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About Rentickle Coupons:

Rentickle is one of the best online rental platforms to rent on furniture, appliances & bikes. If you are looking for the quality appliances & furniture on rent in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida then this is the perfect destination. 

Now you can save while renting online with the help of Rentickle Coupons and Discount Offers. Rentickle allows you to save up to 4-month rent. To grab this amazing offer you must use a valid promo code. And CouponMoto is the perfect platform that delivers all verified and hand-tested coupon codes and deals. Get Discount on Rentickle with our latest discount coupon code. Checkout our {{total_vouchers}} Rentickle coupon codes including {{active_coupons}} codes and {{active_deal}} deals.

Rent on sofa, beds, dining tables, washing machine, refrigerator, air purifier, and much more. Rentickle provides services like free shipping, relocation, sapling. Save money as well as time by effective service and using Rentickle coupon code for furniture and appliances on rent. Get a flat 10% OFF Rentickle Discount Code and enjoy the benefits of renting online.

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Rent on Furniture, Appliances @ Rentickle Using Verified Rentickle Coupons 2019


Rentickle Coupons Applicable On Category Rentickle Coupon Code
Rent on Furniture & Appliances Get Up to 4 Month Rent FREE
Rental Bedroom Furniture Starting @ Rs.639/Month
Living Room Furniture 40% Discount on 1st Month Rent
Rent on Sofa Set Starting @ Rs.529/Month + Flat 10% OFF
Bed on Rent Starting From Rs.159/Month


Rentickle Coupons


People Move To A New Lifestyle With Renting Model. What About You?


Renting furniture or home appliances has many advantages. It's like you actually testing a dish without having(buying) it. Wonderful, No? It's never been so easy for today's population to buy each and every appliance or home furniture just to meet the standard of living. If in case you buy then also it's maintenance cost will make some fear for you. Or in time of relocation for any need, their may be chances of damage and all.

Here one thing gets very clear that even if you put huge investment and buy home furniture or home appliances then also you not gaining more comfort. Many times within a year of you purchased home furniture and appliances, Fashion and lifestyle got to change and that times it's more painful to gets stuck with old furniture. 

This problem needs to be solved in a very cost-effective manner. Rentickle (popular startup in this space) now come up with renting model for home furniture and home essential appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Kitchen Appliances, and even Gym Tools. With rent on the model, you do not need to pay a huge amount and can have full access like an owner. Sounds really great. 

Rentickle clearly taking pace into this renting game with major pie in the market. As a renting service provider, rentickle introduce a seamless onboarding that it really hard to ignore. You can decorate your home just sitting inside your home. Can start renting in a few clicks by using a mobile phone. 

Rentickle has everything you need in your home, so start renting and live as you want. No big investment, no need to move out, no chance of fraud, get 100% best product with all quality checks. Just a few documents and a contract and you are in.

Rentickle coupons and a rentickle referral code are there to make you rent-free for the first month. Yes, you read it perfectly right, with rentickle you can actually be rent-free for one, two or their months (depending on contract) by applying rentickle coupon code. Always do check for rentickle coupons at CouponMoto which easily give you instant discount on your rent. So use renticke coupon code or promo code and save big!

Rentickle is Growing DBD, This Time with New Fitness & Kids Products


Rentickle offers you stunning products on rent, for a better lifestyle. And now growing day by day with more products and also with different categories. Life on rented products is a game of free mind. As you really no need to worry about the huge capital cost of products.

Rentickle has always made easy access for rented products. Even all the listed products are for a modern lifestyle to be products in the living room or appliances. Now covering more category like kids, fitness, and cycles.

Buying fitness products are more challenging and even costlier. Many times it's difficult to choose which is to buy and for which brand. Now Rentickle tries to solve the problem with top class fitness products like a treadmill, cross trainer, and exercise bike. So now without any hassle, you could chase your dream of fitness at home.

At the same time, kids have everything personalized in a home. But it's again so challenging to buy each and everything starting from beds to the wardrobe. Here at Rentickle, you can take all these at home simply on rent. Yes, now rentickle allows you to give special treatment to your kids with personalized kids products. Rentickle provides you kids special beds, drawer, and wardrobe on easy rent like other products. Most importantly, here you can have a chance to take experience before you rent with "5 Days Free Trial". So what are you waiting for, go and rent it now! Never forget to use Rentickle Coupons and Rentickle Promo Code for better buying discount. Search CouponMoto on Google & Choose the best coupon.
You can refer below step by step guide for using coupons and more saving.
1: Click Here & Copy Coupon Code
2:Paste Copied Coupon Code & Apply Here
3:Congratulations! You have got (Ex.Rs.1250) Instant discount

Does Renting Furniture Make Financial Sense?

Buying furniture for your new home? Well, a well decorated home is always incomplete without furniture. But buying furniture is getting more expensive. 
If you are looking for good quality furniture then there are several issues you will face. Like high cost, difficult to move, high cost of maintenance, have to use for long period.
In the same way if you go with cheap furniture then also you have to deal with many problems. Such as poor quality product, Looks cheap, it doesn’t last long, less resale value, need to repair frequently.

Then what is the solution for this? Who will bear all loss? If you are looking for relief from all this, simply go with renting furniture. Nowadays many online sites like Rentickle, Rentomojo, Cityfurnish provide high quality furniture on rent.

