Whether you are a beginner or fashion designer, you always need the Best Sewing Machine. But finding the best sewing machines in the large market is not an easy task. If you are searching for the best sewing machine in India with a price online then we are here to help you. 

With modern technology sewing machines also have evolved many features. Therefore you can find the best sewing machine for home use. In this article, we are giving the best ideas to buy sewing machines for beginners also. 

There are many sewing machines from different brands and features available in the market. But you should have an exact idea about which machine type is suitable for you. Of course, you will look for the machine which will last longer and affordable at the same time.

Read the buying guide for “How to choose the best sewing machine” and take the right decision before investing your money on the products.

What Are The Popular Types of Sewing Machine Available?

There are 4 main types of sewing machines available. 

1. Mechanical
2. Electronic
3. Computerized
4. Over Locker

Let’s have a brief look at these types so you can determine which sewing machine suits you.

1. Mechanical Machine


This is the basic type of sewing machines and the best choice for hobbyists and beginners. It doesn’t have any automated process like and runs on manual efforts powered by a wheel. This kind of machine is best for home use. They are long-lasting and durable ones. The main part is that it works on all types of fabric and material.

2. Electronic Machine


Electronic machines are an advanced one as compared to the Mechanical machine. It has a feature of in-built stitching with a minimum of 7 in-built stitching patterns like a blind stitch, smocking, hemming, embroidery, quilting, and auto tripping function. Some Electronic sewing machines also contain automatic thread cutter, tension setting, and a dial.

3. Computerized Machine


Computerized sewing machines are the latest type of machine designed considering all tailoring needs of the user. These machines can be connected to the internet to handle safely.

These machines have LED, LCD, and touch screen display. Also, it can memorize the used stitches. The machine sets the tension automatically. You can find this machine in many versatilities and is very efficient. With this machine, you can create your own design and transfer it to the machine with a USB port option available.

These machines are very useful for business purposes. These machines work on all types of fabric including cotton, silk, polyester, wool, etc.

4. Over Locker Machine


Over Locker, sewing machines are useful for making garments. It is used mostly used by professional hems & seams. It does not have many saving options. But it has fast sewing capacity.
This machine uses 4-5 threads and multiple needles to create the stitch and cut the excess of fabric. This machine is useful for hemming curtains, dresses, bedsheets, etc.

Things To Be Considered While Buying A Sewing Machine

Before going to select a sewing machine(Silai Machine), you must be clear in your mind about your sewing skill sets, requirements, and budget. 

If you are buying a machine just for you have a hobby to stitch then there are several cheaper sewing machines available in the market. Check out the best range of sewing machines for home use and buy at the best price.

If you are a beginner, just started stitching there are many options available for the best sewing machines in India for beginners. Have look at the catalog for best sewing machine brands such as Usha, Singer, and Brother.

For them who are looking at stitching as a profession and want to do their job best and easier, you need to spend more money on that. But you can get automation and several advanced things in your machine.

Once you understand the basic requirements of yours. It becomes easy to take a decision for which sewing machine to buy. 

Benefits of Buying Sewing Machine

There are several benefits to buying a sewing machine. Knowing the facts, you can not resist yourself from owning a sewing machine. Below is the list of some benefits that you can’t ignore. 

1. If you owned a machine, you can stitch your clothes and no need to get stitched from a tailor, which will ultimately save your money.

2. Using a sewing machine can reduce the time you required to stitch the same by hand.

3. Sewing clothes for yourself later converted into the business also. you can make money by stitching clothes for others. And this can be the best income source for Indian women.

4. You can stitch a dress of your own design and pattern.