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When it comes to fashion, having the perfect outfit is not enough. You need to carry suitable accessories too! So if you are in search of any sling bag or crossbody bag, then this article is for you. Invest a few minutes to read this blog and get detailed information about the most popular crossbody bags that are suitable for every style.

Are you having a fast-moving lifestyle? The modern busy lifestyle has made it very essential for us to upgrade ourselves to get convenience in every way. The same thing goes for the bags that you need to carry your essentials in. Every bag has a specific purpose, and according to the occasion or the place, you need to choose the bag that is enough to carry the required essentials.

Who doesn’t like to go hands-free while traveling or at parties? But it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on carrying your belongings. Without carrying the essential accessories, it can be a bit difficult for you to go through the day. So, avoiding the bags is next to impossible. But yes, you can find an alternative for this.

The crossbody bags thus came into existence, to give you the desired comfort. You can put the bulky items in these bags and get started for the day wearing them crossways. It is also more comfortable than the sling bag, as it does not become an obstacle while walking or traveling. Whenever necessary, you can just pull the bag in front and have easy access to your essentials.

So if are planning to buy one, do check out this list of the top 10 most popular crossbody bags in India for every style. Here we have compiled a list of the best and the most reviewed crossbody bags, that most women found to be the best for every style. So let’s get started!

1. Lavie Crossbody Bag

Lavie is one of the most popular luxury brands in India. It is most loved by women for its supreme quality bags. It also has a great collection of crossbody bags and sling bags. This sling bag by Lavie is trendy these days. It is made using a water-resistant material, which ensures the safety of your accessories. Also, it does not allow any stain or dust accumulation. Thus, it is also very easy to clean. It has an adjustable and broad crossbody strap that is comfortable to wear.

Also, it has two easy-access utility pockets for keeping your mobile phone, keys, or other essentials. This is a multi-functional sling bag, which can be used for outdoor travels, college, office, business, and casual use. It can be used as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag, the way you like to wear it for different occasions. It is designed in such a way as to fit all your daily requirements of a compact sling bag.


Price: Rs.2,699

2. Caprese Crossbody Sling bag

Do you need to travel frequently carrying a few essentials with you? Then Caprese is a must-have for your wardrobe. Whether you are a college-going student or a working woman, this elegant bag will give you a stylish look, along with the comfort to organize all your essentials. This bag is perfect for daily use, as well as parties, meetings, offices, etc.

This sling bag is made up of faux leather. It has adjustable straps, that make you wear this bag as a crossbody bag, as well as a shoulder bag. It is very lightweight and compact. This bag goes well with any type of outfit, so you don’t need to worry about your style. If you don’t like to take that backpacks when unnecessary, then you can go for this casual sling bag from Caprese, which accommodates all your essentials.


Price: Rs.1,279

3. Baggit Women’s Sling Bag

Baggit is a well-known brand for its dedication to quality. It offers a wide range of tote, hobo, sling, and clutch bags. But the most selling among these are the crossbody sling bags. It has a long adjustable strap, that makes it easy for you to carry the bag according to you your preference. This bag is one of the most loved and popular crossbody bags.

This sling bag has a grainy textured outer body and an asymmetrical metallic outer zipper. It has one main compartment, which has ample space to hold all your essentials. It is stylish and comfortable as well. This bag is perfect for any occasion, such as parties, day outs, meetings, or even the regular office. So if you are the one who likes a spacious crossbody bag, then Baggit will be the best t choice for you.


Price: Rs.1,043

4. Hidesign Women’s Sling Bag

Who doesn’t like to wear luxury? But it is always a matter of the budget. So, if you are looking for a classy crossbody bag, that depicts your style, but comes at an affordable price, then Hidesign has the perfect fit for you. They manufacture a wide array of formal work bags and totes, stylish day bags, casual sling bags, and elegant evening bags. Whether it is formal, casual, or festive wear, you can carry this bag with any outfit.

This crossbody sling bag from Hidesign is beautifully crafted in vegetable-tanned leather. It has a zip closure and adjustable straps. This makes it easy for you to carry the bag while traveling. If you are in search of a small sling bag that can hold your phone and a few essentials, then this bag is a good-to-go choice.


Price: Rs.2,638

5. The House of Tara Crossbody Sling Side Purse

When it comes to ethnic fashion, many women prefer Indian styles over western ones. On many occasions, when you choose ethnic apparel, you need to carry the same style of sling bag. The market is flooded with a variety of sling bags which can’t go well with some traditional outfits. This is where the House of Tara took its roots in India. The company aim in using fresh design elements and raw materials to manufacture attractive and vastly different sling bags.

