Rentomojo Coupons for Furniture on Rent May 2019

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40% OFF
Online Code

Best Deal: Get Flat 40% OFF on First Month Rent on Appliances

Start Date - 01 Feb 2019 14 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Rentomojo Exclusive Summer Offer: Get Air Cooler on Rent Starting at Rs.350/month

Start Date - 01 Mar 2019 4 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.500 OFF
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Get up to Rs.500 OFF on 3 Month Rent For All Furniture & Appliances

Start Date - 17 May 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.700 OFF
Online Code

Get Flat Rs.700 OFF on 1st Month rent on orders with monthly rental above Rs.1200

Start Date - 13 Feb 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.1000 OFF
Online Code

Special Offer: Get up to Rs.1000 OFF on 1st month rent

Start Date - 01 Feb 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
10% OFF
Online Code

Exclusive Offer: Get 10% OFF on Every Month's Rental

Start Date - 01 Feb 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.1000 OFF
Online Code

Get Rs.1000 OFF for 4 Month on Samsung Mobile on Rent

Start Date - 09 May 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.750 OFF
Online Code

Special Offer: Get Rs.750 OFF on First Month Bike Rent

Start Date - 10 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.1000 OFF
Online Code

Exclusive Deal: Get up to Rs.1000 OFF on First Month Rent

Start Date - 10 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
RS.200 OFF
Online Code

Special Offer: Get up to Rs.2,000 Discount on First Month Rent

Start Date - 18 Apr 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019
15% OFF
Online Code

Get 15% OFF on 1st Month Rent Using Axis Bank Card

Start Date - 10 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Get Apple iPad Pro on Rent at Rs.3,659/Month Only

Start Date - 18 Apr 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Get Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 on Rent at Just Rs.3,090/Month

Start Date - 18 Apr 2019 Expire - 16th of June 2019

Introducing WakeFit Mattress on Rent Starting at Rs.189 / Month

Start Date - 26 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Special Offer: Ikea Furniture on Rent Starting At Rs.49/Month

Start Date - 06 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Buy Furniture on Rent in Pune Starting At Rs.497 Per Month

Start Date - 06 Mar 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Best Brand Deal: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Rent Starting Just Rs.3099/Month

Start Date - 27 Feb 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Buy Apple iPhone Xs Max on Rent Starting At Rs.5,449/Month

Start Date - 27 Feb 2019 Expire - 16th of June 2019

Buy Laptops on Rent Starting At Rs.4799/month

Start Date - 27 Feb 2019 Expire - 16th of June 2019

Exclusive Offer: Buy Popular Smartphone on Rent Starting At Rs.1024/Month

Start Date - 20 Feb 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Rent Popular Smartphone Starting @ Just Rs.1,024

Start Date - 01 Jan 2019 2 Users Used Today Expire - 16th of June 2019

Saving Tips

Using Rentomojo Coupons

Use verified Rentomojo Coupons for Bike, Furniture & Electronics on rent and save maximum money.

Free Relocation

If you are relocating to a new city then you need not worry they give a free service of relocation in major cities.

Free Maintenance

Rentomojo gives Free Maintenance while you use there furniture, bikes & electronic appliances.

Expired Coupons & Codes they might still work

Get Shirts on Rental Subscription @ Best Price

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Pune Packages - Furniture for Rent

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New Launching: Buy Ekea Product on Rent @ Best Price

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Bangalore - Furniture For Rent At Best Price

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Buy iPhone Xs & Xs Max On Rent @ Best Price

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Rentomojo Introduce 'Festival Dhamaal Offer' That Really Makes You Crazy!

 Rentomojo, for this festive season, looks something different and give exhaustive deals and offers. This time rentomojo comes with "Festive Dhamaal" and "Triple Dhamaal" offers. Under this all-new rentomojo offer, you can get flat INR 1500 Off by using rentomojo coupon code 'FESTIVE' also even you stand a chance to get your entire home furnished for free. Also under Triple Dhamal Offer  Rentomojo offer a rent-free life for three months and again you can win TV, refrigerator or AC using rentomojo coupons.

