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Are you someone who can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning? Do you often find yourself on the go and in need of a reliable travel mug to keep your coffee hot and spill-free? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the best travel coffee mugs in India. As a traveler or working professional, choosing the right coffee mug can make all the difference in enjoying your coffee while on the go. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of travel mugs!

Please The Taste Buds With Your Favorite Coffee On-The-Go!

A cup of coffee is a must-have for coffee lovers, to keep themselves hydrated and energetic throughout the day. If you are having a fast-running lifestyle, then you may miss your sip of coffee in the morning. Many times you are in a rush for the office or college, and thus not able to do the breakfast or even have the coffee. But then, the whole day you may lack the freshness and energy to do your work.

To keep yourself refreshed and free of stress, you need to get a kick of rich aromatic sizzling coffee. Also, when you are out for a travel or a picnic, you may crave your favorite coffee. So you can carry your homebrewed coffee in the travel coffee mugs wherever you go. But how to choose the best coffee mug? Worry not! Here we have brought to you a list of the best travel coffee mugs in India along with a complete buying guide.

Things To Consider While Buying A Travel Coffee Mug:

An insulated travel coffee mug allows you to carry the coffee anytime anywhere. But you need to consider many aspects before buying a random coffee mug. Here are a few characteristics that you must take into consideration.

  1. Spill-proof: As the coffee mug will be used while traveling, it should have a leak-proof lid. Also, the mug must be spill-proof while enjoying the coffee, and to ensure easy cleaning.
  2. Durability: The mug should be cost-effective and durable, as it will be inconvenient to buy it frequently.
  3. Material: The material used in the manufacturing of the coffee mug matters a lot. If it is made up of low quality, then it can change the taste of the coffee or may give a foul odor.
  4. Capacity: The mug should hold your desired amount of coffee. If you want more than one serving, then you should choose a bigger coffee mug.
  5. Maintaining temperature: Search for the capacity of the mug to keep the beverage hot or cold for the desired number of hours. It should be vacuum insulated to keep the coffee hot for long hours.
  6. Design: The mug should have an ergonomic design to give you ease while carrying and using it.

Along with the coffee mugs, you need to ensure the quality of the coffee as well as the instant coffee makers. To get a perfect brew of coffee, buy a coffee maker that gives instant brew while preserving the richness and aroma of the coffee. Also, you must choose a coffee powder from the best coffee brands in India, to get a delicious and aromatic taste every time.

Now let us move to the list of the best travel mugs in India. Keep on reading to know all the features of each brand.

1. Borosil Hydra Coffeemate Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug

Borosil is one of the leading borosilicate glassware brands in India. It has also stepped into the manufacturing of other types of kitchenware. The Borosil Vacuum Insulated Hydra Coffeemate Travel Mug is the most-reviewed coffee mug in India. It is made up of stainless steel and is thermally insulated to keep your coffee hot for a long time.

The capacity of this mug is 300 ml and comes with double-walled insulation with copper coating. It is spill-proof, has a leakproof lid, and is operated with a simple button. It is suitable for both hot and cold coffee, as it maintains the temperature of the hot drinks for up to 8 hours, and cold drinks for up to 14 hours. This coffee mug comes in black color and round shape, which suits every style of yours. This mug can be used for office, college, school, picnic, or wherever you want to carry it. You can even carry this cup in the car, as it fits many of the car cup holders.


Price: Rs.612

2. InstaCuppa French Press Travel Coffee Mug

If you are fond of French-style coffee, then you must try the InstaCuppa coffee mug. InstaCuppa French Press Travel Mug is made up of stainless steel and is a double-walled vacuum insulated. This thermos flask is suitable for hot as well as cold coffee. It has a capacity of 400 ml, which is enough for 2-3 servings at a time. The mug is slip-proof and has a flip-top sipper lid.

This mug is not just for storing coffee, but you can prepare your coffee in it. It is equipped with a single-arm press of French style. This allows you to brew instant coffee in a few minutes with just a single press. It is one of the best travel mugs for coffee, which is very lightweight and easy to carry. So with this mug, you can sip your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere. It is capable of maintaining the temperature of hot beverages for 6 hours and cold beverages for 12 hours.


