Having a pet at your home, and not worrying about them is surely next to impossible. Every pet parent desires to give the best to their pets. And if the pet is a lovely fluffy cat, then you surely can’t leave them without proper care and food. So why not give them the food from one of the best cat food brands?

Pets are not just animals that you keep in your home. Instead, they are just like your family members. Thus, caring for them is much essential. Just as we ensure a proper diet for the whole family, similarly, we must also give our cat the best possible nutrition.

This nutrition doesn’t come from homemade recipes always, as they might not suit all breeds. Thus, you need to switch to a cat food brand that offers your cat a whole meal suitable for the breed. Also, it should be within your budget.

But, among the crowd of numerous cat food brands, it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for your cat. Don’t worry! We are here to clear out your confusion. Considering the worries of pet parents, we have done significant research on various cat food brands, and brought before you a list of the top 10 best cat food brands in India, that are loved by millions.

This list includes the generic reviews of each brand along with its features. So if you are concerned about your cat’s nutrition, stay tuned to this blog! Following are the top 10 cat food brands:

1. Whiskas

Whiskas is one of the top cat food brands, which has been proven best for all cats. Knowing the needs of nutrition in different stages of a cat, the brand manufactures both wet food and dry food separately for kittens and adult cats. Whiskas is a perfectly balanced complete diet for a cat, which has all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper growth of a cat. It comes in the variants such as fish-based food and chicken-based food, and both are suitable for all types of breeds.

The special formula strengthens the cat’s bones and muscles and enhances overall growth. It is rich in moisture, which will keep your cat hydrated. This cat food will not only make your cat healthy but will also please them daily with its delicious taste and aroma. Also, this cat food is in the affordable range and comes in packet form, which makes it convenient for storage and for each time use.


2. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is one of the most loved brands by the cat parents, because, they provide cat nutrition separately for targeted breeds. Every breed of cat has some special features, that need to be noticed and taken care of. Considering this, Royal Canin brings the best cat food for every breed. The food range is divided into various types of age groups, which makes it easy for you to buy one. They provide both wet food as well as dry food.

The mixture is well-balanced to keep the cat’s skin healthier, as many cats get skin and hair issues. It enhances the strength of bones and muscles at all stages of a cat’s life. Also, it ensures proper body weight and keeps the urinary system in good condition. Especially, if you are a Persian cat parent, then you will be pleased with Royal Canin’s special formulation. It is great for your cat’s overall health.


3. Me-O

If you are on a budget shopping, then Me-O cat food will be perfect for your pocket. Now you don’t have to compromise the quality of your cat’s food. Me-O has come up with both wet as well as dry cat food. It comes in both fish and chicken variants. It comes in various packs of different sizes, which are convenient for storage as per your requirements. Me-O produces cat food varieties for all age groups of cats separately. It serves as a completely balanced diet for your fluffy friend.

Along with the daily meals, Me-O also provides some special treats that your cat will love to eat. It ensures that your cat gets all the required nutrition for its skin health, bone strength, and overall growth. The Me-O cat food comes in various flavors of meat, fish, crabs, etc., and makes your cat happy with its pleasing aroma.


4. Drools

The unique thing about Drools is that it manufactures various cat food products for the overall development of different breeds of cats. It focuses on the heart health of cats, along with skin and hair issues. With Drools, you can stay worry-free about your cat’s reducing fur coat. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics, that keep your cat’s digestive system healthy, and enhances proper growth.

Drools also serve the best in maintaining the urinary pH level and enhancing good digestion. This dry cat food is in crunchy chunks form, has a delicious taste for cats, and releases an aroma that will tempt your cat. As their tagline ‘Feed Real, Feed Clean’ suggests, it is a complete nutritional pack that consists of real fish nutrients. The best part is that it has no artificial flavors or preservatives.


5. Purina Friskies

Purina Friskies is a product by the nestle company, which is well known for providing better nutrition. It produces variants in cat food that is rich in protein, calcium, antioxidants, and taurine. It is infused with various types of fish and meat in its variants. Not only for the adult cats, but it has cat food for the kitten and senior cats too.

