What is the main motto of having a wall clock in the home? Along with telling us the current time, the wall clock has now become a home decor product. If you are searching for one of those best wall clocks for your house, here in this article we are focussing on the top wall clock brands available in India.

In the market, you can find a perfect match for your budget and choice. But not every time you can get what is your choice if you stick on your budget.

These popular wall clock brands in India try to fulfill your every requirement. And they offer the best wall clocks for every room of your house and the best collection of the wall clocks for your office.

Whether you are looking wall clocks for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, study room, kid’s room, etc., you can always find the best option here suitable to the size of the room.

Let’s check first what are the best wall clocks brand in India.

List of Best Wall Clock Brands in India

  1. Ajanta
  2. Titan
  3. Casio
  4. Opal
  5. Seiko
  6. Random
  7. Chumbak
  8. Rang Rage
  9. Solimo
  10. B SQUARE

Things To Be Considered While Choosing the Best Wall Clock Brand in India

1. Types of Wall Clocks

There are different wall clocks available as per the mechanism and the functions of the clock. They are Digital clock, Analog clock, Binary clock, Atomic clock, etc. From these, you can use the best wall clock type for your home.

2. Clock Size

The second important thing you should think about is the wall clock size you need! Wall clocks are available in small, medium and large sizes. You can select according to your room sizes.

3. Design

Check for the design, color, and shape you want for a wall clock. Choose from a large variety of colors and designs whichever you like.

4. Display Type

There are two main display types of the clock: Analog & Digital. Among which Analog is the most preferred type when it comes to buying a wall clock.

5. Ticking or Silent

When you shop for a traditional analog wall clock, a thing you must consider is the noise you can tolerate. Either you can buy a clock with a ticking sound or non-ticking one. Not everyone finds the sound irritating, but for the places where you need silence such as bedroom, non-ticking one is ideal.

6. Extra Features

Wall clocks come with many attractive features. Alarm, LED Light, Pendulum, Stop Watch, Timer are some of them.

So, before selecting a branded wall clock for home, you must go through all these things to get the best watch that will add an attractive look to your home wall.

Top 10 Wall Clock Brands in India

Check out the leading wall clock brands in India that offer simple, designer and fancy collection of wall clocks for the living room, bedroom, and office.

1. Ajanta


Ajanta is the most popular wall clock brand in India. It is the biggest wall clock manufacturer in the world.

The company brings a diverse range of wall clocks for home and office. From a large wall clock for your living room to the small alarm clock for bedroom, it has everything.

Select from the number shapes and patterns and decor your home.

Check Ajanta Wall Clock Collection Here

2. Titan


Titan is another popular name is the clock industry. Although it is known for the Titan Wrist watches, the brand delivers the ultimate range of wall clocks in India.

Titan offers different types of wall clocks. Cotemporary, slim, metallic and wooden are the most preferred types of Titan clocks. If you are looking for the wall clocks with a finishing look, you must go with Titan.

Check Titan Wall Clock Collection Here

3. Casio


Casio is one of the famous brand names in India to buy watches. Also, their wall clock collection is difficult to ignore.

The brand comes with classic to stylish designs in wall clocks that will surely steal your attention.

Apart from analog wall clocks they have a good range of digital wall clocks that you can place in your home or office.

Check Casio Wall Clock Collection Here

4. Opal


Opal offers both simple and fancy designs for wall clocks. If you are looking to give the sophisticated look to your room, get a suitable wall clock from Opal. Also, there bold and eye-catching designs in wall clocks give the unique wall clocks from the living room to the kid’s room.

From colors to patterns, Opal clocks are best in all ways. It adds an attractive look to your room and values your money.

Check Opal Wall Clock Collection Here

5. Seiko


Sometimes you search for the simplest wall clocks for your fancy interior or antique piece for your home decor. A Seiko wall clock is the best choice for you.

Seiko brings various designs, colors, shapes in wall clocks in India. It fulfills all requirements of yours from simple, bold, fancy to a grandfather clock. So go online and browse the latest range of Seiko wall clocks in India.

Check Seiko Wall Clock Collection Here

6. Random


Random is the next popular wall clock brand in India. It works on providing innovative and attractive designs in clocks. The brand is very famous for the lowest prices. This is the best and cheapest wall clock brand in India.

One who is looking for the modern patterns of home decor products for house or office, Random gives you the best solution.

Check Random Wall Clock Collection Here

7. Chumbak


Your home decor speaks more about you. Chumbak is the stylish wall clock brand in India. The clock designs it provides are absolutely fresh and add a beautiful look to the room.

Shop designer wall clocks from Chumbak at affordable prices. It is made using vibrant colors and the clock gives good vibes to the interior.

Check Chumbak Wall Clock Collection Here

8. Rang Rage


If you are wishing to buy handcrafted designer wall clocks in India, Rang Rage is the brand for you. It has the vintage wall clocks collection that will enhance the beauty of the house.

Rang Rage wall clocks are available in various shapes and materials used. The wall clocks impress you with their simplicity & detailed designs.

Check Rang Rage Wall Clock Collection Here

9. Solimo


Solimo is one of the top wall clock brands present in India. It always brings the classy designs.

Solimo wall clocks add a little quirk to your home decor with classic designs. They are simplest yet attractive in designs.

Check Solimo Wall Clock Collection Here



Say no to plastic wall clocks. B Square is the premium wall clocks brand in India that offers designer wood clocks.

B Square wall clocks are just amazing and make the best collection in ethnic choices. Branded wall clocks by B Square makes the interior more attractive.

Check B Square Wall Clock Collection Here


As we have discussed earlier, wall clocks are very important in day to day life. It encourages us to value the time and to add sharpness to work.

In this article, we have listed down the top 10 best wall clock brands in India. There are more branded wall clocks available in India. But we have picked the top-selling ones.

All of these wall clocks are present on Amazon, Flipkart or Pepperfry. You can buy branded wall clocks online on these popular shopping sites in India at reasonable rates.

We hope you are happy with this Best Wall Clocks Brands in India article. If you are using any other brand’s wall clock and you are liking it, do share it with us in comments.