Price: Rs.1,499

3. Baskety Reusable Coffee Cup

The coffee mug from Baskety is also one of my favorite travel coffee mugs. You can reuse it simply by washing it. So you don’t need to use plastic or paper cups on the go. This coffee cup also comes in the affordable range, as compared to the other coffee cups. This cup has a very unique design and gives you a cafe-like feel while enjoying the drink. It is made up of glass to ensure that the taste of the coffee doesn’t change even after a long time. These cups are available in various colors.

The mug is covered with a silicon lid, which makes this cup spill-proof and easy to clean. If you are in search of a sustainable coffee cup to enjoy your coffee during travel or whenever out somewhere, then you should prefer the Baskety Reusable Coffee Cup. It has a capacity of holding 350 ml of the drink. Also, it is safe for use in microwave and dishwasher.


Price: Rs.399

4. ZANIC Travel Mug

Many people need a travel coffee mug for regular use. Also, many people search for it at an affordable price. So if you wish to buy one, that is durable, yet affordable, then you should go for the Zanic Travel mug. It is an insulated coffee cup and can be reused regularly. It is made up of stainless steel and can be used for both hot and cold coffee. You can even use it for storing other drinks like water, tea, and juices.

This thermal mug has a non-slip protective cover and a leakproof lid. It is double wall vacuum insulated and keeps the coffee cold for 6 hours and hot for 4 hours. This coffee mug has a wide mouth, through which you can even add ice cubes to your cold beverages. Also, it has a simple yet elegant look and provides a perfect grip.


Price: Rs.599

5. NESCAFÉ É Smart Coffee Maker And Travel Mug

Are you looking for a coffee mug that is different from all the other brands? Then you should go for the Nescafé coffee mug cum coffee maker. The NESCAFÉ É Smart Coffee Maker is a perfect digital coffee maker, which you can carry anywhere for an instant brew. You can connect this coffee maker with Nescafé É Connected Mug App via Bluetooth. If you want to go completely digital in every way, then this coffee mug can be a part of your accessories!

This thermal insulator coffee mug has a capacity of 210 ml, which is perfect for a single serving. It is leakproof and is convenient to carry anywhere while traveling. It maintains the temperature of the coffee for a greater duration so that you can enjoy the coffee even after long hours of brewing. This mug is suitable for both hot and cold coffee. Whenever you get cravings for your booster coffee, this coffee mug gives the aromatic coffee in just 60 to 90 seconds.


Price: Rs.6,498

6. Wosta Travel Mug

Wosta Travel mug is famous for its classic design and multi-color products. It is not only best for its style, but it also provides the best quality insulated coffee mug. Wosta thermal mug is 100% leakproof and will not leak even if it is 360 degrees shaken or tilted. It has the capacity to keep the hold or cold beverages at the same temperature for up to 6 hours. It is one of the most loved products as its double vacuum stainless steel insulation ensures the temperature is maintained.

Travelers can carry a large capacity of 510ml, which is enough during the journey. This travel mug is the best way to carry coffee, tea, wine, juice, and beer anytime, anywhere. No doubt, anyone can use this sleek and stylish thermos coffee travel mug at work, school, travel, and more. Also, this good-looking and practical insulated travel mug can be a great gift for your family and friends.


Price: Rs.692

7. Vahdam Vitality Tea And Coffee Flask

Vahdam is a brand famous for its tea. But it also has started its journey in the field of travel mugs for tea and coffee. The Vahdam Vitality tea and coffee flask is made up of stainless steel and is in a tumbler shape. It has a capacity of 260 ml and has a BPA-free body. It has a reusable workout sipper. Also, it has a spill-proof lid that doesn’t let your coffee splash out to create a mess. This coffee flask is also sweat-proof to ensure that you get comfort while carrying it anywhere without any inconvenience.

This coffee flask is made with dual insulation technology that maintains the temperature of the beverages for a long time. The hot coffee stays hot for 2 hours in this flaBPA-free, and the cold one stays cold for up to 5 hours. The coffee flasks from Vahdam are available in various bright colors achieved with powder-coating. No doubt, all their products are of high quality and eco-friendly.


Price: Rs.699

8. Dravizon Vacuum Insulated Coffee Mug

The Coffee Mug from Dravizon is made up of stainless steel and has a capacity of 510 ml. It is a double-walled vacuum-insulated travel coffee mug. The small size of the coffee mug makes it convenient for you to keep it in your bags during travel. You can easily keep it in the car cup holder, as it is suitable for many types of cup holders in various cars. You can also carry it anywhere during travel or at the office, college, parks, etc.