Friskies come in both wet and dry cat food forms. It is suitable for almost all breeds of cats. It helps strengthen your cat’s muscles and build a healthy immune system. Also, the essential nutrients give healthy skin and clear vision. Keeping your pet happy is essential for its overall development. Thus, Purina Friskies ensures that your cat gets complete nutrition in the daily meal, but at the same time, it gives delicious treats to please your cat’s taste buds, and keep them happy all day long.


6. Farmina

Farmina is also one of the most loved brands of cat food. It provides cat food in both dry and wet forms. Be it the kitten, adult, or senior cat, Farmina considers the nutritional requirements for all and thus produces perfectly balanced meals for all age groups. It has no artificial preservatives. Farmina aims at targeting the special needs of all cat breeds and thus produces variants for preventing gastrointestinal disorders, urinary tract disease, hairballs, and other health concerns.

This cat food has 100% natural ingredients and is made with scientific research. It has been observed and reviewed by many pet parents that cats love this food and get tempted by its aroma. So if you are looking for natural recipes for your cat, then Farmina cat food is a must-buy.


7. Sheba

If you are in search of wet cat food, then Sheba is perfect to buy. Sheba provides delicious wet food for different breeds of cats. Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, you can get the best nutritional pack from Sheba. Also, it gives proper recommendations to give the right quantity of Sheba meal according to the weight of the cat. It has many variants with different tastes in gravy form.

Sheba makes soup broths and meat sticks of different flavors, which is their uniqueness among other brands. It is the best supplementary food that gives extra protein to your cat. Also, it is in wet form, which means it has excess moisture that ensures proper hydration. It does not have any artificial colors or preservatives. The delicious taste makes your cat awaiting meal time more playful with you the whole day long.


8. Purepet

Purepet is much famous these days for its dry cat food. This cat food is considered one of the most loved cat food because of its all-around nature. While focusing on the cat’s body strengthening, Purepet ensures that your fluffy friend gets a healthy fur coat. It offers dry cat food formulas and dry food recipes along with wet cat food recipes. It consists of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics, that control the urinary pH, improve digestion and build a strong immune system.

This cat food is formulated to suit any cat feline breed. And, it is also proved from the reviews of many pet parents that cats too like to have these delicious treats from Purepet. If you want to give your cat an all-around meal daily, then Purepet will be a good choice.


9. Meat Up

For a happy and playful cat, that gives you the desired performance, you need to feed them with good cat food. This is what Meat Up aims at. This brand manufactures dry cat food for kittens and adult cats. Not only the seafood, but their cat food is also available in the variants that infuse poultry sources. This cat food mainly focuses on the taurine content that helps maintain high energy levels and good heart health. It contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Meat Up is in dry kibble form, which your cats can enjoy munching. It can be given to your pet cats as a daily meal, which is perfectly balanced to fulfill their nutritional requirements. It is suitable for all breeds of feline.


10. Let’s Bite

Are you looking for dry cat food that will enhance the dental health of your cat? Then Let’s Bite will be a good choice, as the dry kibbles are great for chewing. The Let’s Bite dry cat food is packed with the goodness of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and all the essential nutrients that ensure the good health of the cat. The Taurine and fatty acids in it improve eyesight, enhances heart health, and give a furry, lustrous coat. It also maintains the urinary pH and prevents hairball formation.

This cat food is suitable for all cat breeds. It has no artificial colors or preservatives. Also, this packed food comes under your budget and is easy to store and use. The perfectly balanced formulation is perfect for the overall growth and development of pet cats.


So, this was the list of the best cat food brands in India, that are rated high by pet parents. These are the most loved brands by people, as well as prescribed by veterinarians. The cats are so awesome that they can relieve you from your stressful day, just with a few moves and tail wags. Then why not give them the best food?

Not all brands are expensive. Many brands are affordable, and also provide good quality food. So now there is no reason to hesitate when buying cat food. Now you can shop for these brands online at the most affordable prices. Along with Amazon, you can shop for these products at Supertails, iherb, Heads up for tails, etc., which ensure you safe and affordable shopping. You can redeem huge discounts through such online sites using coupons.

Well, pet parents, now you know all the features of good cat food, and how to choose it. We hope this blog was that much information for you. If you like the blog, then do let us know in the comment sections. We would love to hear from you, about your experience with the cat food. So keep giving your pet the best, and keep shopping!