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Looking for the best pillows in India for good sleep? To lead a healthy lifestyle, only a balanced diet and exercise are not enough. Proper sleep is also an essential factor. For this, you need a comfortable pillow that will help you relax.

There are thousands of brands available in the Indian market, that provide various types of pillows. From such a vast collection, it is tough to select one that fits all your requirements.

If you think of rushing out to a nearby bedding store, it will not be a convenient way, as you will spend your valuable time as well as money. Also, there will be fewer options available, and you may end up with dissatisfaction. So the best solution to get the desired pillow is to buy it online.

So do you desire the best pillow that will fulfill your needs and come under your budget? Your search ends here! Here we have researched and listed the 10 best pillows in India for better sleep. You will find here all the necessary information such as the pros and cons of the product, along with its price. This will help you compare the products and choose the one that you like. So, let’s get started!

1. DClub Memory Foam Cervical Contour Medical Pillow

Memory foam pillows are a newly emerged type of medical pillows. Its design is very different than the normal pillows. The cervical contour provides great support to your head and aligns the neck, shoulder, and back. If you want to correct your posture, then DClub Memory Foam Cervical Contour medical pillow will be a perfect choice.



  1. Provides therapeutic relief for neck and back pain
  2. Durable
  3. Supreme Quality
  4. Keeps good posture

Price: Rs.599

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Premium Microfiber Bed Pillow Set

If you are searching for a pillow that makes you sleep comfortably in any position, then this pillow is the best for you. Amazon has always pleased millions with its amazing Solimo brand products. This pillow from Solimo is a microfiber pillow made up of hollow siliconized polyester fiber and is free of lumps. This pillow works the best for those who want to prevent or get rid of back and neck pain.



  1. Good for all sleeping positions
  2. Durable
  3. Easy to wash
  4. Light-weight
  5. Pack of 2

Cons: Warranty is unclear

Price: Rs. 749

3. Sleepyhead Microfiber Pillow

Sleepyhead microfiber pillow is one of the most loved pillows because of the comfort it provides. the brand aims to provide the right amount of support with a balance of softness and hardness in the material used. It comes in vacuum-compressed packaging. If you wish for all-around relief for your neck or back pain, then give this pillow a try.



  1. Well-finished look
  2. Made of breathable fabric
  3. Hug-friendly
  4. Durable

Cons: After unboxing, it may take a few hours to take the actual shape.

Price: Rs.949

4. Wakefit Hollow Fiber Pillow

Are you searching for a pillow set that fits perfectly and gives the desired comfort? Then give a try to the Wakefit Hollow Fiber Pillow. It is one of the well-known best pillows in India. This pack of 2 pillows makes it easy for you to assemble them on the bed. The supreme build makes it durable, and thus affordable to you.



  1. Breathable
  2. Appropriate fluffiness
  3. Provides neck and back support
  4. Easy to wash

Price: Rs.795

5. COOZLY Premium Lyte C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Are you a mom-to-be searching for support pillows? Well, then you should go with the Coozly C-shaped pregnancy pillow. It is the leading brand to manufacture the best pillows in India for pregnant women. Gone are the days when women use to take multiple pillows to support the back and belly. Now with this premium C-shaped pillow, you can get all-around comfort for the whole body.



  1. Gives back, belly, and leg support
  2. Multipurpose use
  3. Available in multiple colors
  4. Made of hypoallergenic fibers
  5. Flexible design

Cons: High in cost as compared to normal pillows

Price: Rs.2199

6. SleepyCat Microfiber Cloud Pillow

Luxury sleep and everyday comfort come with the best quality and big-size pillow. The SleepyCat Microfiber Cloud is one of the leading pillows, that give better sleep. Whether you want a compact or a puffed pillow, this cloud pillow helps you get both, just with the zipper adjustment. It is made up of hypoallergenic virgin microfiber, that gives you hotel-like softness.



  1. Machine washable
  2. Durable
  3. Adjustable softness
  4. Breathable fabric

Cons: Costs higher

Price: Rs.1070

7. Sleepwell Ploy Fiber Senses Pillow

Sleepwell is a leading brand in pillows and mattresses. It has curated various types of pillows to give you the desired level of everyday comfort. The Sleepwell Ploy Fiber Senses Pillow is one of them. It is a micro-fiber-filled pillow that gives medium softness for everyday sleep., and is perfect for those who love high rise.



  1. Made up of microfiber
  2. Suitable for high rise
  3. Durable
  4. medium fluffiness

Price: Rs.928

8. The White Willow Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed Pillow

The White Willow Orthopedic Bed pillow is made up of the best quality memory foam, that gives a perfect sleeping posture. If you are suffering from back or neck pain while sleeping, then this pillow will help you get relief to a larger extent. This pillow is not meant just for sleeping, but can also be used for various purposes. The design is very classy and huggable.



  1. Easy to carry along
  2. Suits all sleeping styles
  3. Medium softness
  4. Durable

Price: Rs. 1,139

9. Wakewell Soft Microfiber Pillow

Your search for everyday luxury pillows will end in satisfaction with the Wakewell soft pillows for bed. These luxurious microfiber pillows are as soft as the ones in the hotels. The fabric is breathable and gives a cooler feel. The pillow is made up of siliconized fiber that helps you get relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain.



  1. Luxury softness
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Durable
  4. Relieves shoulder and neck pain

Price: Rs.499

10. Urban Basics Ultra-Soft Microfiber Pillows

While shopping for the bedding requirements, you may need multiple pillows. If you wish to buy a pack of 4, then the ultra-soft microfiber pillows from Urban Basics will be the best suitable. The pillows are made up of recycled polyfill and are packed with soft polyester fabric shells.



  1. Cost-effective
  2. Appropriate fluffiness
  3. Made of hypoallergenic material
  4. Ideal for all sleeping positions

Price: Rs.1,199

So this was the list of the top 10 best pillows in India, that we found are most loved by people.

When shopping online, you get to choose from a wide collection, with detailed information on every brand. The branded pillows might cost larger. But no need to worry now, because you can buy them online at affordable prices.

The cherry on the cake is that you can grab huge discounts on every purchase using the coupons! Not only you can buy these products from Amazon, but also you can get them from other trusted stores such as Wakefit, The Sleep Company, SleepyCat, etc. So without any confusion, buy one of these pillows, and enjoy better sleep.

We hope you like the blog. If you have any suggestions or know about some other brand that gives more comfortable pillows, then do not forget to write in the comment section.