These bags are much more unique than the existing easily available crossbody bags. This crossbody sling bag from The House Of Tara is made up of jute. The embellishment of laces, metal beads, leather fringes, and glass beads gives this bag an ethnic look. The main compartment of this bag is spacious and has a zip closure. The inner lining is made up of art silk fabric. It has a braided strap that gives this bag a unique look.


Price: Rs.999

6. Peperone Sling Bag

Peperone is a brand that focuses on the hidden spicy part of your personality. The brand offers a wide range of bags which include satchels, top handle bags, totes, sling bags, and crossbody bags. Especially, the crossbody bags have unique designs and enough space for storing your daily outing essentials.

The Peperone sling bag is a blend of durable fabric and faux leather. It is one of the most popular crossbody bags in India. This bag has a decent but fashionable design. It has an outer flap closure, and inside zip-closure, which ensures extra safety. It has an adjustable strap, that makes it easy for you to convert the style of the bag. According to the occasion, you can switch the style from shoulder bag to crossbody bag and vice versa.


Price: Rs.1,179

7. KLEIO Crossbody Bag

When it comes to the shopping for best quality handbags and sling bags, Kleio is the most preferred brand. It has come up with a wide variety of sling bags and handbags. The Kleio crossbody bag is crafted with premium PU and polyester. It has plenty of space to store all the essentials required for your daily work. It has a durable exterior, that keeps your accessories protected.

This quilted traveling crossbody sling bag from KLEIO is suitable for women and girls who want to show off their classy styles. You can carry this sling bag for college, shopping, working, traveling, vacation, lunches, parties, movies, and many other occasions when you need to carry a purse to keep all your essentials.


Price: Rs.1,169

8. Fossil Crossbody Bag

Many women are fond of wearing luxury bags that go with their apparel. Fossil is a leading brand in watches and handbags. It is one of the best crossbody bag brands in India. You can carry Fossil crossbody bags for any occasion, be it casual or formal meetings, travel, lunch date, or any other occasion.

Fossil has brought the women’s piper toaster crossbody bag, which has a unique design. This bag is It has two main compartments with zip closure. This bag is sober in look but has all the classy features you require. So whenever you carry this bag, you will always shine and flaunt your styles. This bag goes well with any outfit. It is suitable for teenagers as well as adults.


Price: Rs.8,295

9. Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

Carrying a crossbody bag will never go out of style with Michael Kors. It is one of the leading brands of bags for women. Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Large East/West Camera Crossbody bag is the first choice of modern women when it comes to luxury shopping for your accessories. It has a clean and compact style for your posh ensemble.

This bag is made up of leather. It comes with detachable and adjustable crossbody straps, which make it easy for you to carry the bag as a shoulder sling bag or a crossbody bag, according to the situation and occasion. It has a zip closure with an exterior back slip pocket. The bag has six credit card slots in the internal compartment. All the exclusive features of this bag and the brand makes it worth spending money on.


Price: Rs.11,939

10. MINISO Crossbody Bag

MINISO is a brand that has gained popularity among both men and women. It creates genuine products, considering the needs of modern women. The brand has brought a wide array of women’s sling bags and handbags. Miniso women’s fashionable rhomboid crossbody bag is made up of high-quality material. It is good to wear and carry on any occasion. You can even use this bag for the daily office, shopping, traveling, or for vacations.

Although lightweight, the bag has enough space to hold all your essentials. The bag is made up of synthetic PU material. The design is decent, simple, and generous, but still fashionable. Also, this bag can be a good gifting item for any of your sisters, wife, girlfriend, or daughter. Its high-end and upscale style makes the bag perfect for any date or party.


Price: Rs.700

So this was the list of our top 10 best and most popular crossbody bags for every style. Before buying any random bag, know about its features and choose the one that fits your needs as well as your budget. We aimed to acknowledge you with the best brands, and the most popular crossbody bags of that brands. You can shop for these bags at trusted online sites like Amazon, Chumbak, Jaypore, Fossil, Ajio, etc. Here you can even get the products at affordable prices by using the discount coupons.

We hope you like this blog. If yes, then tell us in the comments section. Also, if you know about any other brand that has pleased you with its crossbody bag, then let us know in the comments. Stay tuned with us for more interesting and informative topics. Thanks for sticking with us till the end!

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