Menstrual is a very important thing in women’s life. And during this time in a month, every woman and girl should use hygiene products. In India, there is an increase in awareness of using sanitary pads and napkins.

A period is one of the topics which is not get discussed in public in several areas. But people are getting aware of maintaining feminine hygiene during periods nowadays. 

In India, many women are using sanitary pads and napkins in periods. For working women, college and school girls it’s like a blessing. They often look for long-lasting sanitary pads. So they can save themself from any kind embarrassment due to leaking.

More About Sanitary Pads / Napkins:

Sanitary pads come in different shapes and sizes. One can buy according to there need. There are different sanitary napkins in the market and online available at stores like Bigbasket, Amazon, Flipkart. Also, Nykaa is the beauty store which comes with many feminine hygiene products. You can shop for periods pads here at the lowest price.

Usually, women search for best sanitary pads for heavy flow, best sanitary pads or napkins for sensitive skin, cheapest sanitary pads, eco-friendly sanitary pads, cotton pads for periods, softest sanitary pads in India. In this way, a different person has a different need. So you can just visit these stores and buy suitable period pads for you.

Top 10 Sanitary Pads in India

There are so many varieties coming in sanitary pads in the market. If you have no idea about it, check out our list of top 10 best sanitary pads in India. Here you can find the best pads for your need. Select as per your demand and budget from listed below. We have collected the best 10 considering the size, price, a material used and absorption capacity.

1. Whisper Ultra Clean (XL Plus) Sanitary Napkins

Whisper is the most demanded brand by Indian women. It offers several period pads for women. These whisper ultra clean XL+ wings sanitary pads are 40% longer than regular ones. Its lock core provides protection throughout the day. During heavy flow, these pads help more and give full coverage.



  • Size- Extra large plus(XL+) – 317 mm.
  • Lock core helps for long-lasting protection.
  • 5X more absorbency.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.78 (Pack of 7 pads)

2. Whisper Choice Ultra XL Sanitary Pads

Now anyone can feel comfortable and free during period days. Whisper choice ultra gives you up to 100% stain protection. It has the wings that wrap around your panty and gives a perfect fit. The fresh flower scent makes your period experience odorless. These whisper choice ultra napkins are available in jumbo packs also.



  • Size- Extra large (XL) – 280 mm.
  • Up to 100% Stain protection.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.40 (Pack of 6 pads)

3. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins

Now its time to stay free with Stayfree during menstrual days. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin sanitary napkins give you complete protection and long-lasting dryness. A pad is 50% thinner than regular thick pads. It guarantees 100% absorption and locking of fluid. These Stayfree secure napkins come with wings which helps the pad stay on the place. The gel-lock technology converts heavy flow in gel and locks it in.



  • Size- Extra large (XL) Ultra Thin – 280 mm.
  • Gel-Lock Technology.
  • Dry Cover.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.61 (Pack of 10 pads)

4. Stay Free Secure XL Cottony Soft Sanitary Pads

Have you used this amazing sanitary napkin? Stay Free Secure XL Cottony Soft sanitary napkin is one of the popular pad for its result. Its cottony soft cover gives you a soft and comfortable feel. The odour control system, it helps to prevent foul odour and lets you feel fresh. The extra-long length gives long-lasting protection. Due to the super absorb system, it stays close, absorbs more and prevents leakage.



  • Size- Extra large (XL) – 274 mm.
  • Up to 12 hours of protection.
  • Cottony soft cover.
  • With wings

Price- Rs.97 (Pack of 20 pads)

5. Whisper Ultra Nights XXXL Sanitary Pads

Now you can sleep without worrying about a period leak in the night. Whisper ultra nights XXXL sanitary napkin is 75% longer which provides more coverage. It has a 30% wider back than a regular pad for better coverage. That protects against back leakage throughout the night. It has 5 times more absorbency.

A lock core protection technology absorbs fluid and locks it in the gel for long-lasting protection. Also, it has a Dri-weaver cover that provides soft and dry protection throughout the night. Upgrade your regular pad to ultra night XXXL today for better protection during heavy flow.



  • Size- (XXXL) – 400 mm.
  • Locks up to 100% wetness.
  • All night hygiene.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.206 (Pack of 10 pads)

6. Sofy Anti Bacteria Extra Long Sanitary Pads

The next popular brand in India after Whisper & Stayfree for buying sanitary pads is Sofy. Sofy Anti Bacteria extra-long sanitary pad has a green sheet for 99.9% bacteria protection. The perfume tree fragrance makes you feel fresh and confident.



