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The way you dress says a lot about your style, confidence, and the impression you make. When it comes to making a good first impression, the formal clothes you choose are really important. They can either make or break the moment. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you with your fashion journey.

Understanding the significance of dressing right, our team conducted in-depth research to give you honest and unbiased recommendations. Our mission is simple: to provide a personalized roadmap to discover the best formal wear brands in India. We won’t just name-drop; we’ll explore the details because your style deserves the best.

So, get ready to dive into the world of formal wear, where your style reigns supreme. Let’s dive into a world of style and elegance where your wardrobe reflects your amazing taste. Get ready to elevate your style game with our helpful suggestions. Let’s embark on this stylish journey together!

Before delving deep into the details of each brand, let’s first have a sneak peek to the list of the top 12 best formal wear brands in India, along with their price range and the best way to buy at discounts.

List Of The Top 12 Best Formal Wear Brands In India:

BrandShop At Amazon
1. RaymondBuy Now!
2. Van HeusenBuy Now!
3. Park AvenueBuy Now!
4. Louis PhilippeBuy Now!
5. ArrowBuy Now!
6. Blackberry’sBuy Now!
7. Allen SollyBuy Now!
8. Peter EnglandBuy Now!
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11. AccoxBuy Now!
12. Amazon Brand: SymbolBuy Now!

Types of Formal Wear for a Classy Look

When you want to dress up for fancy events, there are several key pieces that can help you look amazing. Let’s check out different types of formal wear and why they’re important!

  1. Suits: The classic suit is a must-have in your wardrobe. Wearing a nice suit with a jacket and trousers makes you look really classy. It’s great for special occasions like weddings, business meetings, and formal dinners.
  2. Blazers: Blazers are really versatile. You can wear this with trousers for a semi-formal look or dress it down with jeans for a smart casual style. They’re perfect for both office meetings and social gatherings.
  3. Shirts: A clean, white shirt is the foundation for many formal outfits. It’s your go-to choice for job interviews and upscale events. Discover various collar and cuff styles to add your own unique touch.
  4. Trousers: Well-tailored trousers complete your formal look. You can wear them with a suit jacket or a blazer, so they’re great for many different events.
  5. Ties: Ties add a touch of elegance. They come in various colors and patterns. So you can show off your personal style. You should wear a tie for weddings, business functions, or special dates.
  6. Belts: A good leather belt is not just useful, but it also adds style to your outfit. A belt helps keep your pants up and adds a nice finishing touch to your look. To create a stylish and put-together outfit, try matching the color of your belt with your shoes. It’s a simple way to make sure everything looks coordinated.

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in creating a polished and refined appearance. Choosing what to wear for a formal event depends on the occasion. By putting together the right outfit, you can make a great impression that people will remember. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of formal wear and discover the best brands and styles to make you the best-dressed guest or professional in the room.

Choosing the Right Formal Wear: What to Look For

When it comes to picking the perfect formal wear, there are some crucial factors to consider. Let’s break it down:

1. Fit:

It all begins with how it feels when you try it on. Your formal clothes should fit you just right—neither too tight nor too loose. Wearing the right clothes can instantly boost your style.

2. Quality:

Quality is the cornerstone of great formal wear.

Try to find materials like wool, cotton, and blends because they are durable and comfortable. Quality formal wear can last longer and maintain its shape.

3. Fabric:

The fabric you choose is important. Wool, cotton, and blends all have their own special charm! When you’re picking something, think about the weather and the event. Choose natural fabrics like wool, which are breathable and look nice, or cotton for a lightweight and easy-to-care-for choice. The fabric’s quality directly affects the overall look and feel of your attire, so prioritize this aspect when making your choice.

4. Design:

Go for a design that reflects your personality. Choose what makes you feel confident, whether it’s a classic or contemporary style.

5. Affordability:

Your budget matters a lot! Discover affordable formal wear options that are both stylish and high-quality, so you can dress to impress without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget, wearing the right formal wear enhances your confidence. Keep these factors in mind as we explore the best brands. Stick around for valuable insights that will make your formal wear decision easier.

Top Formal Wear Brands in India:

Now as you have learnt about the types of formal wear and the factors to consider while buying them, let us delve deeper into the highlights of each brand.