All these festive offers are applicable for all renting segments listed on the platform. so you can now use this rentomojo coupon code for renting furniture appliances and bike as well. 

Rentomojo Coupons 2019 to Grab Discount on Furniture, Appliances, Bike on Rent


Product/Category Rentomojo Coupons
Rent on Appliances Flat 40% OFF on First Month Rent
Air Cooler on Rent Starting @ Rs.350/Month
Furniture on Rent Up to Rs.1000 OFF on First Month Rent
Bike on Rent Get Rs.750 OFF on First Month Rent

Turn your dreams into reality with Rentomojo


One of the popular online rental platforms, Rentomojo allows you to live life in your way by cutting down unnecessary capital investment for home furniture. Rentomojo opens up new ways of possibilities for a high profile lifestyle. Everyone always dreams big but isn't so easy to live in dreams. Not even every dream come true, just because of the unavailability of capital. There rentomojo come up with a sustainable solution i.e. online rental platform. And why not go for a rental? As it's an easy, convenient and reliable solution. And most importantly you can get access to the rental industry directly from your phone.

Yes, there is a logic behind the rental platform. Why put your hard earned money into dead investment? Which never ever came back to you as ROI, Right? Buy it's quite obvious that you want to live in a furnished home. There rentomojo comes in a picture with the online rental platform for furniture, home appliances, and electronics provides all your furnishing needs on easy rent without any huge capital commitment.

Rentomojo helps you out in buying or renting all the products, that you want to live with. The platform itself enables easy discovery of products with assured quality and timely service consolidated.

In this ever-changing lives, having options is always good. Right? Well, Rentomojo understands your concern and provides you an option with your rented products to either own or return.

Rentomojo provides not only rented products but also give you flexibility and full control. If you feel something well about the product you can easily own it or if don't want to stick with you can always return it at no extra cost. That sounds goods.

Understanding the concept of 'Renting a product' is as simple as 'test drive' with somehow extended time. Which simply allows full flexibility and convenience. In other words, while using a ranted product you can continue with buying option else return it back any time.

So, in all way renting is beneficial and can even turn your lifestyle in the much better way.

RMI is much cheaper than EMI


Usually, people prefer to buy products on EMI due to limited funds. But sometimes it's more difficult to pay that also. Rentomojo buys all products and appliance directly from the manufacturer at a comparatively low cost. That's the reason they rent out at the cheaper cost. Rental monthly installments (RMI) is always much cheaper as compared to EMI on product purchase.

Even you can actually wave of your first Month rent by using a rentomojo coupon and promo code. Also, some of the rentomojo coupon code and discount code provide you 10% to 20% off on your monthly rent. So applying discount using rentomojo coupon can cut down your RMI and ensures more saving.

Renting is the best deal, Here's How?

Can you ever justify spends your hard earned money on a product that loses 50% of its value at the time of purchase? No. Why not live a lavish life using a ranted product on easy and low-cost RMI.

Rentomojo creates for you an opportunity to use your money where you get high return instead of investing in buying products. So be smart and use the technology-based online rental platform for your all furnishing needs.

Rentomojo offers some referral code, discount codes, and coupon which can be redeemed at time of purchase to get extra saving on your RMI. You can't even imagine but rentomojo coupons can save your rent up to 4 months. Means you are getting with your loved product free of cost for the offer period. 

Check out here what you can rent from Rentomojo
Rentomojo provides a list of products in several categories like furniture, Electronics, Home Appliances, and Bikes. For renting furniture online, Rentomojo offers bulk products on rent which covers a living room, bedroom, dining area, and office area. This way you can grab the products in a package without stuck. Basically, all rental packages start at very low cost like Living room furniture starts at Rs.149/month and appliances on rent starting at Rs.259/month only. 

