Are you planning to attend a baby shower? Surely, you need to buy some gifts for the new mom. But what gift will be ideal for her and her baby? Do you have such a question in your mind? If yes, then this article is for you. Keep reading till the end to get the best baby shower gift ideas!

Baby Shower is nothing but a celebration of becoming a future mom & dad and a boost to the excitement of the baby’s arrival. The mom-to-be is showered with happiness, blessings, and encouragement to deal with the joy coming into her life. So why not shower her with some memorable gifts?

Pregnancy is the greatest phase of a woman’s life, that needs to be treated very specially. The birth of her young one makes her strong and capable to deal with every problem in her life. You also can be a part of their happiness by gifting them useful things.

Many people can’t figure out, what gift must be given to the mom-to-be. Also, if you don’t know her much, then it becomes more tricky to choose a gift for her. We understand this and thus have taken efforts to make this list of ideas.

Here we have compiles a list of the Top 20 best baby shower gift ideas for new moms. So let’s get started!

1. Pregnancy Care Gift Box

Every woman desires to get good care during their pregnancy. So you can gift them a pregnancy care kit. The Moms Co. All-Natural Complete Care Pregnancy Gift Box has 4 skincare items in it. The body wash soothes the skin and relieves the morning sickness. Natural body butter prevents stretch marks and gives 24 hours moisturization. The foot cream relieves swollen feet and cracked heels. The stretch oil has the power of 7 natural oils that nourishes the skin.

This clinically and dermatologically tested complete pregnancy care kit is an ideal gift for a baby shower. It provides complete care from head to toe. Also, it is natural, safe, and suitable for all moms.


Price: Rs.929

2. Baby Monthly Milestone Card

Wobbox Baby Monthly Milestone Card is a cute gifting item. With these cards, they can keep a record of their baby’s growth and achievements from 0 to 12 Months. Also, there are some other milestone cards included in this set of 36 pieces.

When there is a child in the house, everyone clicks almost 1000 photos. But it is really hard to remember how old the baby was in that photos. These colorful cards help to keep the memories of their first 12 months alive. This can also become a part of the kid’s room interior when they get older and will be eager to know about their first-year journey. So if you are in search of the latest baby shower gift, then this photo scrapbook of monthly age markers cards will be a cute and memorable gift.


Price: Rs.189

3. C Shaped Maternity Pillow For Baby Shower

A C-shaped Maternity Pillow gives full head-to-toe support to the mother’s body. The Mom’s Moon Ultra Soft C-shaped maternity pillow will be a good gifting option. The mother’s growing belly makes it inconvenient for her to sit or sleep comfortably. Thus these pillows were invented to give them the required comfort. Also, you can check other best pillows online.

Whatever position the mom likes, the pillow can be adjusted in that position. She can use it throughout the day for various activities like watching TV, reading a book, sleeping, etc. The manufacturers use anti-allergic, sweat-absorbent, and breathable material to craft these pillows. Such a pillow is recommended for every new mom to get a perfect balance of support and comfort. It is a perfect gift for baby showers.


Price: Rs.1,399

4. Hand and Foot Casting Kit

Nothing can beat the joy of cherishing the memories. For a mother, her child’s arrival and their first year are very much special. She will always want to preserve these memories. So you can gift them a molding-casting kit to preserve their baby’s hand and footprints.

Mold your Memories 3D Baby Casting Kit is one of the most unique baby shower gift items. The casting kit helps to capture the baby’s memories for a lifetime. It is very easy to cast the foot and hand of the little one, using this kit. This kit contains premium quality molding powder and high-strength casting powder. The new mom will be happy to capture fine details of her baby’s hands and feet that she can cherish for a lifetime.


Price: Rs.749

5. Baby Care Gift Pack

Want to gift the new mom a useful gift for her baby? Then you must choose the best baby care kit. A mother will think of nothing except her child’s growth and well-being. She will be very happy to see the baby care kit.

Himalaya Baby Basket Gift Pack is a good gifting option. It consists of baby massage oil, baby powder, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby lotion, baby bath, and baby cream. They have it all covered in one basket, which will also help the new mom to carry the baby’s essentials while traveling.


Price: Rs.713

6. Monthly Banner With String For Baby Picture

Nowadays, there is a trend of celebrating the baby’s 12 months. Many parents are fond of clicking the baby’s photos every month and then collecting the 12 months photos to cherish the memory of the baby’s year of birth.

So you can gift the new mom with a string of monthly baby pictures. No picture can give more happiness to a mother, than her baby’s first-year pictures. She can hang this banner anywhere she will like to showcase her baby’s journey. This gift is perfect for a baby shower or naming ceremonies.