1. Raymond


If you’re looking for high-quality formal wear that really stands out, Raymond is the perfect choice! Raymond is one of the oldest and most genuine brands for men’s formal clothing in India. Their shirts, trousers, suits, and chinos are the best-selling in the market. Even at weddings, the clothes from Raymond are preferred the most.

They have a great variety of really nice formal shirts for men. Raymond shirts are famous for being high-quality, having beautiful designs, and looking really nice. Their products are designed to make you look and feel amazing.

What We Like:

  • You can find lots of different designs, colors, and styles for affordable men’s business-casual clothing.
  • They use high-quality fabrics and pay great attention to detail in finishing.
  • Raymond also provides unstitched fabric, which you can use to make suits, blazers, pants, etc.
  • There are many different styles, cool designs, and patterns to choose from.


  • It’s a bit expensive.

2. Van Heusen


If you like wearing professional clothes instead of funky ones, then Van Heusen is a great option for you. Van Heusen is the best lifestyle brand in India for men, women, and young people. The company challenges traditional gender norms when it comes to formal dress for both men and women. It is also one of the best formal wear brands in India for ladies.

You can choose your own style and customize it with fabrics you like. The brand has a great collection of stylish blazers, suits, shirts, sweaters, and more. They use breathable fabrics, so you will feel comfortable wearing their clothes all day long. No doubt, Van Heusen is a great choice for investing in stylish and top-notch formal wear.

What We Like:

  • All the clothing is made up of breathable fabrics and high-end quality.
  • Here you can get premium formal clothing for both men and women.
  • Whether you are searching for slim-fit or oversized formals, you can find here every size.


  • Most of the formal clothing is at an expensive end.

3. Park Avenue

Park-Avenue-Men-Shirt-best formal-wear-brands

If you’re looking for modern formal wear for men, Park Avenue is the place to go! You can find the best formal clothes for men in India at Park Avenue! The brand understands what men need in different situations and provides exceptional designs that are perfect for every occasion.

They create stylish and professional designs that are always up-to-date, combining fashion and professionalism. You’ll love wearing Park Avenue’s stylish and versatile men’s formal clothing collection. It will inspire you to dress up for work every day!

What We Like:

  • You can find here a wide range of clothing options that are perfect for young professionals.
  • The brand understands needs of various personalities of men, and curates their formal wear collection accordingly.
  • The brand creates cool and creative designs in formal wear.


  • None

4. Louis Philippe


Louis Philippe is one of the top 10 formal clothing brands in India. They always use top-notch fabric. The formal shirts come in beautiful colors that can help you stand out and attract more customers. The brand caters to a young audience in India that seeks styles. Here you can get most of the luxury things like sweaters, blazers, suits, shirts, etc. The material used in each product is very genuine.

Their fabrics are really good, and they have lots of different sizes to fit almost anyone. Choosing from a variety of colors and patterns can make finding a shirt for any occasion a breeze. Just take a look at their collection!

What We Like:

  • The formal shirts from this brand are long-lasting, comfortable, elegant, and fashionable.
  • Here you will get formal as well as semi-formal clothes.
  • They offer stylish and sophisticated designs that make you feel more confident.
  • Great fit and all sizes are available here.


  • Here you will find a wide range of options for formal and ceremonial events, but fewer choices of office wear.

5. Arrow


If you love dressing nicely and making a great first impression, then you’ll definitely like Arrow! The brand is all about creating stylish and clever outfits. It offers a great selection of formal shirts, trousers, and pants for both men and women. At Arrow, you will get shirts that don’t shrink, don’t stain, and don’t wrinkle.

Arrow is a cool brand for guys who want to look sharp at work. They make high-quality clothes that are perfect for the modern Indian professional. The new anti-UV shirt from Arrow is specially coated to block 97% of harmful UV radiation. It’s the perfect choice to protect you during hot summer days.

Arrow is famous for its classic American design that gives a timeless and sophisticated appearance. They offer lots of different clothes for men, women, and children, as well as other clothing-related things.

What We Like:

  • This brand caters to the formal wear needs of both men and women.
  • They provide top-notch clothes for informal events or ceremonial events, and accessories such as cufflinks, ties, belts, wallets, etc.
  • The clothing from Arrow gives a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

6. Blackberrys


Blackberrys is one of the popular brands of men’s clothing in India. They have a wide range of clothing options for all occasions, including khakis, shirts, denim, jackets, and blazers for formal events. They also have denim, t-shirts, underwear, shoes, and accessories available.

