Do you enjoy dipping your chips into mayonnaise? You might have already been using a brand of mayonnaise, and been bored of it. So are you in search of the best quality mayonnaise on the market that tastes even much better than your previous one? If that’s the case, you won’t want to miss this article. Check out this complete article about the best mayonnaise brands in India.

Mayonnaise, jam, ketchup, and peanut butter are staples at our house, and they elevate our breakfast to a new level of deliciousness. Nowadays, people search for easy options to make their meals delightful. For this, sauces, ketchup, jams, etc. may help. Also, you may like to have the best peanut butter for your breakfast. One such condiment is mayonnaise. It is not only tasty but also healthy. Many people have a question in their mind, ‘Is mayonnaise good for health?’ To give you the best answer, let us tell you some of the facts about mayonnaise.

Know Your Mayonnaise Well!

Oil, egg, lemon juice, and various seasonings are the base ingredients of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise enhances the flavor of your meal. Although eggs are the main ingredient in mayonnaise, there are also vegetarian-friendly versions that do not contain eggs. Mayonnaise’s Vitamin E content suggests it may reduce the risk of heart attacks when consumed in moderation. Mayonnaise’s high omega-3 content may help prevent cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Potassium will make you robust and enhance your metabolism, while selenium will reduce the aging process and boost your immune system by neutralizing free radicals. This condiment’s low risk of free radical damage and high antioxidant capacity makes it a good choice for reducing the likelihood of suffering a stroke. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, as well as several minerals, are stored in fat. Thus it is helpful for boosting nutrient absorption. The mayonnaise’s healthy fats aid in lowering cholesterol.

Which One To Buy

If you ask us how many types of mayonnaise are there, then the answer is numerous! Mayonnaise is produced by a number of different brands. The increased variety of tastes available from these manufacturers also reflects the rise of personalization. basically, there are three types of mayonnaise, that are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan. Furthermore, you can find many flavors in them.

Along with the traditional mayonnaise, many brands have started bringing the various most loved tastes in their varieties of mayonnaise. So you can pair them up with any of the food items of your taste. But which brands are the best? Not to keep you confused, we have done some research and found out the best 10 brands of mayonnaise in India. Read on to find out which brands of mayonnaise are considered to be the best.


The Dr. Oetkar Company is a leading manufacturer of premium branded packaged foods. They manufacture products including waffle mixes, cake mixes, toppings, and more. There are no animal products in Dr. Oetker’s Funfoods Mayonnaise. Millions of loyal customers regularly use it since it is the best-selling mayonnaise in India. Dr. Oetker Funfoods Veg Mayonnaise is a great vegan alternative.

FunFoods Veg Mayonnaise Original has a flavor that is both neutral and adaptable. Sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and quick macaroni and cheese white sauce are just a few examples of the western dishes that benefit most from their rich, smooth, and creamy flavor. Cholesterol and trans fats are not present in mayonnaise. Dr. Oetker Funfoods Mayonnaise is velvety in texture and flavor. It is vegan, egg-free, and cholesterol- and trans-fat-free. Salad dressing, sandwich spread, and wrap filling all benefit from the mayonnaise.


Price: Rs.195Quantity: 875g

Special Features:

  • Vegetarian
  • Cholesterol and fat-free
  • Savory and velvety flavor
  • India’s number 1 mayonnaise
  • Makes dishes saucier, creamier, and juicier
  • Flavored variants available
  • Pouch and jars available

2. Urban Platter

Urban Platter, an Indian food company has established itself as a prominent supplier of gourmet products, and it offers more than a thousand items that it produces in-house. With its founding in 2015, Urban Platter has grown to become a major gourmet food manufacturer in India. With this label, you may purchase a wide range of items, from delicious snacks to useful household necessities.

The Urban Platter Mayo is India’s first mayonnaise to be produced locally and is prepared without using any dairy products. Since there is no palm oil involved in the production process, there is no palm oil or derived trans fat either. It goes really well with things like burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches, as well as salads like potato salad and coleslaw.


