Searching for classic trousers for a perfect formal look? If yes, then we have caught you! Here is a very interesting topic for all the men out there, seeking office attire. So take a few minutes to read about the best formal trouser brands in India.

Everyone has gone through the hassle when a special occasion or a business meeting is lined up, and they have no good trousers to get a formal look. If you want to save yourself from such inconvenience, then you must get the best trouser for yourself.

Formal Trousers For Multiple Occasions:

Formal trousers are one of the major components of formal attire. They are popular all over the world for decades. Fashion trends have recently changed a lot, and many other types of bottom wear have emerged. But still, formal trousers never go out of style.

A man’s wardrobe never seems complete without a good collection of trousers. Especially, formal trousers are a must-have. They not only give a classy look but also enhance your personality by giving it a gentlemanly look. They can be worn for business meetings, dinner, regular office, or even at weddings and parties.

There are numerous brands of formal trousers in the market, that provide various types of trousers to suit any occasion. But choosing one from floods of brands is a tricky task. Not to let you confuse, we have done some research on the best formal trouser brands and compiled this list of the 10 best formal trouser brands in India. So scroll through this list of the top 10 formal trouser brands to know about every brand in detail.

1. Van Heusen

If you are a youngster or an office person, one thing that you will seek in formal wear is style along with the classic touch. Van Heusen is such an exact combination of seamless style and affordability. It has become the leading brand of formal trousers in India.

This brand is well known for its clarity cut, and precise finish in each of its products. The brand gives standard sizes in all of its trousers. So you can be worry-free about the fitting. These trousers fit perfectly according to your waist size.

Whether you want formal trousers for everyday office, meetings, interviews, or any corporate event, you can just opt for Van Heusen, as they have every style for you. So if you wish to lift your fashion quotient, shop through the wide variety of formal trousers from Van Heusen.


Price Range :Rs.784 onwards
Sizes :28 to 40 cm
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Cotton, Linen, Wool, Synthetic
Special features :Perfect fitting, Precise stitch, Affordable

2. Raymond

When it comes to buying formal wear, the one name that is common to everyone’s mind is “Raymond – The Complete Man”. It is the leading menswear brand in India, that offers unique styles and classic designs that are evergreen. With Raymond, you will never get any issues with the stitch, cut, and style.

Not only do the styles and designs make the brand popular, but also their comfort and soft feel make it the first choice of every man. Be it a business meeting, regular office, or party, you will always shine wearing Raymond trousers with a suitable formal shirt.

Even when you are in a hurry, and not able to groom yourself much, the formal wear from Raymond simply makes others raise their eyebrows. Just a slash of classic tailoring is enough to enhance your look and personality.


Price Range :Rs. 700 onwards
Sizes :28 to 42 cm
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Wool, Cotton, Linen
Special features :Classic designs, Durable, Expert tailoring

3. Blackberrys

Comfort and style are what everyone needs in any apparel. Blackberrys understands this and tailors every trouser with precision. It is one of the popular formal trousers brands in India. Every formal trouser from this brand is skin-friendly. This means you will stay comfortable in these trousers the whole day long.

Whatever the occasion is, you can surely opt for the Blackberrys trousers. They have a massive range of formal trousers to suit any personality. They are available in various patterns, colors, and sizes. So you don’t need to worry about the color combination. These trousers perfectly go with any formal shirt.


Price Range :Rs.794 onwards
Sizes :30 to 48 cm
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Cotton, Rayon, Synthetic, Wool
Special features :Skin-friendly, Affordable, Vibrant colors

4. Arrow

Arrow is also a popular brand of menswear in India. The formal trousers from Arrow have become one of the latest choices of many youngsters as well as office people. Not only it’s quality but also its affordable prices make the brand stand out as the leading brand of formal trousers in India.

All their trousers are very comfortable to wear. So you can stay comfortable the whole day long, whether it is summer or winter. The poly-viscose fabric makes it a good-to-go choice for any season.

The formal trousers from this brand are inspired by American styling. They are tailored with an elegant cut and impeccable finish. The brand provides a wide range of trousers with fabulous colors and patterns to choose from.

Price Range : Rs. 999 Onwards
Sizes :28 to 42 cm
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Viscose, Polyester
Special features :American style, Latest Fashion

5. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton is a renowned clothing brand. It is popular for its Italian-style formal trousers. Here you can get all the trendy formal wear at affordable prices. With an authentic touch, the formal trousers give a gentleman’s look for any formal event. It has always caught the eyes of people by delivering vibrant colors, knitwear expertise, and social commitment.

This brand serves you the best by providing various types of fittings such as regular, slim, and skinny fits. So whatever the occasion is, you can fit yourself in a classic outfit to flaunt your styles. Also, all their products are available online at budget-friendly prices to ensure that you won’t have to face any hassle.


Price Range :Rs.2,337 onwards
Sizes :34 to 40 cm
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Cotton, Synthetic
Special features :Italian styles, Expert tailoring

6. Peter England

Peter England is well-known for its authenticity. It has become the most trusted international brand that provides great styles for Indian men. It tailors a wide variety of formal and casual menswear segments.

