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Are you looking out for the perfect belt to elevate your style? If yes, then you have reached the right place! In this blog, we explore a compilation of the top belt brands in India and how they complete a man’s attire. Discover here the best belt brands for men in India for quality, style, and versatility, and upgrade your belt game with our ultimate guide!

Elevate Your Styles With The Best Belt Brands In India!

Belts are essential for a comfortable fit and add sophistication to any outfit. A well-chosen belt harmonizes your look, tying together formal trousers, jeans, or chinos. If you are searching for men’s complete formal attire, do not forget to add a good belt to your shopping list!

Imagine wearing a shirt tucked in the trouser without a belt fixed to it. Surely, it doesn’t complete the look. The belts not only hold your pant in place but also give a perfect finished look to your attire. Just as you shop for the best shirt brands or the best trousers or comfortable chinos, you need to pay attention to the accessories too. Because they are the major elements that give you a complete manly look.

The Indian fashion market offers you numerous belt brands. But why compromise and use a cheap brand that doesn’t satisfy your needs? Nowadays, online shopping has brought even the most expensive brands to you at affordable prices. But do you know which are the best brands?

To clear all your confusion, we have taken efforts to compile a list of the top 10 branded belts that are most preferred by Indian men. Whether you are searching for a belt for casual wear or formal wear, we have included it all in our list. So take a few minutes and read the complete article about the best belt brands in India.!

Our Top Picks:

#Best casual beltsUnited Colors Of Benetton
#Best leather beltsTommy Hilfiger
#Best affordable beltsAllen Solly

Types Of Belts:

Men often wear four different types of belts.

1. Formal Belts

These belts are typically black or brown and are worn for formal events. Black is the recommended color for formal attire, although brown is also a suitable choice. The width of a formal belt is usually around 1-1.5 inches, although this may vary depending on the waist size. The buckle of formal belts is often small and flat.

2. Leather Belts

These belts are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Most leather belts are made from either full-grain or corrected-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the most durable and retains its original form, while corrected-grain leather is sanded down to create a uniform pattern.

3. Braided Belts

Belts with braided designs come in various colors and styles. They can be worn for both formal and everyday occasions, although knotted belts are more commonly used for everyday wear.

4. Reversible Belts

These belts feature a clip that can be turned, allowing the belt to be worn inside out. Each side of the belt may have different styles or colors. Changing the side of the belt is as simple as pulling on the buckle.

How To Choose The Best Belt Brands?

While choosing any belt brand, you should first consider the following factors:

1. Material

You may find a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to men’s belts. Although leather remains the popular choice for formal occasions, other materials are also available, adding to their versatility. Youngsters are particularly fond of braided belts, which come in vibrant colors and styles to complement various looks. The material of the belt determines its functionality, so it’s important to make a wise choice that suits your needs.

2. Buckle

The buckle plays a crucial role in determining the functionality of your belt. The market offers different buckle designs, each brand having its unique options. Selecting the best buckle design depends on your personal preference, but it’s essential to consider the purpose for which you are buying the belt.

3. Occasion

Belts that are both stylish and appropriate for formal events are a must. Belts made of leather or polyurethane are suitable for a formal events due to their smooth and shiny appearance. Conversely, casual occasions call for belts made of cotton or canvas.

4. Color

While black, brown, and blue are commonly seen colors for belts, brands now offer a wide range of shades to match different looks and occasions. The options for casual belts are extensive, and even formal belts come in a great variety of colors. However, if you are purchasing a belt for a specific occasion or purpose, it’s important to consider the color to avoid any mismatch.

5. Price

In India, top belt brands cater to different budgets, ensuring ample choices for everyone. It’s not necessary to spend a significant amount of money to buy a good belt, as there are affordable options available. Branded belts can be found for less than Rs. 300 as well.

6. Size

When selecting a belt, it is important to consider the fit and size. The buckle pin should go through the middle hole of the belt, leaving approximately 5 inches of excess leather. Sufficient leather should be left to tuck under the first loop, as allowing the top to hang loosely can negatively impact your appearance. To determine the correct belt size, add three inches to the waist size of your pants.

These were some important factors to consider while purchasing a belt. With this information, hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect belt for your needs.

List Of The Top 10 Best Belt Brands In India:

Here we have listed the top 10 best belt brands in India, that are loved by millions of people.