Price: Rs.300Quantity: 300

Special Features:

  • Gluten-free
  • No palm oil
  • Contains water, vegetable oil, sugar, garlic, and an acidity regulator
  • Dairy-free mayo
  • The texture is creamy, flavorful, and aromatic

3. Wingreens Farms

Are you in search of the best mayonnaise for sandwiches in India? If yes, then look no further than the Wingreens Farms Veg Myo. Wingreens Farms is an Indian agricultural firm that was founded in 2009 to serve the needs of today’s savvy millennial buyers. It is the only brand that can compete in the gourmet food market.

In a short amount of time, this has become well-known for things like baker-ready mixes, Indian spice blends, breakfast muesli, fruit yogurts, cheese, oat milk, and even veggie mayo. The top-quality mixed herbs used in the production of Premium Veg Mayo come from a local organic farm. It pairs splendidly with summertime salads, shawarmas, or grilled vegetables because of its lack of trans fat.


Price: Rs.199Quantity: 800g

Special Features:

  • Value for money
  • Creamy consistency
  • Premium ingredients
  • Superior taste
  • No transfat
  • Ideal for pairing with burgers, sandwiches, and wraps
  • Traditional Indian species are used
  • Has a mild flavor

4. Kewpie 

Kewpie Mayonnaise is the company’s signature product, and it has been a favorite of Japanese customers since the company’s founding in 1925. It has a more decadent flavor and a creamier consistency than standard mayonnaise because it is made with only egg yolks. The Kewpie is a traditional Japanese confection, and it is a fan favorite among those who adore cuisine.

The firm mostly manufactures sauces and other types of processed foods. Their mayonnaise is created in the classic Japanese style and is popular all over the world. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of foods, including salads, sandwiches, sushi, and a great deal more.


Price: Rs.775Quantity: 620 ml

Special Features:

  • Dairy Free
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Rich flavor
  • Creamy texture
  • Comes in a squeeze bottle

5. Hellmann’s

The Indian people absolutely adore the rich and creamy flavor of Hellman’s goods. Ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings, etc. are all made by the American company Hellman’s. Authentic mayonnaise has a thick, creamy texture because of the vegetable oil and egg yolks used in its preparation. It retains the classic mayonnaise flavor while providing a healthy dose of Omega-3 fats.

For that signature Hellmann’s taste, Hellmann’s Eggless Mayonnaise relies on premium ingredients. This mayonnaise enhances the flavor of your go-to burgers, salads, and sandwiches so they taste just how you remember them.


Price: Rs.177Quantity: 800g

Special Features:

  • Full of flavor
  • Vegetarian
  • Creamy texture
  • Original recipe
  • Authentic taste
  • Contains eggs
  • Made of good quality ingredients
  • Can be used on vegetables, chicken, fish, and BBQs.

6. Del Monte

The American food company Del Monte has made a considerable impact on the Indian market for packaged goods. Del Monte is a brand name for numerous food items, including mayonnaise, oils, pasta, and pizza sauces. You’ll become a lifelong devotee upon first tasting any of the goods because of the superior quality of the components used in their production.

If you’re a vegetarian looking for a good mayonnaise, look no further than this eggless version. You can dip bread into it or spread it on toast; it’s that rich and flexible. Also, there’s no monosodium glutamate (MSG) in it, making it a fantastically nutritious option. Del Monte Mayo’s velvety consistency and luscious flavor come from the superior ingredients that go into its production. The creamy, smooth, and delicious eggless mayonnaise adds a wonderful flavor to any dish. Bread, hamburgers, pizza, and pasta can all benefit from having it smeared on them.

It’s also great for dipping nuggets, wedges, chips, French fries, and other snacks. Made with premium quality ingredients, Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise is a delicious alternative to traditional mayonnaise. The vegan mayonnaise is smooth and delicious. It contains soybean oil, water, sugar, iodized salt, and milk solids.


Price: Rs.199Quantity: 900g

Special Features:

  • Having no artificial additives
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Easy-to-carry pouch
  • A rich and velvety consistency
  • Preservative-free and non-refrigerable.
  • Made without artificial colors
  • Creamy texture
  • Fresh taste
  • Eggless

7. Saffola

Saffola is a healthcare provider that provides a range of convenient, effective, and pleasurable daily heart-healthy foods and services. Over the past few years, Saffola has been spreading the word about the importance of maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle and inspiring people to do so. Creamy and delicious, the Saffola Eggless Mayonnaise is made from milk. It has just the right balance of sweet and sour flavors, elevating the richness and deliciousness of any dish. It contains water, vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar, milk solids, whey protein, and iodized salt

The best part is that it’s also healthful, chock full of vitamins A, D, and E. Saffola Eggless Mayonnaise is 100% vegetarian and made with the whole family in mind, so everyone from kids to grandparents may enjoy its delicious flavor. Because of the vitamin content of mayonnaise, it’s a somewhat healthy condiment. There are no eggs or animal products in the Saffolla Mayonnaise.


