Do you know what are the popular helmet brands in India?

Wearing a helmet is necessary while riding a bike or scooter. It provides protection to your head from any kind of injury or accident. In that case, a good quality helmet brand will be the best choice for everyone.

In the market, you can find several top brands sell high-quality helmets in India. They are tough and long-lasting, so you don’t need to buy it every year.

If you checked the price of these branded helmets then they are budget-friendly.

So we are listing here the top 10 best brands for helmets in India. Buying one you can save your life and enjoy the ride as well.

Best Helmet Brands in India

Check out the list before buying a helmet for you. These are the top brands providing safe and quality helmets for both men and women.

1. Steelbird Helmet


Steelbird is India’s most popular brand for the best quality Helmets. These helmets are made up of highly protective components with stylish designs. It is a trusted leading brand for two-wheeler helmets & bike accessories. Steelbird makes reliable helmets in an affordable range. It manufactures various two-wheeler accessories such as Gloves, Jackets, Pants, Shoe Cover, Cable Lock & much more. Steelbird offers different types of helmets like

  • Full Face Helmets
  • Open Space Helmets
  • Flip-Up Helmets
  • Blauer
  • Flip-Off Helmets
  • Motocross Helmets

2. Vega Helmet


Vega is the most trusted helmet brand in the Indian market since 1994. This company creates very strong & stylish helmets which are suitable for all types of bikes. We look at the popularity, 60% of the Indian population is wearing Vega Helmet. This company provides varieties in helmets that can suitable for all types of bikes. Vega company also makes durable bike accessories like Helmet Visors, Safety Cable Lock, Helmet Spares, Mask, Balaclava & lot more. Vega provides different designs of helmets without compromising the quality products such as

  • Open face Helmet
  • Full Face Helmet
  • Off-Road Helmets
  • Novelty Helmets
  • Junior’s Helmets
  • Women’s Helmets

3. Royal Enfield Helmet


Royal Enfield helmets are made of strong material, lightweight, stylish & comfortable to use. This company’s helmets are specially manufactured for Royal Enfield bike riders. The comfort of this helmet feels us like a royal member. Royal Enfield provides 2 types of helmets like Full Face and Open Face Helmets. Full Face Royal Enfield Helmet is most popular and it looks stylish while riding the bike.

4. STUDDS Helmet


STUDDS is one of the best helmet brands in India. The quality of STUDDS helmets is great. Studds work under two flagship brands known with the names of Studds Helmets and SMK Helmets. These companies’ helmets are not only popular in India they are popular in other 35 countries. Studds provides various types of helmets like

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Flip Up Helmets
  • Off Road Full Face Helmet
  • Open Face Helmet
  • Sporting Helmet

5. THH Helmet


THH is a Taiwan based company provides premium quality helmets all over the world. This Company makes helmets from high technology material like Carbon Fiber Kevlar. THH helmets are known for its stylish designs, quality, and durability. If you are searching for class quality helmets then THH is the right choice. THH Company Offers various types of helmets like

  • Cap Face Helmets
  • Open Face Helmets
  • Full Face Helmet
  • Modular Helmets
  • Moto Cross Helmets

6. LS2 Helmet


Are you craving the best & stylish Helmet? Then LS2 is the right option in the Indian market. LS2 Helmets are extremely lightweight but amazing strength of LS2 Helmets gives a unique touch to each helmet. LS2 company makes helmets in different shapes & styles.

7. Wranglers Helmet


Wranglers is a popular helmet manufacturing company. This company provides premium quality products at an affordable price. Wranglers have a vast variety of helmets includes Open Face Helmet, Open Visor Helmet, Riding Helmet, Bulletproof Helmet, Head Protection Helmet, Safety Helmet & much more.

8. Aerostar Helmet


Aerostar is an Indian helmet manufacturing company which is located in Biwandi Industrial Area. This company delivered the best quality products at affordable prices. It is an ISO certified company which allows them to put ISI hallmark on their products. Aerostar offers other bike accessories like Side boxes, Helmet Locking Devices & much more.

9. Shoei Helmet


Shoei is a Japan-based company manufacturing stylish & premium helmets for bike riders. Shoei’s helmets are popular in their safety levels & different looks. Shoei is one of the best brands to manufacture carbon fiber helmets. Shoei helmets are available at the lowest price. You can find different types of Shoei helmets like

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Open Face Helmet

10. HJC Helmet


Are you searching for the best helmet at the lowest price? Then the HJC helmet is the right choice. HJC is one of the best selling helmet companies from the last 50 years. This company provides premium quality products at the best price with a stylish look. HJC offers various types of helmets such as

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Open Face Helmet
  • Motocross Helmet
  • Flip-Up Helmet
  • Sporting Helmets

Online Availability:

Because of the online presence of all helmet brands, you don’t need to go outside to buy the one. Online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal makes you available these branded helmets.

If you are aware of other best Indian helmet brands, share the name with us below in comments.