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Farewells are an emotional time for everyone, whether it’s bidding goodbye to a colleague, a friend, a loved one, or any phase of life. Music has always been a medium to express emotions and farewell songs hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

In Hindi cinema, Bollywood farewell songs have been an integral part of many movies, evoking a sense of nostalgia and leaving a lasting impact on the audience. From heart-wrenching melodies to peppy beats, Bollywood has given us a plethora of the best farewell songs that perfectly capture the feeling of saying goodbye.

Whether you are looking for the best farewell songs for students or retirement songs in Hindi. Here you can find the list of the best farewell songs in Hindi cinema that have left a lasting impression on the audience.

So, get ready to embark on a musical journey filled with emotions, memories, and heartwarming melodies.

Types of farewell:

The type of farewell party depends on the reason why the person or people are leaving. Based on the reason, there are generally 5 types of farewell.

#1. School/College Students moving for further education/job: It is the first stage in life when we experience farewell. The school or the institution arrange farewells for the students who have passed their college years and are leaving the institution for further studies. It is generally arranged by the teachers or the juniors.

#2. Transfer in Job: Many people switch their job or get transferred to another branch of the company. Leaving behind colleagues and the work environment is also a great task for them. So the employees or the colleagues may plan a farewell for wishing good luck for their future job.

#3. Retirement: Retirement is the day when you get free of the job for the rest of your life. So the farewell for the retirement program is the celebration of the success achieved by the career and to celebrate the joy of relaxing further without any job stress or worry. It is an award for the special contribution and work you did for the organization.

Most Popular Farewell Songs From Hindi Movies:

Here we have compiled a list of the best farewell songs in Hindi, that have been evergreen Bollywood songs for many decades. we have tried to collect all the trendy and popular songs for the farewell function. You can sing the songs, or use them for dancing. So let’s get started with the list!

1. Papa Kehte Hai Bada Naam Karega


This song is one of the best farewell songs in Bollywood. It is from the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak which won many Filmfare awards. The film is picturized by Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla. The song is beautifully sung by Udit Narayan and has become a trendsetter for farewell parties. The song describes the situation of the teenagers and is a good way to convey the thought to others present for the farewell. Not only you can sing this song, but also can perform a small act or dance to the track.

Movie :Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
Singer :Udit Narayan
Lyrics :Majrooh Sultanpuri
Music :Anand-Milind
Year :1988
Star Casts :Aamir Khan, Juhi Chawla.
Music Label :T-series
Duration :6 min 7 sec

2. Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana


‘Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana’…The signature line says it all! This song from the movie Andaz has the legendary voice of Kishor Kumar. It is very meaningful and perfectly suits any type of farewell event. It is one of the most famous retro Hindi motivational songs, as it motivates you to stay positive always. Enjoy life and don’t take much stress about the future, as you don’t know what will happen yesterday. So live your life to the fullest today, every day. Thus, this song can be good advice to your juniors, or your friends.

Movie :Andaz
Singer : Kishore Kumar
Lyrics :Hasrat Jaipuri
Music :Shankar-Jaikishan
Year :1971
Star Casts :Hema Malini, Rajesh Khanna
Genre :Motivational
Duration :4 min 10 sec

3. Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet Yaad Rakhna


Any farewell is really incomplete without this melody from the movie Chalte Chalte. The lyrics are so meaningfully written by Amit Khanna, which makes it the perfect farewell song for office colleagues or friends that are going to shift miles away. The song is meant to say that wherever you go in life, the people you leave behind will again meet you someday. So never say goodbye from the heart. Keep the person in your good memories, till you reach the end of life. No doubt, it is the best farewell song for any occasion and for any person.

Movie:Chalte Chalte
Singer:Kishore Kumar
Lyrics:Amit Khanna
Music:Bappi Lahiri
Year :1976
Star Casts :Vishal Anand, Simi Garewal, Nazneen, Shreeram Lagoo
Duration :4 min 51 sec

4. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna


When we listen to the words ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna‘ from Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik, the heart reaches a different level of emotions. This song is on the lips of every teenager that is born in the 20th century. It was released in the film Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna in the year 2006. The song is melodiously composed of the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, and the lyrics are written by Javed Akhtar. The heart-touching lyrics of this song, make it a perfect farewell song for colleagues or friends.