It ensures zero spillage because of its leak-proof lid. This coffee cup is a reusable thermal cup for both hot and cold coffee, tea, milk, or water. It has a stylish matte finish and a comfortable grip. It has 3 drinking positions. You can directly drink from the sipper, suck from the straw, or open the lid to comfortably drink like the one from the coffee mugs at home.


Price: Rs.629

9. Primelife Plastic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug

Are you a fashion freak, and want the latest trends in every product? If yes, then you should include a lens-shaped coffee mug in your belongings. In the world of regular and classic designed coffee mugs, The lens-shaped coffee mug from Primelife will make you stand out from the box. You can even gift this coffee mug to a photographer, or anyone fond of using quirky things in their routine.

The Primelife lens-shaped coffee mug is made up of plastic and looks exactly like a camera zoom lens. It is well-insulated to keep stable the temperature of your coffee and keep it hot or cold for long hours. Not only for hot and cold coffee, but you can also use this mug for other drinks like tea, water, milk, juice, etc.


Price: Rs.239

10. Caspian Smarter Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Insulated Flask

If you are willing to carry homemade coffee while traveling, then the Caspian Smart vacuum-insulated flask is the solution for you. It is one of the most preferred products by coffee and tea lovers. It is made up of a rust-free material, that is stainless steel. This thermos tumbler can keep your drink hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. This coffee mug has an ergonomic design to suit your needs. It is made using tight leakproof technology.

Caspian is known for its great travel coffee cup model for home, office, outdoors, travelers, etc. It can easily fit into a car cap holder, which makes the traveler comfortable and fresh during his journey. This multipurpose flask is easy to carry tea, coffee, hot chocolates, shakes, and milk. The product is 100% safe and healthy.


Price: Rs.848

11. Milton Insulated Coffee Mug

The stylish Milton Thermosteel Insulated Coffee Mug is made to fit in the cupholder of most cars, so you can take your coffee with you. The leak-proof lid has a tight seal to keep drinks safe, and all you have to do is touch it to open or close it. And, of course, it keeps the heat or cold inside, so your drink stays at the perfect temperature for a truly satisfying experience.

This coffee mug is the perfect size to take with you on a trip or anywhere else. It is the best insulated coffee mug in India. This flask is made of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust and is strong, durable, and easy to use. The drinks still taste good and have the same amount of nutrients. This makes the flask a great choice for keeping drinks.


Price: Rs.706

12. Cello Monty Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug 

The Cello Monty vacuum-insulated travel mug has a copper layer on the inside that keeps drinks hot or cold for a long time. It also has double walls that are insulated with a vacuum. This double-walled, reusable travel mug is made of 304-grade stainless steel on the inside and outside. It won’t leak, won’t break, won’t rust, won’t smell, and is 100% food grade.

Unlike a tea or coffee mug that doesn’t have a lid, you can take this mug with your favorite cappuccino to your office or keep it on your work-from-home table. Your coffee will stay hot for a long time. You can also use it as part of your gym or yoga gear and bring it with you. It has a flip-top lid, which makes it easy to drink or sip from. This mug has a one-touch button and a lock system that make it easy to get to your drinks without spilling.


Price: Rs.899

Buy Travel Coffee Mugs Online

All these were the top 12 travel coffee mugs in India that are available online. You can find them at Amazon, Bigsmall, Tata Cliq, Myntra, IGP, and many such online shopping sites. The best part of buying these mugs online is that you get many discounts using the coupons.

So why rush out in this busy life, just to buy a coffee mug, that you can even more conveniently buy online? Just read about each feature of the product, see the reviews, and get one as your coffee mate!

Our Recommendation:

All the travel coffee mugs on this list are the best on their part. But what we like the most about them is that they are suitable for all, for every style, and for every occasion. Out of these 12, if it is to recommend the top 3, then we would like to rank them as:

#1. Borosil Hydra Coffeemate Travel Mug
#2. NESCAFÉ É Smart Coffee Maker And Travel Mug
#3. Primelife Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug

If you want a sustainable travel coffee mug with a lid for regular travel use, then you should prefer buying the coffee mug from Borosil. If you want a coffee-maker cum coffee cup, then Nescafe will be the better choice. For fashionistas, Primelife will be the best brand of a coffee mug, because of its trendy features.

We hope you find this information useful while buying a coffee mug for yourself, or while gifting it to someone. If you like this article, do not forget to tell us in the comments. Also, we would like to hear from you about your experience with any travel coffee mug. Thanks for reading!

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