From basic menswear to classic party wear, Peter England has it all to fulfill your requirements.
If you wish to get a sharp dressing, then the well-cut trousers from Peter England are a mainstay. Be it an interview, party, wedding or a formal lunch, you can get every style of formal trousers from Peter England.

Peter England is the first brand to introduce ready-to-wear men’s formals. Not to worry about the price. Being a luxury clothing brand, Peter England tries to fit every budget and thus provides various products at affordable prices.


Price Range :Rs. 999 Onwards
Sizes :28 to 42 cm
Fitting types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Viscose, Polyester, Cotton
Special features :Authentic ready-to-wear, Budget-friendly

7. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is a brand of menswear that specializes in fulfilling the fashion requirements of the youth. Famous for its polos and formal shirts, Allen Solly has also gained great popularity for its formal trousers. all their trousers are made only using cotton fabric. They have a long-lasting richness and vibrant colors.

Also, they have a great comfort level, and thus you can wear them to work the whole day long, without any inconvenience. Along with the men’s trousers, Allen Solly has also introduced women’s formal wear and created a great work fashion platform for women.

If you don’t want to compromise on quality, but still want formal trousers at a budget-friendly price, then no doubt, Allen Solly is the best choice for you.


Price Range : Rs. 999 onwards
Sizes :28 to 42 cm
Fitting types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Cotton
Special features :Durable, Comfortable feel, Vibrant colors

8. Park Avenue

One of the most loved Indian brands of formal trousers is Park Avenue. It has been popular since the 90s and serves the best for all types of formal occasions. The special feature of this brand is that it manufactures wrinkle-proof trousers that make it easy for you to flaunt your styles whenever you wish to.

Park Avenue creates a major variety of formal trousers using the fabrics such as linen, wool, and cotton. The astonishing designs by this brand make you look great for any occasion such as a party, meeting, office, etc.

Proper clothing itself is the best grooming regime. Branded trousers will not only complete the sharp dressing but also give you the confidence to shine among others. So, whenever you are shopping for formal wear, consider Park Avenue as your first choice in the ready-to-wear segment.


Price Range :Rs. 900 onwards
Sizes :28 to 42
Fitting Types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Wool, Cotton, Linen
Special features :Wrinkle-proof, astonishing finish, classic look

9. John Miller

John Miller is also one of the trending formal trousers brands available in India. Whenever you want to look confident and classy among others, you can simply put on these formal trousers along with a shirt.

All their masterpieces are curated finely with expertise. Thus, they are the perfect pair for any dynamic corporate professional. All these high-quality trousers are made up of comfortable fabrics such as poly viscose, stretch, and cotton. So without these trousers in your wardrobe, you can’t complete your look!

Not only the style but also the fabric and the fine stitch make these formals super-comfy wear for any man. Whether you have a meeting lined up, or a dinner date, do not forget to add these formals to your dressing and get a gentlemanly look.


Price Range :Rs. 599 onwards
Sizes :28 to 42 cm
Fitting types :Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit
Fabric :Viscose, Polyester, Strech, Cotton
Special features :Comfortable fabric, Elegant cut, Precise stitch

10. Jack and Jones

If you are a fashion freak looking out for the latest trends in formal wear, then Jack and Jones will surely please you with all the latest fashion. Wearing the same old-styled formal trousers can be boring.

Jack & Jones is a leading brand among the menswear companies in Europe. If you are fond of western styles, then indeed, Jack and Jones have all that you desire. It understands the need for formal wear trousers but also considers the latest trends while creating its designs. Thus, it has also become trend-inspired apparel for modern men.

The trousers from Jack and Jones are made up of comfortable fabric, which makes it easy to stay in the whole day long. Also, these trousers come in an affordable price range.


Price Range :Rs.1,399 onwards
Sizes :30 to 50 cm
Fitting Types :Regular fit, Slim fit
Fabric :Cotton, Rayon
Special features :Latest styles, Comfortable fabric

So this was our list of the top 10 best formal trouser brands in India. You can find all these brands online at Amazon, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England, and other online shopping sites, where you can grab your favorite products without any hassle.

No need to rush out to the malls and stores for these brands. Just sit back on the couch and with a few clicks, bring the best formal trousers to your doorstep. Also, these shopping sites provide huge discounts in form of the discount coupons. So don’t worry about the budget and just keep shopping!


Formal trousers are required for many occasions when you need to get a classy and gentlemanly look. There are formal trousers for both men and women. Among the numerous brands of formal trousers, you need to choose the one that fits your requirements and gives you an astonishing professional look.

So here we listed the top 10 formal trouser brands. If it is to rank our top picks, we would like to rank #1. Raymond, #2.Park Avenue, #3.Allen Solly.

We hope this blog was useful for you. If yes, then write it in the comments. Also, share the blog with those whom you want to acknowledge about the latest trends and styles in clothing. Do not forget to tell us about your experience with these brands. thanks for reading!

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