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Last updated on May 1st, 2024 at 11:34 pm

A Sneak Peek: Best Hair Colour Shampoo For Men and Women

Best Shampoo Hair Colour 2024RatingsPrice And Quantity
Kera Gain Shampoo Hair Colour3.9/5Rs. 759 for 180ml
Siso Hair Color Shampoo3.9/5Rs. 426 for 180ml
Indica Easy Shampoo Hair Color4.0/5Rs.360 for 180ml
Streax Insta Shampoo Hair Colour4.0/5Rs. 261 for 300g
Vasmol Ayurprash Shampoo Hair Color3.8/5Rs.324 for 300g
BBLUNT Shampoo Hair Colour4.0/5Rs. 223 for 100ml
VCare Shampoo Hair Colour3.7/5Rs.505 for 180ml
VIP Hair Colour Shampoo3.8/5Rs.390 for 180ml
eAmaze Noni Hair Color Shampoo3.6/5Rs.575 for 200ml
TRU HAIR Hair Colour Shampoo3.8/5Rs.299 for 180 ml

Top 10 Best Hair Colour Shampoo India:

1. Kera Gain Shampoo Hair Colour


Pricing: Rs. 759 for 180 ml

2. Siso Hair Color Shampoo


Pricing: Rs. 426 for 180ml

3. Indica Easy Shampoo Hair Color


Pricing: Rs.360 for 180ml

4. Streax Insta Shampoo Hair Colour


Pricing: Rs. 261 for 300g

5. Vasmol Ayurprash Shampoo Hair Color


Pricing: Rs. 324 for 300g

6. BBLUNT 5 Minute Shampoo Hair Colour


Pricing: Rs. 223 for 100ml

7. VCare Shampoo Hair Colour


Pricing: Rs. 505 for 180ml

8. VIP Hair Colour Shampoo


Pricing: Rs. 390 for 180 ml

9. eAmaze Noni Hair Color Shampoo


Pricing: Rs. 575 for 200ml

10. TRU HAIR Hair Colour Shampoo


Pricing: Rs. 299 for 180ml

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