social distancing

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, more people have started self-quarantine for a while. And that’s a must needed in this crucial time. During this time people are looking for what to do in self-quarantine? Ok, here you got answered.
Being safe at home you have boundaries for physical movement. But this social isolation can be utilized for personal development. Or some activities will make this self-quarantine time period more productive.
Here is a list of things that can be performed during self-quarantine for better living. Also, these activities will make you feel less isolated during the quarantine period.

1. Try Yoga or Gym at Home 

All the gyms have been closed already, so you have no option for burning calories. This can be done by Yoga at home or some exercise at home for more relaxation.
There are many videos available on the internet for home exercise, go and try some execution for at least 30 min. 


2. Take Virtual Tour of Museum 

We do not often visit museums, so it’s a better opportunity for you to have a look online. Many best museums have their visuals online. This keeps your mind refreshing by watching some great things in the museum.


3. Try Some Cooking

Not everyone is great at cooking, so use this time for trying some recipes. Everyone loves to have a favorite dish and if it’s made by you for you then nothing like that. During tide work schedule you might not get sufficient time for this. So explore cooking now and surprise yourself.


4. Learn a new language

Learning is a never-ending, every single day we learn many new things. But for learning a new language you might not able to manage time. There are good apps and videos on the internet which help a lot in learning a new language. 


5. Read on Favorite Topics

Reading a book may sound bored, rather read some topics that you are interested in. Find good content on your favorite topics in books, magazines, and blogs. This will keep you more informed, less lonely.


6. Listen to a podcast or Watch Video

Podcasts are much informative, nowadays. As we can see podcasts bring some great value to the listener and this time you can try some new topics on podcasts. May you fall in love and develop an interest in new topics. Go to or other websites and plugin for the podcast.

Many Video platforms are out there on the internet. go find some good informative videos to train yourself.


7. Self Entertainment on Social Media.

In this time of covid-19, outbreak it’s necessary to be aware of what’s happening outside. And social media brings all happenings to you. meanwhile, it helps for some entertainment and fun.

Guys these are the activities that you can try during social distancing. No matter how these things will work for you, but self-quarantine will surely keep you safe for coronavirus. Again this quarantine will definitely help you to discover a better version of you. So plan a better life goal, modulate your thoughts for better living and try the above activities during the quarantine. 
Stay fit, Stay Safe!