BrandsPrice Range
1. Tommy HilfigerRs.1,300 to Rs.10,000
2. Levi’sRs.700 to Rs.10,000
3. FossilRs.2,500 to Rs.17,000
4. Allen SollyRs.600 to Rs.2,700
5. Van HeusenRs.600 to Rs.2,700
6. United Colors Of BenettonRs.800 to Rs.2,100
7. PumaRs.500 to Rs.6,500
8. TitanRs.800 to Rs.2,700
9. Peter EnglandRs.350 to Rs.3,000
10. FastrackRs.500 to Rs.3,000

Now let’s have a look at each brand in detail.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Belt

Tommy Hilfiger is a leading brand for fashion all over the world. It was founded in the Netherlands in 1985. Because of the high-quality products, now its craze is spread in all the other countries. This brand manufactures apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, home furnishings, etc. Especially for men, it has all the apparel and accessories with American style.

Tommy Hilfiger understands the styling needs of modern men. It has crafted classic leather belts for men who desire a classy look. This high-quality classic belt from Tommy Hilfiger is made up of leather. The buckle is made with high-quality steel with the logo embossed on it. It is durable and gives you a luxurious feel after wearing it. Whether you wear a formal or a casual, This belt is perfect for everyday use and every occasion.


Price: 1,839

2. Levi’s Men’s Reversible Belt

Levi’s is a popular brand for various clothing and accessories. This brand was founded in the year 1853. Whenever people plan to shop for their jeans, denim, or jackets, the first name that comes to their mind is Levi’s. Considering the tastes of different people regarding clothing, Levi’s has brought a versatile range of accessories such as wallets, belts, and many more.

Levi’s has crafted the 40mm Reversible Belt for men, which has a silver buckle that gives an astonishing look. It is durable and designed with genuine leather. The unique feature of this belt is that it can be reversed. It has brown and black colors on either side, which you can use according to your preference and color combination. Just flip the buckle and you are ready to go.


Price: Rs.3,679

3. Fossil Men’s Casual Belt

If you are fond of an aesthetic look, then you should buy a belt from Fossil! Fossil is a luxury brand name famous for its high-quality watches, wallets, and belts. This brand was founded in 1984 in the US. It has created an important place in the fashion industry. It serves to give you luxury, style, and comfort, all together in its products. Thus, it has come up with great quality belts for men. If you wish to upgrade your fashion collection at affordable prices, then shop for Fossil belts online.

Fossil Men’s Leather Buckle Closure Casual Belt is a good-to-go choice for every modern man. The craftsmen designed this belt with 100% leather. The color of the belt is not as usual as black or brown. It has a tan shade which gives a nice casual look. It is good to wear with any casual pants or denim. No doubt, this belt will give you the perfect fitting with its buckle closure.


Price: Rs.11,600

4. Allen Solly Men’s Leather Belt

Allen Solly is a brand for men and women of every age. It has considered the Indian fashion scene while creating its products. This brand is a part of the Aditya Birla Group. It is one of the leading fashion brands in India. If you are looking for perfectly fashionable outfits and accessories, then go for no other than Allen Solly.

Allen Solly has brought superior quality belts for men, that are durable and stylish. The brilliant designs and fabulous look is what make these belts unique. Allen Solly has made the Men’s Belt using leather and a metal buckle with a nickel-brushed finish. It is the perfect choice for every modern man to get a casual look.


Price: Rs.1,699

5. Van Heusen Men Belt

Fashion trends change day by day, but you will never go out of style if you wear classy apparel and accessories. Van Heusen is the brand that aims at providing you with all the fashion essentials for every style. It is a popular fashion brand founded in 1881. Since then, it became a sensation in many countries all over the world. It has brought a classic range of belts for men.

When it comes to a budget-shopping, you should never compromise on quality products. Van Heusen provides the ultimate fashion wear at affordable prices. This exquisite belt by Van Heusen is made up of leather. It has a buckle closure, which gives the perfect fitting always. This belt is suitable for almost every outfit.


Price: Rs.1,699

6. United Colors of Benetton Men Belt

United Colors of Benetton is a fashion brand that has every fashion wear for the whole family. It is famous for its t-shirts, tops, jeans, leggings, etc. Also, it has become very popular for its latest collections of bags, belts, and wallets. The UCB has brought a range of well-designed men’s belts that every man should include in their wardrobe.

UCB has made this Men’s Belt with genuine leather and it has a metal buckle with the logo embossed on it. If you wish to wear all the luxury accessories to enhance your look, then you should add this belt to your list. The belt goes well with every type of formal wear.


Price: Rs.738

7. Puma Men’s Reversible Belt

Puma is a German company that is the first choice of every athlete, gym person, or fitness freak. It was founded in 1948. The brand manufactures athletic wear, footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men and women. It has a wide range of belts for every style.

Puma Golf 2019 Men’s Web Belt is one of the most selling belts of Puma. It is a reversible belt. So you can carry 2 different styles in one belt. You can flip and use any side according to your clothing. This belt has a metal buckle with the puma logo on one side, and a bottle opener on the other side. This belt is best suitable for party outings, evenings time, as well as any casual occasion.