Price: Rs.206

7. Colorful Rattle Set For NewBorn

After childbirth, mothers get no time to look for anything else. Also, if the kid keeps on crying, it can be very frustrating, as you can’t have control over them. These rattles are the savior when the newborn child is not controllable.

The soothing and attractive sound of the rattle holds the child’s attention, and the child stops crying without any hassle. Also, when they get 5-6 months older, these rattles can be a part of their toys. So the rattles are also a good gift for the new mom. The colorful rattles please the child and entertain him for a long time. It can be used anywhere, at home, outdoors, or while traveling.


Price: Rs.425

8. Diaper Bag Backpack

When traveling out, a mother needs to carry all the baby stuff with her. Instead of carrying the baggage, you can gift her a diaper bag backpack, which she can easily carry on her back. R for Rabbit Caramello Delight Diaper Bag Backpack is the leading choice of new moms for carrying their baby diapers while traveling with their baby.

This backpack is a multi-functional bag. It can store other baby essentials too. It has 9 different pockets where the mom can organize things well. Also, the bag has a changing mat, which makes it easier to change the diaper. The bag is waterproof, has a large capacity, and is durable till the baby gets enough older!


Price: Rs.2,199

9. Diaper Caddy Organizer

The moms-to-be are always happy and excited about their baby’s birth. But the baby’s arrival also brings with it many types of clothes, diapers, swaddles, etc. Organizing them can be a bit difficult task.

So you can help the new mom by gifting her the Diaper Caddy Organizer. SuperBottoms Diaper Caddy Organizer is made up of durable material. It fits any tabletop or wardrobe. Also, the mom can carry this during the travel. This caddy organizer is multifunctional. It keeps diapers and other essentials very handy. So if you have a plan for someone’s baby shower, then do not forget to add this caddy organizer to your cart.


Price: Rs.569

10. Flower Bouquet

Are you confused about what unique gift must be given to the new mom? If you are in a hurry, and can’t figure out what she will like, then simply go for the flowers! Fresh flowers can bloom every woman’s mind. Traditionally, flowers have been a good way of gifting happiness to someone.

They are last-minute gifts that you can pick while in a hurry. Now you can also buy and send flowers online, because of some online gifting platforms. Sometimes you can’t be present at the venue, but still want to give the mom-to-be best wishes for her child. At such times, you can send them the best flower bouquets online within a few clicks.


Price: Rs.549

11. To Be Mom Pillow

If you know that the mom-to-be is fond of quirky gifts, then look for nothing else than a cute little pillow printed with mom-to-be quotes. This can make her smile instantly after opening the gift. Also, it can become a great decorative item for her room.

The square-shaped pillow from tied Ribbons is a nice gifting idea for pregnant women. Be it your wife, sister, or any friend, they will surely like this gift during their pregnancy days. The pillow is filled with conjugated fiber filling and has a printed satin cover. It is also useful as a side pillow or hand-rest pillow.


Price: Rs.299

12. Soft Toys

A combo pack of soft toys can be a very cute gift for a mom-to-be. Although the soft toys are meant for the baby, the mom-to-be can also use them before the baby’s birth or can keep them for her baby. A room filled with toys can make her more excited about her child’s arrival. The Future Shop pack of 4 Elegant Soft Toys includes an elephant, a penguin, a white rabbit, and a sitting dog.

The soft toys are great for cuddling and can be used as nap pillows. They are made up of soft fabric and are filled with cuddling material. No matter how many toys are there, they are always fewer! So, do not hesitate while gift these soft toys.


Price: Rs.474

13. Mobile Phone & Tablet Holder

Gifting a phone holder can be out of the way, but a useful idea. The Store Universal Mobile Phone Holder & Tablet Holder comes with 360° Rotation. It is suitable for both mobile and tablets.

Before the baby’s birth, the mom needs to take complete rest. At that time, she can enjoy watching some stories or movies on the tab or phone, going hands-free with the help of this mobile holder. Also, after the baby’s birth, the mother gets busy with her hands always on some baby care. Also, if she keeps the mobile very close, then there are chances that the little one may play with it considering it as a toy. So gift her this convenience of using the mobile or tablet, going hands-free.


Price: Rs.594

14. Printed Mug Gift Set

A baby shower is not just for the mom. It is also a celebration for a dad. So why not gift something useful to both of them? Every couple would like to have something similar to each other. Just like the matching clothes., they would surely love the cute matching coffee mugs. Having a cup of coffee together in the morning can help enhance the bond between them.

Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be Couple Matching Mug Set of 2 Printed Mug Gift is one of the most selling baby shower gifts. These ceramic coffee mugs are safe to be used in the microwave. These can be used as decorative as well as utility items. It is one of the most trending and best baby shower gift ideas.


Price: Rs.279

15. Baby Rocker

Baby bouncers or baby rockers are also the ideal gifts for a baby shower. If you are searching for a gift for the baby shower of your sister, wife, or any loved one from the family, then you should think of giving the baby rocker. Every mom can use it to go hands-free while letting the baby sleep.

Feeding the baby is also a difficult task. The mom can even use the rocker chair for feeding the infant through a milk bottle, or while doing some other chores. This baby bouncer from INFANTSO is multifunctional. It has various height and position adjustments for newborns, infants, and toddlers. It also has 2 cute hanging toys. This baby rocker has a deep cradle seat with deeply soothing and calm vibrations.


Price: Rs.3,969

16. Baby Carrier

Modern moms require modern baby care essentials. Thus, you should think of a gift that will make things convenient for the new mom. Carrying the baby while traveling is quite a difficult task. So a new mom will like to have a baby carrier as a gift.

The Luvlap Adore Baby Carrier has 3 carry positions. It is suitable for a baby of 6 to 24 months old. Also, it can hold weight up to 18kg. It is safe for babies and easy to carry. This baby carrier is made up of a breathable fabric, that provides great comfort to both mom and child, even in the summer seasons. This product is great to enhance the bond between a mother and a child. So without any doubt in mind, go for this baby carrier to gift someone at their baby shower.


Price: Rs.1,943

17. Baby Play Gym

Baby play gym for infants doesn’t mean any exercise or workout like adults. They are interactive toys or mats for their playtime. The babies need to come out of their swaddles and make the movement of their bodies. Thus, new parents must go for this item for their baby’s bodily development.

Before they need to buy it on their own, why don’t you gift it at the baby shower? R for Rabbit First Play Tweet Play Gym for Baby Cute Soft Hanging Toys is the best-reviewed play gym for babies. This play gym has five cute little soft toys hanging on the two arcs, which the baby can try grabbing with their hands. It is suitable for babies of 2 months and above.


Price: Rs.2,599

18. Baby Swaddle Set

Gifting the bay clothing essentials is also a good idea. It is a useful gift for the newborn. Especially in India, since ancient times, people have been covering the child with a swaddle which gives him enough warmth. Luvlap baby swaddle is the most liked product by today’s moms. Its ultra-muslin cotton material gives the best comfort to the baby.

This baby swaddle wrapper has multipurpose usage such as it can be used as a baby burp cloth, nursing cover during travel, baby blanket, stroller sun cover, or as changing sheet during a diaper change. The best part is that it is anti-allergic with no toxic chemicals used. This breathable material is very safe on sensitive skin, so it is the perfect product for newborn swaddling.

baby swaddle set

Price: Rs.599

19. Baby Products Organizer

Organizing a baby’s daily essentials is also a big task. So you can help them by gifting an easy organizer, from which they will get all daily use things very handy. So there will be no need of making boxes or bags for different things.

You can gift them the Handcuffs Baby Product’s Organizer. This organizer can be hung over the door, for easy access to the daily needs products of the baby. They can place the baby care essentials, diapers, toys, rattles, etc., and grab them whenever required. Also, this organizer can be folded when not in use. It is made of durable fabric and has metal hooks to hand over the door.


Price: Rs.699

20. Baby Bath Tub

Another greatest task for every mom is her baby’s bath. One person can’t handle the baby during the bath. As it grows older, it becomes inconvenient to give it a good bath. Thus, a baby bathtub is what the mom will require. It will make her easy to bathe them without any hassle. The child will enjoy sitting in the tub and playing with the floating toys.

R for Rabbit Bubble Double Elite Bathtub for Baby is perfect for the newborn and can be used for up to 3 years. It is a foldable tub that they can adjust according to the baby’s height. Also, the tub is temperature sensitive. If the water is too hot, then the color of the bathtub will change.


Price: Rs.2,599

So this was our collection of the best baby shower gift ideas. The new mom will surely like any of these gifts. All these products are available online at Amazon and can be delivered to almost every region in India. You can also search for various baby shower gifts at IGP, FNP, Floweraura, etc. which provide the most genuine products at affordable prices. So you don’t need to worry about the timely delivery.

We hope you like this blog and got the ideas to give the perfect gift. Let us know in the comments which idea you liked the most. Also, if you know about any other ideas, then tell us, so that other readers will inspire by you. So whenever you are invited to a baby shower, do not forget to refer to our list. Happy shopping!