 Benefits of Renting Furniture-

Good Quality Furniture
Free Delivery & Installation
Free Maintenance
Easy Return
Free Relocation

To make it easier to understand we have listed some most used furniture in below table with their average cost of buying and renting @ Rentickle.
Product/Category Cost of Buying Cost of Renting for 1 Year
Single Bed 25599 1908
Double Bed 42099 3588
Study Table 11999 1188
Sofa Set 53499 7548
Center Table 12599 1308
Cupboard 12799 3468
Dining Table 38576 5988

Find Rentickle : Simply Allows You Rent

Are you newly married? Or Relocating for any reason? Then you must come across a versatile problem of buying furniture. it's not so simple to buy each and everything in furniture or even some must be needed home appliances. all these are too costlier and burning huge hard earn money would not be a preferred way.

Amit Sodhi and Vineet Chawla has clearly understood the problem statement and incorporated lifestyle products renting platform "Rentickle", backed in 2016


Rentickle Offers


Delhi Based Rentickle Is an online platform which allows you to rent furniture and home appliances. 

Now in this mobile generation, people usually migrate inter cites for some reason. young people used for moving out in other cities for educational purpose or some short-term projects, they usually face a problem for a home setup.

 In today's lifestyle, everyone wants to live at a high standard. everyone would love to have a fully furnished home, trendy gadgets, and blah blah. All this is not possible to buy from scratch, yes absolutely. But rentickle gives you huge relief by supplying all these on easy rent. 

Simply that's the beauty of the platform, you can rent whatever you want with no major holes in the pocket. 

Amit and Vineet solve this buying furniture problem easily and helps people to live a trendy and fashionable life at low cost. Rentickle provides you all lifestyle products, home furniture, and appliances of all top brands on rent.  

At rentickle, you can take world-class products, top rated brands without heavy pockets. 

You Must Know Why Rentickle Standing Out

Rentickle always standing out from its competitor in all way. brand positioning is a handful established on consumers mind. A wide range of products, enclosing top brands on the platform, affordable costing, and quality of products have positively impacted the buying persona of the consumer. allowing easy access to renting industry, seamless installation, and free home delivery, rentickle is already making huge noise in the market.


Rentickle coupons


Rentickle encloses lifestyle products in three main categories i.e. furniture, appliances, and Cameras. which further includes Bedroom furniture, storage furniture, Sofas, living room furniture, and tables and chairs. also, rentickle has home decor products too. 

Daily used home appliances like Refrigerator, TV, Washing machine, Air cooler, microwave, air purifies and DSLR cameras are available on rent. to get more discounted rentickle offer, you can apply rentickle coupons and promo codes for renting furniture and appliances.

In one of the interview, Amit says, "We Offer the best quality by providing our products in mint condition, delivered to customer' home free and cost along with complimentary periodic maintenance." 
 and that really works to gain the top position among competitors like Rentomojo and Cityfurnish

Rentickle Fabricates their own furniture in dedicated manufacturing facilities and also has established tie -up with top brands for servicing home appliances. Rentickle always committed for customer satisfaction by offering value for money proposition. 

Currently operating in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida. and growing rapidly to expand to top cities of India.

Rent furniture & appliances on Rentickle.com

Make Your Room A Home - Easily With Rentickle

You can always easily find room for rent but upgrading that into a HOME is a challenge. everyone feels more comfortable at home and at rentickle provides you the same comfortable home furniture and lifestyle products according to your convenience.

Rentickle offers a unique range of all lifestyle products of top-class brands at extremely affordable rates. also at rentickle, you can easily find the large variety of products which are fully functional. so using rentickle you can easily take your favorite furniture and appliances at home.



Rentickle coupon code


The more interesting part of renting furniture online at Rentickle is a renting process. literally, you don't need to move anywhere else. just push your requirements at rentickle. and get it as per your convenience. that really sounds well. even platform itself provides rentickle coupons and promo code to get maximum discount on rent. 

Furniture renting online is completely streamlined by Rentickle. without moving out and even without spending more money you can fulfill your furniture requirement using rentickle. the platform is enough intelligent to perform all the renting process.

Once you push your inquiry for rent furniture, Rentickle will ask you for the credit check. For that simply you have to provide some docs like PAN card, UID and address proof, and income documents. yes. you did it! just a span of 4-5 days you will receive your order form rentickle.

Knocked OFF Your Rent @ Rentickle

Yes, You read it right! Rentickle Promo code and coupon code are the simplest way of grabbing big discounts on furniture rent. Here, Rentickle provides some of the exclusive rentickle coupons for users engagement.

Who doesn't love to rent off? Obviously, Everyone! CouponMoto daily features an exclusive range of best rentickle deals. using rentickle coupons you can easily grab the deal.

What you wave off with Rentickle Coupons?

Rentickle coupon codes are made available for providing you with free rent. using these rentickle coupons you can get 1-month free rent up to 4 months of rent-free.

Rentickle offers furniture and home appliances on rent, so rentickle coupons also made available on each of category. more of that, one of the rentickle coupon (code RENT100)available for 100% free Sapling.

Consider Terms & Condition while applying for Rentickle Coupons

# Rentickle Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offers.

# Any customer can redeem rentickle coupon code once at a time.

# No coupons are valid for Cameras, Air purifier & Water Purifier.

# All rentickle coupons can wave off your monthly rent, not on a security deposit.

# No Offer valid for early closure of order or any discontinuation of contract

# All Renticke coupons and deals are valid for more than 3 months tenure.

by using verified rentickle coupons, grab maximum discounts on your rented furniture

Here is quick guide video for using Rentickle coupons.  have a look! so you can easily understand the process of renting furniture and appliances on offers.


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