Price: Rs.3,800

8. Titan Men Belt

Titan is an India-based company founded in the year 1984. It is a brand of the Tata Group. It is the leading brand of watches and eyewear in India. Gradually it entered the field of various accessories such as wallets, straps, perfumes, and belts. At titan, you can find a versatile range of belts such as formal, reversible, casual, and leather belts for men.

This belt from Titan has a supreme build. It is made using strong leather which makes it durable. Also, the metal buckle gives you the perfect fitting every time. Also, it has some pre-drilled holes for extra convenience. This belt is very comfortable to use daily. You can combine it with any formal wear or casual wear. The sleek design gives it a rich and sheen look.


Price: Rs.1,242

9. Peter England Men Belt

Peter England was founded in Ireland in the year 1889. The brand aimed to provide khaki trousers to British soldiers. Then after in 2000, the Aditya Birla Group acquired it. It then became India’s leading menswear brand. The brand provides a massive range of top wear, bottom wear, innerwear, footwear, ties, belts, wallets, sunglasses, bags, etc.

It has become much popular among youngsters and adults for its classy belts. Peter England has designed this belt using faux leather which gives you an elegant look. It is a very simple black solid belt. You can use this belt as a daily wear belt for work, office, or any other casual occasion too.


Price: Rs.599

10. Fastrack Men Belt

Fastrack has become one of the most iconic brands in India. It is a sub-brand of Titan which was launched in 1988. The brand has come up with a wide range of accessories that grabbed the attention of youth. It has an exclusive range of perfumes, belts, wallets, watches, bags, eyewear, etc. It is also one of the best belt brands in India.

One of the best-selling products is Fastrack belts for men. The quality of the leather is superior and crafted in the best design to one’s needs. The brand promises to last long and has well fished. These Fastrack belts are comfortable to wear throughout the day.


Price: Rs.1,295

This was our list of the top 10 branded belts in India. Now you have enough knowledge about these belt brands. You just need to choose the one that fulfills your requirements and fits your budget. If you are planning to shop for one, then we recommend that you choose one from the above list. We have listed brands that suit almost every budget. Also, the brands are well-known for their quality products and ensure you the most satisfactory purchase.

Not only for yourself, but you also need to know about the best belt brands in case you need to search for them as a gift. Be it a Raksha Bandhan gift for your brother, an anniversary gift for your husband, or a birthday gift for your father, you choose to gift them some accessories including a high-quality belt which they can use regularly.

The Best Way To Buy:

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Why Trust CouponMoto’s Reviews On The Belt Brands In India?

CouponMoto takes a great effort in selecting the best belt brands in India, that ensure exceptional quality and style. Our team has thoroughly researched and evaluated each brand, considering factors such as craftsmanship, durability, and fashion-forward designs.

By trusting CouponMoto’s reviews, you can confidently make an informed purchase. Our transparent and unbiased information empowers you to choose the perfect belt based on your preferences and requirements. With our recommended brands, you invest in high-quality belts that elevate your style and last long.

Thank you for joining us on this stylish journey! We hope our comprehensive guide has empowered you to find a belt that complements your unique style. Tell us in the comments if you like the blog. Also, if you have any queries, then let us know in the comments. Stay connected for more fashion insights, exclusive discounts, and expert recommendations. Happy shopping!


Which are the best belt brands in India known for their quality and style?

Some of the best belt brands in India, renowned for their quality and style, include Titan, Levi’s, and Allen Solly.

Where can I find branded belts at discounted prices in India?

If you’re looking for branded belts at discounted prices in India, CouponMoto is a great place to start. They offer exclusive coupons and deals for popular belt brands, allowing you to save money while still getting a quality product.

Which belt brands in India offer a wide range of colors and styles?

Many belt brands in India offer a wide range of colors and styles. Brands like Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, and Louis Philippe provide a diverse selection to suit different tastes and preferences. You can find attractive offers on these brands at CouponMoto.

Can I find belts from luxury brands in India?

Yes, there are luxury belt brands available in India. Brands like Gucci, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton have a presence in the Indian market, offering high-end belts. CouponMoto may have special deals or discounts on luxury belt brands from time to time.

Which belt brands in India are popular among youngsters?

Youngsters in India often prefer belt brands like Puma, Fastrack, and Levi’s. These brands offer trendy designs and cater to the fashion-conscious youth. You can find exciting offers on these brands at CouponMoto.

How can I get discounts on belt brands in India?

To get discounts on belt brands in India, you can visit CouponMoto. They offer exclusive coupons and deals for popular belt brands, allowing you to save money on your purchase. Simply choose the coupon, apply it at the checkout, and enjoy the discounted price.

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