Recently rentomojo has started 2 essential categories on rent to serve you with a better lifestyle that is mobiles on rent and bikes on rent. By following the same rental process you can easily rent a bike and mobile as well.
Also, Rentickle & Furlenco provides the same service as Rentomojo. 

Double up your benefits using Rentomojo


Rentomojo set up a bunch of benefits for you. And really make you feel awesome at time of renting. Be it in terms of comfort, convenience and financial. 

As a top class service provider, rentomojo award free relocation for every user. Yes, wherever you relocate to City or out of the city, your subscription follows you. Consider a scenario, due to some reason you are shifting to another house in the same city or other major cities, rentomojo completely helps you out with no hassle and no extra cost. This is a most appreciable benefit for a user by rental platform rentomojo.

In this trending lifestyle, sometime you may get bored with your subscribe product. But you really no need to worry about it. Rentomojo simply manages products swap (exchange) for the same value or higher. Again choice and convenience are yours. Rentomojo product swap is really worth full service as you don't need to stick with products till the end of the subscription. It sounds good as you can live a well-furnished lifestyle within a budget.
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Using the Rentomojo Coupon - The most Simply Thing

Nowadays coupon, promo code are the most important and usable thing in online shopping. By using coupons you can save a huge amount that you can't even think about. Continue with this fact, rentomojo tries to trace the same path for promotion and user engagement. For encouraging more and more people to rent products, rentomojo runs various discount and provide rentomojo coupon code and promo code. 

CouponMoto brings all available rentomojo coupons that you can actually use for rental products. All the coupons listed on CouponMoto are completely hand tested at Rentomojo website. here you can find the rentomojo coupon code for each of the products you want to rent on, including furniture and electronics utility products. Also, CouponMoto provides you verified rentomojo bike coupons which can wave off your bike rant for 2 months. Now more people are using rentomojo coupons for bikes and enjoy free rent for 2 months or even grab 10% off on every rent. All these fantastic rental offers are available on CouponMoto. 

How to rent using rentomojo coupons? 

For renting any product be it a furniture, electronic or bikes, firstly you need to land on CouponMoto.
# There you can find the best of best deals, and actually working coupons and promo code. 
# once you are at CouponMoto, search for rentomojo and choose one from a list of coupons and offers.
# Now click on 'get coupon code' and copy the displayed coupon code.
# yes, you have done with, now you redirected to the rentomojo website and rent whatever you are looking for and simply apply the code on a cart.

This way you can enjoy the benefits and rent off for  2 months.

Here in below video, you will come to know about step by step buying process using a rentomojo coupon.


Maintenance at no extra cost with Rentomojo

Once you own any product, you have to do regular maintenance at any cost. Dealing with the maintenance of own products is painful and costlier activity ever. RMI by rentomojo simply take you out of this and provide free yearly maintenance on your subscription. Also, you can grab free maintenance all the time by using rentomojo coupons and discount code. Rentomojo coupon code for free maintenance is available with CouponMoto, you can grab it any time.

With regular use of products, there may be high chances of getting tears or scratches on products. Rentomojo completely understands this and wave off your damage cost on your subscription. This leads to enhance the experience with a rental system.

Caring about the process? It's easier than you think.

* Firstly pay the security deposit which is completely refundable. Now you are all free to choose your tenure period starting from just 3 months. Again considering full flexibility, you can cancel your subscription at the moment you want with a nominal fee.

* Once you join the rental community, simply proceed towards profile verification. This can be easily done by sharing some essential documents and details for address verification. Once you become verified member of the community, you will be eligible for fastest delivery of your order. Most importantly what you share with rentomojo is completely the same and secure.

* Get real-time updates on your order product with the transparent system. So you can easily track your order directly from your home. Rentomojo promises the best delivery for your order to experience hassle-free delivery.

* Seamless and safe payment process is of utmost importance to rentomojo. They accept payment the way you want to go with. They have integrated all top banks, net banking facility, payment gateways for payment wallet. You can use your choices like a Debit card or credit card.

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Paste coupon code at checkout and enjoy saving

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