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Young women understand the importance of artificial jewelry in their life. So we have come over here with the top Indian artificial jewelry brands for ladies.

Jewelry is an integral part of women’s lives in India. It belongs to our tradition, And so there is a difference in fashion jewelry from different states.

With changing culture, there is a change in jewelry needs. Nowadays, women love to wear different jewelry in different outfits and as per the occasion. Which is impossible with gold and silver jewelry because of the high cost. Moreover, they do not go with all your outfits. So young women prefer a piece of imitation jewelry.

In the market, you can find several brands selling the best designs and styles of artificial jewelry. All of them sell fashion jewelry sets at low prices. But still, you should make sure, are they durable or not?

So we have compiled the list of the top 10 best artificial jewelry companies in India. These brands present beautiful, quality, and durable artificial jewelry online for ladies.

Considerations While Buying Artificial Jewelry Brands:

As we all know womens love wearing jewelry very much. Nowadays most women prefer artificial jewelry brands over original ones. But do you know this artificial jewelry can harm your skin if you do not take care of it.

Most women get allergies from the metals used in artificial jewelry that’s why using Hypoallergenic jewelry brands is very important. There are so many artificial jewelry brands available in the market some at high prices and some at low prices. But do you know how to choose the perfect hypoallergenic jewelry for you?

Hypoallergenic jewelry is free from Nickel and Copper which are the main sources of allergy. Some manufacturers use nickel and copper to make alloys because it costs less than using pure metals. But buying this low-cost jewelry can harm you quickly if have allergic skin.

You can prefer nickel-free sterling silver jewelry which can cause no harm to your body. Let’s check out the Hypoallergenic Artificial Jewelry Brands in India-

Hypoallergenic Artificial (Imitation) Jewellery Brands Online in India

  • Tribe Amrapali
  • Zaveri Pearls
  • Pipa Bella
  • Voylla
  • The Luxor
  • Ra Abta By Rahul
  • Sukkhi
  • YouBella
  • Jewelmaze
  • Mirraw

Jewelry is meant to add more beauty to women. And these imitation jewelry brands bring the ultimate range of artificial jewelry for women of any age.

Still, if you are also interested in shopping for gold & silver jewelry too. The top jewelry brands available in India will surely fulfill your expectations.

More About Indian Fashion Jewelry Brands

Get a perfect and attractive look for yourself on every occasion with these online imitation jewelry brands. Wear an amazing range of artificial jewelry and impress everyone!

1. Tribe Amrapali


  • Tribe Amrapali is the top artificial jewelry brand in India founded in 1978.
  • It is a multinational brand now offering traditional to modern jewelry collections at great prices.
  • You can find a large variety of fashion jewelry from hair accessories to toe rings.

Price Range: Rs.400 – Rs.15000

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Check Tribe Amrapali Jewellery Collection Here

2. Zaveri Pearls

  • Another popular brand in imitation jewelry is Zaveri Pearls.
  • The brand was established in 1997 and since then providing a curated range of fashion jewelry for people in India.
  • Zaveri pearls brand is famous for its complex Kundan artwork and richness of pearls in jewelry.
  • Branded jewelry from Zaveri Pearls will help you to get a rich look every time.

Price Range: Rs.500 – Rs.12500

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Check Zaveri Pearls Jewellery Collection Here

3. Pipa Bella

  • Pipa Bella is one of the leading fashion jewelry brands available in India.
  • Here you get to buy the unique and trending collection of imitation jewelry.
  • The brand brings unique designs in various categories such as necklaces, nose pins, anklets, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • With a wide collection of online artificial jewelry, it is the best fashion jewelry brand for ladies.

Price Range: Rs.399 – Rs.7990

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Check Pipa Bella Jewellery Collection Here

4. Voylla

  • Voylla is the trending brand in artificial jewelry brands in India.
  • It is the top online imitation jewelry brand that has its presence offline too.
  • The brand presents a diverse range of fashion jewelry and accessories for both men and women.
  • It is famous for different styles of jewelry available like traditional, contemporary, and funky as well.

Price Range: Rs.99 – Rs.10399

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Check Voylla Jewellery Collection Here

5. The Luxor

  • Luxor is the most affordable brand on the list of the top 10 artificial jewelry brands in India.
  • On the platform, you can find a wide collection of earrings, necklaces, bangles, mangal sutra, bracelets, anklets, etc.
  • The Luxor includes an awesome range of traditional, modern, and chunky jewelry.
  • The brand is famous among young women because of its new and unique designs.
  • It has a suitable jewelry collection for every woman.

Price Range: Rs.246 – Rs.2299

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Check The Luxor Jewellery Collection Here

6. Ra Abta By Rahul

  • Ra Abta By Rahul is a designer fashion jewelry brand for those who are looking for authentic jewelry.
  • The brand is popular for its Kundan & Jadau jewelry sets.
  • It has earned so much popularity in the last few years & is famous among celebrities.
  • Ra Abta By Rahul provides the best bridal jewelry and it has a specialty in wedding jewelry.

Price Range: Rs.3000 – Rs.50000

Shop Online At Ra Abta By Rahul.

7. Sukkhi

  • It is a popular online artificial jewelry brand in India.
  • It offers an exclusive range of jewelry at cheap prices.
  • The brand has a large collection of fashion jewelry for girts, teenagers, women, and men.
  • Sukkhi jewelry includes the most amazing collection of bridal jewelry sets, Kundan jewelry sets, and oxidized jewelry.

Price Range: Rs.100 – Rs.2500

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Check Sukkhi Jewellery Collection Here

8. YouBella

  • YouBella is the top designer imitation jewelry brand in India offering an exciting collection of artificial jewelry online.
  • It brings the trending and eye-catching collection of necklace sets, bangles, earrings, mangal sutra, and pedants.
  • The brand is the best one-stop-shop to buy imitation, fashion & artificial jewelry for women.

Price Range: Rs.150 – Rs.2500

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Check YouBella Jewellery Collection Here

9. Jewelmaze

  • Along with all other artificial jewelry brands, Jewelmaze is also the best fashion jewelry brand in India.
  • You can get classy bridal jewelry, stylish earrings, and elegant bangles here online.
  • The brand delivers an impressive range of artificial jewelry online at the cheapest prices.

Price Range: Rs.30 – Rs.3500

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Check Jewelmaze Jewellery Collection Here

10. Mirraw

  • Mirraw is the best handmade designer jewelry brand in India.
  • Buy an exquisite range of jewelry products at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Mirraw is focused on ethnic designs and brings the best ethnic jewelry, apparel, and accessories for women.

Price Range: Rs.250 – Rs.20800

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Have you used jewelry from any of these brands?

Which brand to go with is the choice of the buyer. But if you shop from any of these brands you will never regret it for sure.

These fashion jewelry brands ensure the quality and presentation of each piece they are offering. They have creative designs and affordable costs. This means you do not need to invest much to get an attractive look.

These Indian artificial jewelry brands are ruling the market.

If you have not bought anything from these brands, try now. They are just amazing!