Are you in search of trendy winterwear? If so, then the classic sweatshirts must be your choice. To help you get the best brands of sweatshirts, we have compiled here a list of the best sweatshirts for men in India. So read the complete article and get yourself the best piece of clothing.

Sweatshirts are a must-have whether you are a fan of athletic wear or if you just like wearing casual, sporty attire. The widespread acceptance of sweatshirts has established them as essential garments. When the weather outside is chilly, a sweatshirt is a stylish and functional choice for keeping warm.
They are ideal for lounging about in because of their cool aesthetic. Also, they are great since they can be worn in any climate.

What is better sweatshirt or a hoodie?

When it comes to choosing the best winterwear, many people have a query in their mind. What is better sweatshirt or a hoodie? Hoodies, in particular, are often constructed with the wearer’s comfort in mind, since they are intended to provide insulation and defense against the elements while also boasting a plush inside fabric. In most situations, sweatshirts are still warm and comfortable, but they have a tendency to be a little bit lighter in that regard. This is naturally restricted by the fact that they do not have a hood.

There was once a time when sweatshirts and hoodies weren’t considered essential pieces of clothing. Nowadays, sweatshirts serve several functions, from relaxing after a strenuous workout to keeping oneself toasty in cold weather. But choosing the best sweatshirts may be a tedious task. So we have listed here the top 10 best-quality sweatshirts to help you make informed decisions.

1. Alan Jones Clothing Men’s Cotton Hooded Neck Sweatshirt

Alan Jones is a brand that was established with the goal of providing the market with sweatshirts and hoodies that are of particularly high quality. It is a business that creates a variety of garments, ranging from magnificent dresses to fitting shirts and patterned pants, using only the greatest quality materials. The cotton-poly blend fabric that is used to make Alan Jones sweatshirts is of the best quality, which not only ensures that the sweatshirts will last for a long time but also makes them comfy and enjoyable to wear.

The major objective of the firm is to manufacture a one-of-a-kind item that is versatile enough to be worn by individuals from a wide range of demographics and backgrounds and that can quickly become an essential component of anyone’s wardrobe. The high-quality cotton blend fabric used in the construction of the men’s cotton hooded sweatshirt offered by Alan Jones Clothing ensures that the product will endure for a long time, keep the wearer warm, and be pleasant to wear.

You won’t have any trouble putting this sweatshirt on or taking it off since it has a zippered closure, which makes it one of the finest sweatshirts for men. You can zip it up and take it off without any hassle. The sweatshirt has two pockets on the sides, which are useful for storing small things and keeping your hands warm when the weather is chilly.



  • Price Range: Rs.599 to Rs.679
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, 5XL
  • Neck Type: Hooded Neck
  • Fabric: 65% Polyester; 35% Cotton

2. United Colors of Benetton Men Sweatshirt

United Colors of Benetton is not only one of the most well-known fashion companies in the world, but it is also present in the vast majority of the most vital markets all over the globe. The hoodie collection that is made available by the brand is one that not only stands out physically but also has an aura of casual coolness about it.

The UCB is famous for offering a wide variety of sweatshirts with daring patterns and color combinations to keep customers looking stylish and current. The extraordinary sense of style that United Colors of Benetton is known for is embedded in the brand’s sweatshirts. It is consistently regarded as one of the most successful sweatshirt brands sold in India.

The garment has hip, colorful, and trendy graphic designs that are composed of sixty percent cotton, which gives it an excellent appearance and feel. This Sweatshirt from United Colors of Benetton is made up of 100% cotton and comes in a regular-fit solid pattern. It features a full-sleeve design with a round neck and a straight hemline.



  • Price Range: Rs.2,798
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, 2XL
  • Neck Type: Round Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

3. Red Tape Men Sweatshirt

Red Tape’s uncompromising dedication to cutting-edge craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic has made the name synonymous with durable, high-quality products that look great for years to come. The clothing isn’t only crafted so that it may be worn; they have a specific purpose as well. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort for movement thanks to the tapered fit of the Red Tape Men’s sweatshirt.

Wear this cotton-and-polyester sweatshirt with your favorite pair of jeans and sneak any day and people will be amazed by your refined style. This chic garment is both basic and gorgeous, thanks to the combination of a crew neck and full-length sleeves. Wearing this cotton Red Tape crew neck sweatshirt, you will look as savvy as the company emblem placed on the front of your jacket does.

