Being an amazing online animation tool, Vyond continuously tries to serve you with better features, content. To make you more productive at video production and create videos on current trends in the market, Vyond updates its studio library and provides meaningful content templates. Here CouponMoto brings all recent updates to Vyond Software. This helps you to understand Vyond usability and its importance in an online video animation.

[Vyond Studio Update ] Align and Distribute:


(18 March 2021) This update makes you more productive as you can now easily align props and characters with perfect spacing inside Vyond studio. So the outcome of Vyond animation studio is surprising for all your users.

[Vyond Studio Update ] Motion Path to Match Scene Durations:-


(18 March 2021) This Vyond product update is definitely going to love you. Here you can actually set delay or duration to motion path as per your scene. this is a pure value pack for the Vyond video creator. Now Vyond users can easily Customize ‘Motion Path’ presenting duration instead of ‘AutoFit’.

[Content Update] Vyond Templates for Healthcare and Pharma Business.

(18 March 2021) Now the entire world is suffering from, corona pandemic, and creating healthcare and pharma-related content is a need of the hour. Now Vyond updated studio library with massive content which will help you to create amazing videos

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • 9templates
  • 7 backgrounds
  • 141 props
  • 40 actions for Adults
  • 2 actions for Kids
  • Character Creator items for Adults and Kids, including 1 Upper, 1 Lower, 1 Foot, 1 Hair, 1 Accessory
  • 4 stock characters

[Product Update] Making Color Gradient:


(25 Feb 2021) If you are a content creator, you only know making color gradients can dramatically change the video’s look.  Yes, people are loving eye-catching creatives with Gradient color fills. Now Vyond makes this easier for you to create awesome designs with gradient color. here is a step-by-step guide for making a smooth color gradient.

[Product Update] Small Animations For Big Impact :

(25 Feb 2021) Vyond tries to change the way of communication through small animations (GIF). yes, we all know that GIF conveys the right message along with emotions behind the message. GIF adds more fun and excitement to communication and here at Vyond, you can easily create such animation in a matter of minutes.

These are a major few product release updates for Vyond. and all product updates making Vyond fabulous and enhance software productivity day by day.