Blackberrys will always keep you feeling confident and stylish, with clothes that fit perfectly and look absolutely amazing. The brand always predicts upcoming fashion trends and comes up with innovative designs and little details.

What We Like:

  • It is obe of the most popular fashion brands for men.
  • You can shop for Blackberry’s both online and offline.
  • Here you will get the latest fashion in formal and casual clothing.

7. Allen Solly


Do you wish to switch up your wardrobe and add something fresh? Alllen Solly wants to celebrate your unique personality by offering a range of comfortable and stylish clothes for everyday wear.

Allen Solly is a brand that offers modern and comfortable formal clothing. They have a variety of options for men, including t-shirts, chinos, shirts, jeans, and jackets. For women, Allen Solly has a wonderful selection of tunics, skirts, and dresses. It is also one of the best office wear brands for ladies in India.

Allen Solly is known for making really stylish and elegant clothes. They use the best materials and put a lot of effort into making them. The brand is not just known for its menswear, but also for its professional western wear that young corporatists love.

What We Like:

  • The brand is known for its awesome lifestyle products for everyone.
  • Their products are also available offline, so you can get your hands on testing the products personally before buying.
  • Here you not only get formal wear but also the traditional wear for both men and women.

8. Peter England


Peter England is a really good choice if you’re looking for affordable and high-quality formal wear. The brand is famous for its office-wear shirts. They also provide denim and cargo jackets, but formal wear is their most-selling category. You can get here great quality suits, shirts and blazers as well.

The Peter England Elements range has a great selection of casual office attire for men. You can find jeans, cargos, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and accessories. Considering the Indian market, they offer a variety of sizes at affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed with the wide variety of patterns and products they have to offer.

What We Like:

  • The clothing from this brand comes within your budget.
  • They have a wide range of designs and fabrics to choose from.


  • The fit might not be exactly perfect, but that’s okay.

9. ManQ


ManQ has much experience in making and selling men’s formal wear. They lead the list of the best formal dress brands in India. They carefully choose the best materials and have them custom-tailored to make sure their clothes are of the highest quality and fit perfectly. If you’re looking to spruce up your formal wear collection, you’ll love their stylish range of blazers, trousers, waistcoats, and suits for men.

ManQ focuses on giving you the perfect mix of the latest fashion, the best fit, and top-notch quality for every blazer. Their menswear collection includes all the essential elements you need to look your best. They have everything you need to keep your wardrobe organized and looking sharp!

What We Like:

  • All the clothing items are crafted with the best materials.
  • They have a structured fit, which means they will give a well-defined shape and fit comfortably on your body.

10. Diverse


Diverse is a brand that provides essential formal wear and casual wear for men, women, teenagers, and kids. Their collection of formal clothing not only provides comfort but also great quality and style. Their designers have done an amazing job creating collections that are in line with the latest global fashion trends.
Diverse uses high-quality materials to make sure you feel amazing when you wear their clothes outside your home. The designs and colors are top-notch! It is also one of the women’s best formal wear brands in India.

What We Like:

  • This brand provides a great collection for men and women of all ages.
  • Here you can choose from a variety of color options and designs..

11. Accox


Accox is a budget-friendly brand of clothing that offers fantastic formal shirts and trousers at affordable prices for everyone. The brand is very popular online and meets your needs.

Make sure to wear a stylish Accox shirt for any occasion, whether it’s a casual hangout, a formal event, or a fun party! The brand cares about making high-quality products that will keep you comfortable all day long.

What We Like:

  • All the products are available at affordable prices.
  • Here you can shop for classic formal shirts and trousers.
  • The products from the brand are very popular online.
  • All the formal clothing here is made up of material that feels comfortable to wear all day long.

12. Amazon Brand – Symbol


Are you looking for affordable everyday formal wear? If yes, then Symbol is the name you can rely on. Here you can get a great selection of high-quality clothes that won’t break the bank! Symbol by Amazon offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. They have both formal and casual options available.

Symbol is becoming more and more popular in the clothing industry because they have a great variety of products to choose from. It has become the best formal brand in India having a wide range of clothing options, including traditional, western wear, and work wear.

What We Like:

  • You can shop here for both formal and casual wear.
  • The brand offers great quality clothing at affordable rates.
  • The collection is best for daily use.