You will have a nice time all day long when you attend any event. Wear this high-quality Red Tape sweatshirt to flaunt your perfect manly image. Due to their dedication to their customers’ comfort, Red Tape sweatshirts have quickly become one of the top sellers in India. So stop hesitating and get the sweatshirt from Red Tape right now.



  • Price Range: Rs.719 to Rs.849
  • Sizes Available: M, XL, XXL
  • Neck Type: Round Neck
  • Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, Fleece, 260 Gsm

4. Campus Sutra Men’s Printed Sweatshirt

Campus Sutra has got you covered whether you’re looking for sweatshirts of any kind. They are excellent options for presentation at any event that warrants it. You will appear really lovely and timeless if you put on one of the sweatshirts sold by Campus Sutra. The brand has been operating since 2013, and it has recently gained a significant amount of traction, not just among young people but also among older people.

This brand presents a fashionable edit that will immediately take your style to the next level. Having a charming appearance and an endless amount of comfort, while also being carefully cultivated to be reliable and calming, every piece of clothing here is built to complement your sense of fashion to a tee. They have a large variety of options for you to choose from to keep you warm throughout the winter months.

The Campus Sutra sweatshirt is the ideal piece to add to any wardrobe since it is so versatile and can be worn almost everywhere. Whether you’re doing weights at the gym or lounging around the house, a Campus Sutra hoodie will help you look and feel your best no matter what you’re doing.



  • Price Range: Rs.699
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL
  • Neck Type: Hooded Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

5. Qube By Fort Collins Men’s Sweatshirt

Qube By Fort Collins has become synonymous with low-cost sophistication due to its insistence on using premium materials in all of its creations. The lifestyle brand Qube By Fort Collins pushes the envelope stylistically by combining the casual cool of Southern California with a touch of sophisticated understatement. They draw inspiration for their collections from a wide variety of sources, including travel and urban living, resulting in high-end offerings.

The designers at Qube in Fort Collins have created a line of comfortable and versatile sweatshirts that will have you looking great everywhere from a cocktail party to a day on the slopes. Each sweatshirt is made from durable and very plush 30 soft-ring spun cotton. It offers a close but not constricting fit, letting you appear sharp while maintaining freedom of movement. One of the many factors contributing to Qube By Fort Collins’s success is the superior craftsmanship and innovative style of their hand-sewn sweatshirts.

This chic and lightweight sweatshirt is perfect for your next trip. It is built to last and to look good doing it. You may be sure that the eco-friendly materials, with their eye-catching designs and brilliant hues, will survive for years to come. Each sweatshirt from Qube By Fort Collins has its own unique look and personality, making them a must-have for any wardrobe.



  • Price Range: Rs.569 to Rs.629
  • Sizes Available: M, L, XL, XXL
  • Neck Type: Hooded Neck
  • Fabric: 60% Cotton And 40% Polyester

6. Nike Men’s Cotton Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Nike is an American corporation that was established in 1964 and ever since then has been offering its clientele clothing that is both innovative and thought-provoking. When it comes to sweatshirts, Nike is consistently ranked as one of the greatest brands in India. It is generally acknowledged as a dominant brand in the athletic wear business, and among its product offerings are some of the sportiest hoodies and sweatshirts that can be found everywhere.

It enables individuals to lead lives that are both more active and autonomous. Because of their high-performance capabilities, long-lasting design, and trendy look, the garments from Nike are certain to become your first option when it comes to off-duty apparel.

The sweatshirts from Nike evolve into the traditional daily sweatshirts that are suitable for all-day play since they are soft and warm. In general, they have a considerably more robust appearance, and they include the Nike logo. Your hands will remain toasty and comfortable thanks to the sweatshirts allowing you to make the most of any cold evening.



  • Price Range: Rs.9,944 to Rs.13,922
  • Sizes Available: S, L, XL, XXL, XXL
  • Neck Type: Crew Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

7. Allen Solly Men’s Cotton Crew Neck Sweatshirt

The well-known lifestyle brand Allen Solly is noted for its selection of contemporary clothes that exude an aura of refinement. The brand Allen Solly places an emphasis on wearability, utility, and unpretentious elegance. The relaxed cut and opulently plush feel of Allen Solly’s sweatshirts have earned the brand a solid reputation among fashion enthusiasts.

