even if you are searching for funky bags for teenagers or classic bags for business people, you will every type of laptop bag at American Tourister. The sling messenger bag from the brand is most loved for its superior build. It is lightweight, has a sober design, and is spacious enough to hold the essentials along with the laptop. For laptop protection, the back compartment is padded from the inside. It is suitable for both men and women.


8. Half Moon Laptop Bag

Half moon is also one of the best laptop bag brands in India. Keeping in mind the requirements of laptop bags in daily life, the company manufactures various kinds of laptop bags. They use water-resistant material to make these bags. They are suitable for college, office, casual and formal use. These bags come with multiple compartments to segregate your things well. They have a padded interior to keep safe your laptop and essentials.

The casual laptop bag from Half Moon has strong and durable zippers and adjustable shoulder straps. It can hold a laptop of any size. It has a rain cover with it, for extra protection from the rain. The most important feature of these bags is their ergonomic design. It is thus comfortable to wear even for long hours of travel. So if you are searching for a daily use laptop bag, then you should go for Half Moon.


9. Cosmus Laptop Backpack

Cosmus laptop bags are very trendy among teenagers as well as adults. They are suitable for college, office, travel, and occasional or regular use. The company provides a well-cushioned laptop compartment in their bags to ensure the safety of your laptop. It manufactures the bags using PU-coated water-resistant fabric. So you can be worry-free if you get to face a rain splash.

These bags from Cosmus are very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. They have multiple pockets and sections to keep your laptop and other essentials sorted. They are suitable for both men and women. If you want a durable but affordable bag, then Cosmus will be the perfect choice for you.


10. Lavie Sport Laptop Backpack

Lavie Sport is one of the most loved brands of laptop brands. It keeps you get going every day. The brand manufactures a variety of laptop bags having various designs to suit your style. Not only the looks but also their other features are worth spending your money on. These bags are suitable for both men and women of all ages.

Every laptop bag from Lavie Sport consists of a multi-level zipper organizer and a specially padded laptop compartment with Velcro closure. It has a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps. It is sturdy, spacious, and lightweight. You can carry this bag anywhere for multiple uses like college, office, travel, etc. The separate compartments make it easier for you to organize your essentials.


If you are not that big fan of backpacks but still need a bag to keep your laptop safe Leather Laptop Bags are the best option for you. Leather laptop bags are durable and luxurious and they can give you a professional look.

This was the list of the Top 10 best laptop bag brands in India. All these brands are available on amazon. You can go through the features mentioned in the list, and buy one at a convenient price. You can also buy these laptops from official and trusted sites like Lenovo, Dell, Wildcraft, Myntra, etc. The biggest benefit of buying a laptop bag online from such sites is that you get a huge discount on your purchase using the discount coupons.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get a good-quality laptop bag and protect your laptop. We hope you like this blog and found it interesting to know about the laptop bag brands. Do tell us in the comments if you got the necessary information regarding the laptop bags. Also, if you have any queries, just ask them in the comments. Thanks for reading!