Price: Rs.135Quantity: 750g

Special Features:

  • Vitamin-rich
  • Thick and luxurious texture
  • Contains only premium components
  • Eggless option
  • Milk cream
  • Has antioxidants, sequestrants, and vitamins.
  • Creamy texture
  • Rich flavor

8. Nutralite 

Eating well is one of the most important things you can do for your health and longevity in today’s world. Moms are always concerned about their children’s well-being, but kids are always looking for new things to try. The incredible tension between health and flavor is recognized by Nutralite, which comes to the rescue of these mothers by providing them with a delightfully balanced experience that satisfies both.

Delicious and healthy, Nutrilite Veg Eggless Mayonnaise is a must-try. The creamy consistency imparts a scrumptious and satisfying sensory experience. Thanks to its ideal consistency, the mayonnaise may be easily scooped, mixed, and distributed. Nutralite Mayo improves the flavor and healthfulness of any dish it’s used in. It’s simple to spread, mix, and spread the mayonnaise. Nutrilite mayonnaise is silky and delicious and may be used in either dipping or spreading capacity.


Price: Rs.424Quantity: 1kg

Special Features:

  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Affordable
  • Spreads easily
  • Silky in texture

9. Heinz 

Is low-fat mayonnaise your only requirement? Heinz Incredibly Light Mayo is the answer; it has half the fat of regular Heinz Mayonnaise, allowing you to watch your calorie intake without sacrificing flavor. This deliciously thick mayo is the perfect addition to your favorite dip, thanks to the inclusion of mustard extracts. In addition to being a “must-have” for any event, its luxuriously silky texture only enhances its desirability. At any time, you and your food can enjoy some intimate time together if you club it with your supper or lunch.

Heinz may be best known for its tomato ketchup, but the company also makes a variety of high-quality condiments. Henry J. Heinz founded this American food processing enterprise in 1869. They are a major US exporter of tomato ketchup and one of the leading US producers. The actual garlic in Heinz mayonnaise makes an already delicious sauce even better. Make a quick meal out of burgers or even just toasted bread by adding this topping. Its silky consistency is perfect for spreading on bread for a gourmet touch.


Price: Rs.793Quantity: 400ml

Special Features:

  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Creamy consistency
  • Compatible with a wide range of dishes
  • Light

10. Veeba

Veeba, which launched in 2013, is another rapidly growing Indian food processing and delivery firm. It has quickly become a major player in the market for vegetable-based sauces, emulsions, dips, and dessert toppings. If you’re looking for the healthiest mayonnaise in India, go no further than Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise Pouch. That’s because it uses olive oil instead of the more common soybean or canola oil.

Milk solids, refined soya oil, water, and legal preservatives are its main components. It is developed with the help of Indian consumers in mind and approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.
Comes with a flavor that’s just right, with no artificial sweeteners or acids messing with the balance.


Price: Rs.180Quantity: 875g

Special Features:

  • Approved by the FSSAI
  • Balanced flavor
  • No artificial sweeteners or acids
  • No soybean oil
  • Made with olive oil
  • Easy to serve

Where To Buy?

Are you the one who wishes to buy all the products with huge discounts? If yes, then you should prefer online shopping. Although these brands are widely available offline in stores, it is much more inconvenient to search for them. Also, you will need to pay an extra amount than the price online. So we recommend you shop for them using coupons online to enjoy budget-friendly shopping.

All these brands of mayonnaise are available widely on various online shopping websites. You can get them at even more discounted prices by using the coupon codes. Just search for valid coupon codes and apply them at the time of checkout. That’s it! You will see an instant reduction in your cart amount. So this is actually the smartest way to shop for any products online.

Wrapping Up…

These were our efforts to let you know about the best mayonnaise brands in India. If you like the blog, then let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for further interesting topics.