A round neck sweater with a solid design is featured on the men’s cotton crew neck sweatshirt by Allen Solly. This chic hoodie has two pockets on the side, perfect for keeping your hands toasty when the weather is chilly. The fashionable cut of the sweatshirts makes it possible to wear either on their own or as a component of an outfit.

Therefore, not only are sweatshirts fantastic for keeping you warm, but they are also ideal to wear while participating in casual sports activities with your friends. They look beautiful no matter the weather, which is a significant advantage. This stylish sweatshirt, which comes in a variety of sizes and colors, is an important piece of clothing for the winter season. Include it in your collection of clothing, and for a smart-casual style, mix it with jeans.



  • Price Range: Rs.869 to Rs.974
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Neck Type: Crew Neck
  • Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester

8. The Souled Store Men Multicolored Printed Sweatshirts

Are you in search of the most trendy and funky sweatshirts? If you are a fashion freak, then you can’t resist buying sweatshirts from The Souled Store. The Souled Store is a homegrown brand that is based in India. It is a one-stop store where you can get official merchandise of all of your favorite superheroes, movies, television series, and cartoons.

The Souled Store is the only place where you can now purchase official DC Comics products. This sweatshirt is made of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%) by material composition. The majority of their sweatshirts have a variety of colors, and compared to other manufacturers’ offerings, these sweatshirts stand out for their unique appearance.

This pullover sweatshirt has a standard fit, a round collar, and full sleeves. The pull-on fastener on the sweatshirt complements the printed design of the sweater. The company guarantees that its t-shirts have razor-sharp prints that accentuate each and every detail by making use of solvents and colors of the finest grade and using equipment that is completely automated.



  • Price Range: Rs.1,269
  • Sizes Available: XS, S
  • Neck Type: Round Neck
  • Fabric: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

9. Puma Men’s Sweatshirt

Puma is another well-known international fashion brand that has established a strong presence in the Indian market. Rudolf Dassler was the one who initiated the creation of this trademark in the year 1948. Puma is the third biggest producer of sportswear in Germany. You should choose a sweatshirt from this company since it offers a complete selection of sweatshirts that are both highly functional and really comfy.

The classic sweatshirts from Puma are not only very popular but also work well for outdoor activities. The Puma logo, which is used on the company’s goods, demonstrates the high quality and sophistication of the brand. You may get sweatshirts in a wide variety of designs, including color block, reversible, solid shade, and many more options, all of which look great with jeans.

Puma has designed this men’s sweatshirt with a comfortable fit made from soft cotton fibers, as well as strong designs, metallic accents, and a dominant attitude. The ergonomic cutlines offer strong support & facilitate dynamic movement. In addition to that, it includes a traditional crew neck collar that gives it an edgy style.



  • Price Range: Rs.1,241
  • Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Neck Type: Round Neck
  • Fabric: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

10. Flying Machine Men’s Sweatshirt

The fact that Flying Machine is the leading maker of denim in India is something that the company takes great pleasure in. This firm has a young and trendy clothing line that it markets to the people of today in an effort to modernize the industry.

It is now the go-to sweatshirt brand for those who want to make a statement thanks to the company’s decision to give its range of sweatshirts a more rugged appearance. People’s attention is immediately drawn to the astonishingly cool prints and the visual typography. Their sweatshirts with round necklines are popular among male customers.

Wearing any of these great items will undoubtedly make a strong impact on others, regardless of the fashion direction that you choose to pursue. This sweatshirt from Flying Machine is made of 100% cotton. It has long sleeves with a round neck. No doubt, you are going to look fabulous after wearing this sweatshirt.



  • Price: Rs.859
  • Sizes Available: M
  • Neck Type: Round Neck
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

Best Way To Buy:

You can find many online shopping sites that offer various types of clothing for men. Some of the trusted and popular sites are Amazon, Souled Store, Myntra, Ajio, etc. These sites provide you with all the products at much lesser prices. You can grab regular discounts by shopping for your favorite products online.

The best part is that you can use coupon codes on every online purchase! These coupons help you to grab additional discounts on almost all the products and thus help you save more money.

Wrapping Up…

These were our efforts to let you know about the best sweatshirts for men in India. Winter has arrived, and so you should consider purchasing all the essential winter wear to keep yourself warm and cozy. Create your own one-of-a-kind look by shopping online for some of the greatest sweatshirts for men listed here.

We hope you like the blog and found it useful. If yes, then tell us in the comments! Thanks for reading till the end. Stay tuned for more interesting topics. Keep shopping and keep saving!

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