Movie :Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna
Singer :Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik
Lyrics :Javed Akhtar
Music :Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Year :2006
Star Casts :Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Preity Zinta, Abhishek Bacchan, Amitabh Bacchan
Music Label :Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Duration :6 min 43 sec

5. Naam Goom Jayega


Meri awaaj hi pehchaan hai agar yaad rahe“..the words bring goosebumps to almost every Indian who loves the evergreen songs of Gulzar. This song is from the legendary and evergreen collections of Lata Mangeshkar. It is beautifully written by Gular and composed by R D Burman. If you wish to express your feelings to your colleagues or juniors at your retirement program, then this song gives the perfect feel, saying that the name will disappear, the person will disappear, but good deeds will always remain in everyone’s mind.

Singer:Lata Mangeshkar and Bhupinder Singh
Music:R D Burman
Year :1977
Star Casts :Jeetendra, Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Shreeram Lagoo, Keshto Mukherjee, Om Shivpuri
Duration :5 min 11 sec

6. Taare Zameen Par


The title track of the movie Taare Zameen Par is one of the common songs in every school or college’s farewell. This song is from an evergreen movie starring Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary. It is one of the biggest emotional songs that students may sing to express their love for their respected teachers. If you wish to sing a farewell song for teachers, then this song suits the best.

Movie:Taare Zameen Par
Singer:Shankar Mahadevan, Bugs Bhargav, Vivinenne Pocha
Lyrics:Prasoon Joshi
Music:Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca
Year :2007
Star Casts :Aamir Khan, Darsheel Safary, Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma
Music Label :T-series
Duration :7 min 29 sec

7. Yaaron Ji Bhar Ke Jeelo Pal


This song from the movie New York is purely dedicated to the friends that have accompanied you in your journey. It is being passionate about the things which make you happy. It gives a positive vibe to your friends by telling them the importance of living now, without stressing out about the future. This song is one of the most trendy farewell songs for friends in Hindi. The voice of this song is of the most melodious singer KK, who has won the minds of millions of people.

Movie:New York
Lyrics:Sandeep Shrivastava
Year :2009
Star Casts :John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Neil Nitin Mukesh
Music Label :YRF Music
Duration :6 min 56 sec

8. Yaadein Yaad Aati Hai 


The special thing about choosing this song is that it has both male and female versions. So whether you are a girl or a boy, you can easily express your feelings through this song. This song comes from the master collection of musical compositions by Anu Malik. The male version is sung by Hariharan, and the female version is precisely fused by Sunidhi Chauhan and Mahalaxmi Iyer. The song instantly takes you down the memory lane of those good memories.

Singer:Sunidhi Chauhan, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Hariharan
Lyrics:Anand Bakshi
Music:Anu Malik
Year :2001
Star Casts :Jackie Shroff, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor
Music label :Tips
Duration :4 min 58 sec

9. Zindagi Ke Safar Mein


Are you looking for farewell songs for your seniors in Hindi? Then the composition ‘Zindagi ke safar mein‘ will be the best choice. It is a masterwork of the 3 legends, namely Kishor Kumar, R D Burman, and Anand Bakshi. This song is from the movie Aap ki Kasam released in the year 1974. Though it is a song of long duration, it covers the complete meaning of life. So it is not only a motivational and inspiring song, but it also conveys your feelings or your personality to others. Thus, it is used for singing at any type of farewell function, especially at the office and at retirement.

Movie:Aap ki kasam
Singer:Kishor Kumar
Lyrics:Anand Bakshi
Music:R D Burman
Year :1974
Star Casts :Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz, Sanjeev Kumar, Ranjeet
Music Label :Saregama
Duration :6 min 39 sec

10. Swag se swaagat


For teenagers, farewell is more fun. as they are going to enter a new life, and new friend circle. These parties may accompany dance performances. For that, they will need the perfect party songs for farewell. So if you are in search of such ideas, then there are many latest Bollywood songs for the farewell party. One of which is the “Swag se karenge sabka swaagat”. This song is from the movie Tiger Zinda Hai, which is picturized by Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. So for modern farewell events, this song suits the best.

Movie:Tiger Zinda Hai
Singer:Neha Bhasin, Vishal Dadlani
Lyrics:Irshad Kamil
Year :2017
Star casts :Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
Music label :YRF Music
Duration :3 min 53 sec

So these were the best farewell songs in Hindi for any occasion. So whenever you have been invited for a farewell, do remember these top Bollywood songs.

We hope you like the article. If yes, then be sure to write in the comments. Also, don’t forget to comment down your favorite farewell songs list. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for further more interesting topics!

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