  • Size- Extra large (XL) – 290 mm.
  • Anti Bacteria 99.9% (Green sheet for bacteria protection).
  • Keeps hygiene, perfume tree fragrance.

Price- Rs.305 (Pack of 54 pads)

7. VWash Wow Ultra Thin XL Sanitary Napkins

These sanitary napkins give expert intimate hygiene. The advanced fluid block design at the top lock the fluid and prevent flowing from the back surface. It gives stain-free protection with a dual absorbent core and prevents fluid from reaching sides & bottom. A dual absorbent core prevents high flow, convert fluid in gel and lock it at the centre. Dry weave top cover with blue strip quickly absorbs fluid, hence provide a super dry feel.



  • Size- Extra large plus(XL).
  • Advanced fluid lock & absorption.
  • Stain-proof.
  • Super dry feel.
  • Irritation free.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.55 (Pack of 5 pads)

8. Stayfree Dry-Max All Night Ultra Dry XL Sanitary Pads

Stayfree Dry-Max All Night sanitary napkins give 2 times better coverage. It is an extra-long and extra-wide pad that provides protection against all side leakage throughout the night. Also, it has a dry net cover for the best dry protection. The pads are ultra-thin and have extra-wide wings. For night and heavy flow, these pads are the best choice. The odour control system prevents foul oduor and keeps you fresh all the time.



  • Size- Extra large (XL) – 315 mm.
  • All night ultra-dry protection.
  • Dry-max cover.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.88 (Pack of 7 pads)

9. Bella Regular Drai Wings Sanitary Pads

People usually think that things which are available at low prices are not good or don’t have quality. But that’s not true. Bella is the brand that brings Bella drai regular sanitary pads at extremely affordable rates. It has air breath-ability that ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritations. The comfort cushion absorbent part in its centre provides the feeling of softness and fast absorption. Drai, a special top sheet netting provides a great feeling of dryness.



  • Comfort cushion soft absorbent part.
  • Leakage stop barriers.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.26 (Pack of 8 pads)

10. Sofy Anti Bacteria Overnight XXL Sanitary Napkins

Now you can sleep peacefully all night without worrying about hygiene. These Sofy Anti Bacteria Overnight Sanitary Napkins give 99.9% Bacteria protection which makes feel you hygienic. Its wider hip guard covers a panty from the back for extra coverage. It prevents stains even on heavy flow nights.

You will feel fresh and confident because of its perfume tree fragrance. The double absorbent core fits the body and absorbs directly in the center. These napkins are really helpful during heavy flow.



  • Size- Extra length (XXL) – 350 mm.
  • Wider hip guard.
  • Perfume tree fragrance.
  • Double absorbent core.
  • With wings.

Price- Rs.273 (Pack of 20 pads)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How to choose the right sanitary pad

Ans. If you are having periods for the first time, you can start with regular pads. And if you there is a heavy flow, switch to the larger pads. So picking up the right sanitary pad is depends on the material used for a pad, your flow, and lifestyle.

2. How many pads a day is normal?

Ans. You should have a minimum of 3 pads per day. Pads must change after every 4 to 8 hours as per the flow.

3. Which is the longest sanitary pad?

Ans. Whisper XXXL Ultra Night Sanitary Pad is the longest period pad in India. It is an overnight pad measuring 400 mm!

4. Which is the best sanitary pads brand in India?

Ans. Whisper, Stayfree, Sofy are the most commonly used sanitary pads in India. And they are available in different sizes.

5. How do you dispose of sanitary pads?

Ans. You should wrap the used pad or napkin in the newspaper or waste paper and throw it in the garbage bag or bin.

6. How can I stop my period leaking at night?

Ans. There are things to follow like,

i) Change pad right before sleeping.
ii) Use period pad with wings.
iii) Go for overnight(ultra night) pads.
iv) Get out of bed slowly in the morning.

7. What happens when you use a pad for too long?

Ans. Using menstrual pad too long causes diseases like skin rash, vaginal infection, urinary tract infection because they are unhygienic.

8. Can I wear a pad for 24 hours?

Ans. No. You should not use a pad for 24 hours. It leads to several infections and skin rashes.

What Food You Should Eat and Avoid During Periods

Food to eat during periods:

Bananas, Dark Chocolate, Broccoli, Oranges, Watermelons, Figs, Plumps, Lemons, Eggs, Chamomile, Salmon.

Food to avoid during periods:

Candy & Snacks, Alcohol, Spicy Food, Dairy Products, Fried Foods, Caffeinated Drinks, Foods high in fats, Foods with high salt content.