So here we have completed our list of the top 12 best formal wear brands in India. We hope this list helped you find your perfect fit. So what do you think about these branbds? Are you already using the formals from any of these brands? If yes, then leave us a comment sharing youe experience in the comment section!

Brand Recommendations: Elevate Your Formal Look

Among the top 12 brands that we found to be best, here are our top 5 recommendations for their unique features.

  1. Raymond: It is renowned for its classic style. Their suits, which fit flawlessly on any occasion, are a representation of sophistication.
  2. Allen Solly: It is a fusion of style and comfort. Look here for contemporary styles that complement your personality.
  3. Van Heusen: This brand is an epitome of tailored perfection. Their blazers and shirts have an air of sophistication that leaves an impression.
  4. Peter England: The clothing from this brand is classic and reasonably priced. Explore a selection of formal attire that blends price and quality.
  5. Blackberry: The brand delivers a touch of luxury in your wardrobe. Their collection screams opulence, perfect for special events.

Each brand has its unique touch, ensuring you find your ideal formal wear companion. Explore these options for an enhanced style quotient.

Where to Shop for These Brands:

Now that we have learnt everything about choosing the best brands, it is also much essential to know where you can buy them at great deals.

For convenience, you can find these top formal wear brands both online and offline. Online, explore trusted e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. They offer a wide range of options to choose from.

Offline, you can visit exclusive brand showrooms, department stores, or your nearest mall, and try the products personally. Explore these options to find the perfect formal wear that suits your style and budget.

However, if you are seeking savings, then the best way to shop for the formal wear is to buy them online using the coupons for Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Blackberry’s, Allen Solly, etc.

Finding the Perfect Fit and Tailoring for Formal Wear

When it comes to dressing up, it’s really important to find the right fit. Here are some helpful tips to find the perfect fit for your formal attire:

  • Know Your Measurements: To start, get exact measurements of yourself. Get your chest, shoulders, waist, and inseam sizes ready. It’s okay if you don’t know how to measure. Many places have fitting guides you can use, or you can ask a friend to help you.
  • The Shoulder Fit: The shoulders of your jacket should line up with your natural shoulder line. Make sure the blazer or suit jacket you’re trying on fits just right when you put it on. The shoulders shouldn’t have any wrinkles that you can see.
  • The Jacket Length: The length of your jacket is very important. It should cover your backside and the bottom should be even with your knuckles when your arms hang down.
  • The Sleeve Length: When shopping for a shirt or jacket, choose sleeves that hit just above your wrist. It’s best to have them average length.
  • The Pant Fit: When you wear pants, the waist should fit well without a belt. Also, check for the length of the pants. It should not completely fall on the shoes.
  • The Importance of Tailoring: Keep in mind that a bit of tailoring can make a world of difference. If you find a suit or shirt that you love but it doesn’t fit perfectly, don’t fret. A skilled tailor can adjust it to your exact measurements. Tailoring makes sure that your dress clothes fit you perfectly.
  • Promising Personalization: Personalized fits not only make you look good but also boost your confidence. You’ll be at your best and feel at ease.

By following these tips and considering tailoring, you can discover formal wear that’s not just stylish but uniquely yours. Remember, finding the right outfit is super important for making a great impression at any formal event.

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Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, we’ve explored the top formal wear brands in India, providing you with valuable insights to make informed choices. At CouponMoto, our commitment is to offer genuine, unbiased reviews. Our team conducts thorough research to bring you personalized recommendations.

And we hope that our article has helped you find your desired formal look. If you like the article, then let us know in the comments below. Also, tell us which brand you like the most. Share your experiences or ask questions in the comments; we value your feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Formal Wear Brands:

1. Which brand is best for formal wear in India?

Raymond, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, and Park Avenue are some of the best formal wear brands in India, known for quality and style.

2. Which formal brand is best?

Among the top formal wear brands, Raymond excels in suits, Van Heusen offers diverse choices, Louis Philippe focuses on luxury, and Park Avenue blends quality and affordability.

3. What are the Indian formal wear?

Indian formal wear includes traditional attire like kurta-pajama and sherwani, along with Western-style formal wear like suits, blazers, shirts, trousers, and accessories.

4. Which are the best formal wear brands in the world?

Internationally recognized formal wear brands include Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Brooks Brothers, and Zegna, known for their exceptional quality and style.

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